Experimentation in the Open Access Monograph Market

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Recorded on 04/02/2018
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Episode 34

Publishing open access used to mean posting the full text or a .pdf of a work online, but the world of open academic book publishing is growing new forms and containers as well as new business models. In episode 34, Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE, and Barbara Kline Pope, Director of Johns Hopkins University Press, weigh in on the promise of open academic books, the experiments shaking up traditional book publication, and the connections that MUSE Open will bring to open access books when it launches this summer.

We’re in the early days of and evolving market. Publishers and platforms are working toward greater discoverability, integration, and reach. Learn about their hopes, strategies, and ideas in this week’s episode.

About the guests:

Wendy Queen is the Director of Project MUSE, and served as Deputy Director of MUSE beginning in 2014, prior to which she held progressive responsibilities at Johns Hopkins University Press, including Associate Director, Publishing Technologies. Wendy’s many activities in the scholarly publishing community include involvement in the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Association of American University Presses (AAUP). She has served on the COUNTER Board for over ten years, and is also a member of the North American Steering Group of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP).

Barbara Kline Pope is the Director of Johns Hopkins University Press. Prior to her role at Johns Hopkins she served as Executive Director of the National Academies Press since 1997. Before becoming Executive Director she served in a variety of roles at the National Academies Press and at Washington, D.C. press, the publishing division of the National Academies.

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