Video in Contemporary Higher Education: Opening Up the Classroom

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Recorded on 03/26/2018
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 33

This week, explore some of the tensions that spring from expanding the classroom beyond its physical confines and opening it up to anyone willing to put in the time and effort through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Does the amount of time instructors have to put into these classes match the educational outcomes for the participants? How far can the mission of an institution extend before financial realities begin to kick in? What happens when students bear more and responsibility for their own learning? This episode explores these questions and offers insights from SAGE’s recent white paper, Assessing the Impact of Educational Video on Student Engagement, Critical Thinking and Learning: The Current State of Play.

About the guests:

Michael Carmichael is the Video Publisher at SAGE Publishing. He has over 16 years of commissioning and editorial experience developing print and digital products for the higher education and academic market. Michael joined SAGE in 1998 and has been serving in his current capacity as Video Publisher since June 2014.

Jeffrey Karpicke is the James V. Bradley Associate Professor in the department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. He is interested in all things related to the science of learning, education, and technology, and his lab is currently pursuing research projects in retrieval processes and retrieval-based learning; development of computer-based learning tools; complex learning, comprehension, and knowledge application; learning and cognitive strategies in children; and metacognition and self-regulated learning.

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