Librarian Skills Landscape Report and Overview

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Recorded on 04/08/2024
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Episode 372

In this four part-series, Tony Zanders, Founder & CEO of Skilltype, Matthew Weldon, Library Patron Consultant at Technology from Sage, David Erlandson, Head of Cataloguing and Metadata Services at Rice University Fondren Library, and Marcy Simons, Director of Hesburgh Libraries Organizational and Personnel Development at the University of Notre Dame, discuss the current landscape of librarian skills and career advancement. A partnership between Technology from Sage and Skilltype, Librarian Futures Part III: The Librarian Skills Landscape white paper came together after Matthew and Tony saw an opportunity to combine their perspectives to investigate how librarians navigate career changes, upskilling demands, and comfort levels adapting to new technology. In this series, our guests chat about key report takeaways, the importance of cultivating soft skills, and how generative AI tools will impact future careers in librarianship.

In this first episode, Tony and Matthew provide background on the report’s origins and goals. Beginning in April 2023, the white paper captured real-time institutional responses to GenAI entering campus and affecting librarian workflows. Further, Tony and Matthew share why they chose to focus on job categories rather than job titles to make the report more flexible for the future and account for the lack of uniformity across title descriptions. Last, Marcy and Dave characterize the state of professional development at their respective institutions, sharing procedures, budgetary constraints, and novel uses.

About the guests:

Dave Erlandson headshot

David Erlandson
Head of Cataloguing and Metadata Services
Rice University Fondren Library

David Erlandson is the head of Cataloguing and Metadata Services at Fondren Library, Rice University. Working within the technical services division at Fondren Library, David provides essential services that sustain the university’s research mission, working to acquire resources for the library’s collection and organizing and maintaining them according to local and national standards. David’s professional background includes organizational analyses of health and human service non-profits.

Marcy Simons headshot

Marcy Simons
Director, Hesburgh Libraries Organizational and Personnel Development
University of Notre Dame

Marcy Simons, MLS, excels as a strategist in talent and organizational development for Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame. Spearheading recruitment to alumni engagement, she ensures the library is a top employer choice. A seasoned facilitator in culture and change management, Marcy authored “Academic Librarianship” (2021) and “Academic Library Metamorphosis and Regeneration” (2017), significant works that underscore her expertise in the field.

Tony Zanders headshot

Tony Zanders
Founder & CEO

Tony Zanders is an award-winning software entrepreneur and enterprise software executive, best known in the field of library technology, where he served as an international ambassador in over 30 countries at ProQuest and EBSCO. His mission is to create similar opportunities for the next generation in his hometown of New Orleans. In 2018, Tony founded Skilltype—a software company developing tools for librarians and their teams to analyze, develop, and share expertise. Skilltype boasts a global clientele, spanning continents from North America to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Matthew Weldon headshot

Matthew Weldon
Library Patron Consultant
Technology from Sage

Matthew Weldon is a Library Patron Consultant at Technology from Sage, providing pedagogic support to Technology from Sage customers. He is the author of Librarian Futures Part II: The Knowledge Gap Between Librarians and Students and Librarian Futures Part III: The Librarian Skills Landscape. Before joining Technology from Sage, Matthew held several roles within the higher education sector, including as a learning technologist.

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