Primary Source Literacy: The Impact of Digitization

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Recorded on 11/29/2021
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 230

The abundance of materials at students’ fingertips. The pitfalls of the keyword search. The lack of serendipity in online databases. Thanks to digitization and text recognition developments, these factors now affect modern-day primary source research practices. What new technologies aid—or hinder—young scholars’ primary source research? How can educators and publishers help build digital literacy skills in addition to primary source access?

In this final episode, Dr. Rebecca Crites of Warwick University and Felix Barnes of Adam Matthew Digital dig into digitization’s impact on primary source research, digital literacy, and accessibility. Our guests discuss how primary source use has changed since their time at university, and delve into the complications of abundance and serendipity on primary source platforms. Finally, Felix closes with the latest and upcoming digital tools available on Adam Matthew Digital.

About the guests:

Dr. Rebecca Crites
Research Fellow
University of Warwick

Felix Barnes
Adam Matthew Digital

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