The Academic Library (Not Quite) Post-Pandemic: Tracking E-Content Engagement

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Recorded on 06/07/2021
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 195

It’s no secret that diversity in reading mediums—print, ebook, audio—make for a more robust, accessible, and patron-friendly collection. But how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected circulation trends? As we inch closer to in-person learning, will audio and ebooks lose their appeal?

Steven Rosato, Manager of the Sales Team at OverDrive Professional, found himself asking the same questions. He decided to track usage trends pre- and during COVID, discovering that ebook and audiobook use (predictably) exploded. Moving forward, Steven believes that the demand in the scholarly audio market will only grow; the portability, accessibility, and predictability of audio are too useful for students to resist.

In the first episode of this four-part series, Steven chats about his findings and predictions for e-content engagement. He also digs into the genesis and development of the business management division of OverDrive, which works with academic institutions, corporate libraries, and government accounts.

About the guest:

Steven Rosato
Manager of the Sales Team
OverDrive Professional

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