COUNTER: The Why of Digital Standards

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Recorded on 04/30/2018
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Episode 38

In this episode, Lorraine Estelle of COUNTER, Stuart Maxwell of Scholarly IQ, and Iris Hanney of Unlimited Priorities discuss COUNTER credentialing and how the COUNTER standards allow libraries and publishers to assess value. They discuss the underlying logic of digital standards, and how consistency, credibility, and comparability are key to the development of standards in general.

About the guests:

Lorraine Estelle

Lorraine is the COUNTER Project Director, where she is committed to improving the utility of usage metrics. Lorraine is experienced in the information industry with a background in libraries, consortia, shared services, vendors and publishers. She has managed and conducted a wide range of projects, with an interest in new business models for electronic information resources. She directed the development of several national shared services in the UK including Jisc Collections and the Journals Usage Statistics Portal. Lorraine is also co-editor of Insights: the UKSG Journal, and a member of the UKSG main committee.

Stuart Maxwell

As Vice President of Business Development for Scholarly iQ, Stuart Maxwell is responsible for shaping the client, sales and marketing strategies for the academic publishing market’s leading data management, integration and analytics specialist Scholarly iQ (

With over 10 years in digital media, Stuart has worked with leading analytics companies Omniture and comScore and was instrumental in the set-up of the validation and auditing requirements for Project COUNTER during his time at ABCe. Stuart brings the experience of a broad range of clients together, from leading media organisations such as BBC and News International through to academic publishers including American Institute of Physics and Elsevier.

Iris L. Hanney

Iris is the founder and president of Unlimited Priorities.

Prior to founding Unlimited Priorities Iris served as President, Information Publishing Group of Techbooks and Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing. As key administrator for every aspect of the group’s operations, both domestically and internationally, Iris directed production, project management, sales and marketing, with additional key responsibilities in IT, human resources, invoicing and collections.

Before joining TechBooks, Iris was General Manager, U.S. Operations, for Pacific Data Conversion Corp. (PDCC), where she had full responsibility for sales and marketing while also managing the administrative, financial and production functions of the company. She joined PDCC during its founding in 1993, remained through its acquisition by SPI Technologies in 1998, and left to join TechBooks in 2002. During an extensive career in information publishing, Iris has had increasingly responsible roles with a number of information industry leaders including The H. W. Wilson Company, R. R. Bowker, BRS Information Services and Saztec International.

Originally from New York City, Iris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from H. H. Lehman College, Bronx, NY, and an MBA in sales, marketing and communications from Fordham University in New York. She resides in Florida with her husband and three dogs.

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