The Academic Library (Not Quite) Post-Pandemic: Making the Most out of User Data

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Recorded on 06/28/2021
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 201

For many libraries, tracking user data isn’t simply an effective way to keep tabs on patron habits. Instead, it’s a tool used to justify purchases and champion resources for students and faculty. How can librarians make the most out of their library’s metrics?

In this final episode, Steven Rosato of OverDrive Professional explains the significance of detailed user data in the face of the pandemic and potential budget cuts. He chats about how understanding lending patterns empowers librarians to make smarter, more cost-effective choices that work best for their institution’s needs. Steven also discusses the publisher response to COVID-19, and how OverDrive advocates on behalf of libraries with its publisher partners by pushing for flexible lending options like Cost Per Circ.

About the guest:

Steven Rosato
Manager of the Sales Team
OverDrive Professional

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