Spotlighting Academic Library Innovation: University at Albany’s System Status Discovery

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Recorded on 06/15/2022
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Episode 260

In 2020, the pandemic precipitated widespread subscription cancelations and service interruptions at university libraries. For the University at Albany, it underscored the need to update its clunky and disjointed alert system. User Experience Librarian Lauren Puzier wanted to find an efficient, easy-to-use, and patron-friendly dashboard by factoring in user thought processes and search habits. Teaming up with discovery services, Lauren researched patron customs and other institution alert systems to find a straightforward and cost-saving solution—what did she and the team come up with?

In this four-part series, we’re highlighting academic library innovations that improve services, expand resources, or benefit the community. In this second episode, Lauren discusses System Status Discovery, a dashboard of system updates integrated into the library website. She digs into the development process, implementation, and measures of success—including the productive connections and technical benefits discovered along the way. In addition, Martha Sedgwick, who heads up SAGE Publishing’s new division Technology from SAGE, explains why this project won a SAGE Technology Award, proving that low-cost, seemingly small-scale solutions can have major operational benefits.

About the guests:

Jamia Williams
Cohost and Co-creator

Lauren Puzier
User Experience Librarian
University at Albany

Darryl Stuhr
Director, Digitization and Digital Preservation Services
Baylor University

Martha Sedgwick
Vice President of Product Innovation
SAGE Publishing

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