Supporting DEI and Patron Needs with Strategic Collection Management: Market Perspectives on Pain Points, Production, and Adoption

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Recorded on 05/15/2023
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 318

In the second episode of this four-part series, Nicole Gallo, Executive Vice President of Rittenhouse Book Distributors, shares market perspectives on how publishers and librarians are supporting DEI initiatives. First, Nicole surfaces current pain points and the distributor’s response, highlighting budget issues for libraries and publication speed for publishers. Next, she explains how the publishing industry has shifted in the last decade to support a more digital and data-driven world—instead of print being the standard, Rittenhouse may receive digital copies first, allowing a faster time to market. In addition, Nicole speaks to publisher production decisions in support of DEI, such as diverse illustrations, accessible formatting, and following state and institutional guidance. She closes with how librarians have embraced DEI resources and policies, and how they’re working to interweave DEI into collection development practices and budget decisions.

About the guest:

Nicole Gallo headshot

Nicole Gallo
Executive Vice President
Rittenhouse Book Distributors

Nicole Gallo is the Executive Vice President of Rittenhouse Book Distributors, LLC, and is in her 29th year with the company. She has worked throughout different divisions of the company starting in marketing, moving to sales, management, operations and now as EVP.  Her primary responsibilities are to ensure each department at Rittenhouse is working together to identify our customers’ needs and provide products and services to meet them.  She is Focused on new business development, innovative technology solutions and oversees the Rittenhouse Advisory Board. She has held several industry board positions including the American Medical Publishers Association, the health sciences committee of National Association of College Stores, and is currently serving as a member of ICBA’s Vendor Advisory Council.  As an industry expert she has presented at numerous industry meetings including ICBA, CAMEX, MLA, ALA, SLA, and the Charleston Conference. 

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