Redefining Space, Access, and Formats in Academic Libraries: Future Values, Goals, and Tactics

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Recorded on 06/27/2022
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 263

This series has examined the recent transformation of academic librarianship, and how various stakeholders—vendors, librarians, and publishers—have adapted in response. Susanna Smith, Acquisitions Librarian at Georgia Highlands College, and Tracy Holtman, Associate Director of Access & Collection Services at Tarleton State University, handled the librarian perspective—collection strategies, pandemic ramifications, engagement metrics. Paige Clunie, Digital Partnerships Manager at Princeton University Press, walked through Princeton’s latest initiatives and support for libraries. Steven Rosato, General Manager at OverDrive Academic, discussed the trends he’s observed while serving a number of institutions in the past few years.

Now, in the final episode of this four-part series, our guests look ahead to future values, goals, and tactics. First, Susanna and Tracy share incoming workflows that will accommodate the changes they’ve experienced due to COVID-19, online learning, and the surge in digital. They also dig into plans for cost-saving solutions, viable investments, and alignment with institutional goals. Next, Paige discusses Princeton’s approach to open access, and how the Press is taking a closer look at backlist pricing and textbook categorization to aid libraries. Finally, Steven closes with how OverDrive hopes to empower librarians with tools that better serve patrons needs.

About the guests:

Tracy Holtman
Associate Director of Access & Collection Services
Tarleton State University

Susanna Smith
Acquisitions Librarian
Georgia Highlands  College

Paige Clunie
Digital Partnerships Manager
Princeton University Press

Steven Rosato
General Manager
OverDrive Academic

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