Financial Management in Academic Libraries: Strategic Planning

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Recorded on 02/05/2018
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Episode 26

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When the decision is made to consolidate the map room or to reallocate the microform and microfiche space to lounge seating, how are those decisions made and why? In this week’s episode, Dean of the University Libraries at the University of West Florida and author of the recent book, Financial Management in Academic Libraries, Robert Dugan, details the process of developing a strategic plan for a university library. He talks about who the stakeholders are, how to develop strategic plans, why they’re important, and he uses his own library’s strategic plan as an example. Dugan also talks through the difference between mission and vision, and how a library’s strategic plan can keep up with a rapidly changing world.

Join us this week for a thoughtful and entertaining discussion on how and why to write a strategic plan for an academic library.

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About the guest:

Robert E. Dugan is the dean of libraries at the University of West Florida (Pensacola). Prior to assuming this position, he had been at Suffolk University, Boston; Wesley College, Dover, Delaware; and Georgetown University, Washington, DC. He has also worked in state and public libraries during his more than forty-three-year career. He is the coauthor of fourteen books, including the award-winning Viewing Library Metrics from Different Perspectives (2009). He has taught library financial management at the master’s and doctoral levels and at library leadership workshops.

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