Primary Source Literacy: Research Methods Primary Sources

Sponsored by Adam Matthew Digital

Recorded on 11/22/2021
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 228

Adam Matthew’s Research Methods Primary Sources aims to provide tools, resources, and best practices that will strengthen students’ primary source literacy skills. By combining case studies, videos, essays, and practical guides by professionals, the online platform offers a space for students to practice independent primary source research. As case study contributor Dr. Rebecca Crites notes, “This platform really gives [students] the confidence that they are engaging in a sound research process from the beginning.”

In this third episode, our guests discuss the goals, tools, and uses of Research Methods Primary Sources. Becky walks through the case studies she’s contributed, as well as the benefits of the platform’s guided tours and demonstrations for her students. Felix Barnes of Adam Matthew Digital explains what the contributors bring to the platform—understanding how an academic or archivist processes a material teaches young researchers invaluable skills for their own research.

About the guests:

Dr. Rebecca Crites
Research Fellow
University of Warwick

Felix Barnes
Adam Matthew Digital

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