Understanding the Undergraduate Workflow: The Student Perspective

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Recorded on 09/14/2022
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Episode 278

The student perspective is a key factor when building a workflow that functions for faculty, librarians, and, yes, students. Thanks to a recent research project on the undergraduate workflow, our four guests gleaned valuable guidance from students on building reading lists. Takeaways included pointing to a particular chapter instead of an entire book, and providing narrower materials to start, then opening up to broader and more complex sources to match the student’s pace. In fact, as our librarian speaker noted, these insights go beyond students to aid the library by helping dictate spending habits and strategize collection spending.

In this second episode, our guests—Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development & University Librarian at the University of Lincoln, Jamie Wood, professor of History and Education at the University of Lincoln, Samantha Sharman, a student at the University of Lincoln, and Matt Hayes, Managing Director at Technology from SAGE—dig into why the student perspective on the undergraduate workflow is so valuable. In addition, our guests delve into a reading list’s purpose, and the particular pain points that arise from differing generational views and attitudes toward student research. The guests also highlight how student needs have shifted in the last few years and the lack of preparation prior education provides incoming undergraduates.

About the guests:

Ian Snowley headshot

Ian Snowley
Dean of Student Learning Development & University Librarian
University of Lincoln

Ian Snowley joined the University of Lincoln as University Librarian in September 2009, before that he was Head of Higher Education at the British Library. His professional career began in Public Libraries followed by posts in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Department of Health. After this Ian worked at the Royal Society of Medicine as Director of Information Services. In 2006 he joined the University of London Research Library Services as Director, Academic Services. He was President of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) in 2007.

His professional interests are in academic library and information services strategic management, managing change, project management and planning services. The Library has played a leading role in engaging with and involving students in the development of services, and this has been reflected in strong NSS scores over a number of years. The Library takes the lead on student transition and learning development and has responsibility for archives policy for the University.

Jamie Wood headshot

Jamie Wood
Professor of History and Education, School of History and Heritage
University of Lincoln

I am a Professor of History and Education in the School of History and Heritage. I specialise in the social, cultural and religious history of the late antique and early Medieval Mediterranean, particularly Spain. I am currently working on a monograph on the Byzantine presence in the Iberian Peninsula in the sixth and seventh centuries. I am working on two other research projects at present: (1) the church and the economy in late antique and early medieval Gaul and Hispania; (2) connections between the Byzantine world and the Atlantic from 500-700. In 2019 I became co-investigator on a 3-year Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Grant, “Doctrine, devotion and cultural expression in the culture of medieval Iberian saints” (AH/S006060/1), led by Professor Emma Hornby of the University of Bristol.

I am co-convenor of History UK, the independent national body promoting and monitoring History in UK Higher Education, funded by History departments across the country. I act as treasurer for the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean. Since summer 2019, I have been chair of the City of Lincoln Branch of the Historical Association. I sit on the boards of the following journals: Early Medieval Europe; Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies; Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean. I am also editor of the Amsterdam University Press series, Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Iberia. I am a member of the education committees of both the Royal Historical Society and the Council for University Classics Departments.

Samantha J Sharman headshot

Samantha Sharman
University of Lincoln

Samantha attends the University of Lincoln and studies Classics. She was the lead student researcher for this project that explored the student perspectives of reading lists. She has also been a student researcher for the Active Online Reading and Post Pandemic Pedagogies projects. 

Matthew Hayes headshot
 Photo courtesy of Sage Publishing, 2022.

Matt Hayes
Managing Director
Technology from SAGE

Matthew is Managing Director of Technology from SAGE, Talis and Lean Library. He has held leadership roles in both start-ups and established research information organizations, including Publons, Taylor & Francis and Springer Nature. Matthew studied Modern History at the University of Oxford and has continued his research interests alongside his career: he is currently completing a PhD in Global Education at the Institute of Education, UCL.

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