Spotlighting Academic Library Innovation: The LibVoices Podcast

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Recorded on 06/08/2022
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Episode 258

Academic librarianship demands innovation. Indeed, academic librarians must remain flexible and creative to keep up with the latest publishing trends, adjust to new mediums, and better serve the ever-changing needs of the modern patron. What initiatives have librarians introduced to better engage the community, connect with students, or advance institutional goals?

In this four-part series, we’re joined by three librarians: Jamia Williams, Health Sciences Librarian at SUNY Brockport, Lauren Puzier, User Experience Librarian at the University at Albany, and Darryl Stuhr, Director for Digitization and Digital Preservation Services at Baylor University. Each guest has introduced a fantastic initiative that falls within the broad scope of academic librarianship, therefore fulfilling a need and bettering their institution or community because of it. What new relationships, practices, or opportunities emerged in response to these projects? What guidance can they offer to help inspire others? In addition, Martha Sedgwick, Vice President of Product Innovation at SAGE Publishing who heads up their new division Technology from SAGE, shares her perspective on these exciting ventures, highlighting how publishers can aid in the evolution and success of such programs.

In this first episode, we focus on Jamia’s innovation, LibVoices, an independent podcast that spotlights the experiences, achievements, and advice of librarians of color. Jamia dives into the planning process, editorial scope, and lessons learned since its launch in March 2020, as well as its impact and measures of success. In addition, Martha offers her thoughts on the value of podcasts in academic librarianship, and SAGE’s recent investments in audio programming.

About the guests:

Jamia Williams
Cohost and Co-creator

Lauren Puzier
User Experience Librarian
University at Albany

Darryl Stuhr
Director, Digitization and Digital Preservation Services
Baylor University

Martha Sedgwick
Vice President of Product Innovation
SAGE Publishing

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