Open Access Resources Trends in Academic Libraries: Current OA Milestones and Wish List Items

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Recorded on 06/28/2023
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Episode 330

In the final episode of this four-part series, Emily Farrell, Global Commercial Director for Open Research at Taylor & Francis, and Jennifer Townes, Open Access Librarian at Emory University, discuss current OA milestones and future wish list items. Our guests explore how open access is driving open research, particularly in areas of open data and open peer review. They also examine how 2022’s OSTP Nelson Memo—which provides updated guidelines on making federally funded research freely available—has impacted their positions. Both guests chat about the need to support researchers in the humanities and social sciences with open access adoption, while Jenny highlights changes in library messaging and Emily provides an overview of how Taylor & Francis is uniquely positioned to respond to the memo. To close, Jenny and Emily provide their big asks when it comes to OA, including more collective models addressing open books, equal attention paid to HSS, and a more equitable and sure-footed relationship between publishers and librarians in open publishing.

About the guests:

Emily Farrell headshot

Emily Farrell
Global Commercial Director for Open Research
Taylor & Francis

Emily Farrell is the Global Commercial Director for Open Research at Taylor & Francis where she works to build partnerships that increase access to research. She has worked in both sales and editorial roles with De Gruyter and the MIT Press. She holds a PhD in Sociolinguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney.

Jenny Townes headshot

Jenny Townes
Open Access Librarian
Emory University

Jennifer Townes is the Open Access Librarian at Emory University. In this capacity Jennifer leads open access outreach, advocacy, and educational services, specifically focused on all aspects of OEPs and two of the university’s open access repositories. She earned an MSLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and spent ten years working at different academic libraries in the Research Triangle before coming to Georgia. Jennifer’s research interests are open access, institutional repositories, and open educational resources. In 2015 she co-edited the Handbook of Research on Disaster Management and Contingency Planning in Modern Libraries and she regularly presents at national library conferences. Outside of academia, Jennifer is an accomplished artist, television enthusiast, and feline wrangler.

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