Unpacking AI and Cybersecurity for Mobility: The Characteristics and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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Recorded on 03/15/2023
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Episode 304

In higher education, artificial intelligence is often associated with research aids or chatbot tools like the recently released ChatGPT. However, AI-based systems have applications far beyond scanning primary source documents or organizing data. In the case of the mobility sector, AI now plays a major role in planes, cars, and delivery systems, leading to questions of regulation, safety, and research support for this highly emergent field.

In the second episode of this four-part series, Adrian Guan, Product Manager at SAE International, discusses the distinct characteristics of artificial intelligence, its effects on mobility, and how SAE develops AI standards and research. First, Adrian provides a fascinating introduction to the mechanics of AI, explaining its data-based, machine learning process. He then walks through AI’s potential impacts on the mobility sector, highlighting use cases in aerospace and on the ground—adaptive cruise control, delivery robots, and driving education simulators, in addition to the many projects currently in the production or prototype stages. Last, Adrian underscores the importance of safety and equity in AI design for mobility, and touches on the challenges of bridging the gaps between different sectors of the mobility field utilizing AI.

About the guests:

Adrian Guan headshot. Adrian wears a striped blue and white collared shirt and black blazer/suit jacket.

Adrian Guan
Product Manager
SAE International

Adrian Guan, Product Manager at SAE International, leads SAE ground mobility programs in Artificial Intelligence. He stood up the SAE Ground Vehicle AI committee, designed SAE’s inaugural AI student competition, and helped develop SAE’s first AI training course. He was ISO/TC 204 Intelligent Transport Systems Committee Manager and Transportation Research Board Intelligent Transport Systems Committee Member from 2016 to 2022. Before joining SAE in 2017, Adrian conducted research in computer vision and vehicular communication, and performed technology assessments and market analyses for public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He holds master’s degrees in civil engineering and statistics from UC Berkeley, and a master’s in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Tim Weisenberger headshot. Tim wears a gray and white plaid collared shirt.

Tim Weisenberger
Program Manager of Emerging Technologies
SAE International

Tim Weisenberger is Program Manager of Emerging Technologies at SAE International.  He leads SAE efforts in automotive cybersecurity and is integral to managing the SAE emerging technology portfolio including connectivity, automation, alternative fuels, and shared-use mobility.  Tim championed and managed the development of the SAE EV Charging Ecosystem Public Key Infrastructure Platform in an industry-led project that includes 15 EV and EVSE developers, charging providers, and suppliers.

Tim is a thought leader and innovator in the mobility industry with over 35 years of professional experience in public, private, and non-profit sectors.  He holds an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, an MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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