A conversation with the Head of the OECD’s Washington Office, Will Davis, on Priorities and Processes

Sponsored by The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Recorded on 06/02/2021
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Episode 194

This week Bill talks with Will Davis, head of the OECD’s Washington office about what, exactly, the OECD is, how it got started, and how it works. Will details how the organization operates by consensus, rather than through voting, and how it differs from other international organizations like the U.N. They also discuss the OECD’s research and how it’s used by a wide variety of sectors–from businesses to academics to government agencies–to make decisions and influence policy, and some of the OECD’s ongoing work in areas like the digitalization of the economy and building consensus on corporate minimum tax rates.

To catch a video version of the episode, be sure to tune in at the ALA Annual Conference, June 23-29, where this discussion will take place on the Showcase Stage.

About the guest:

Will Davis, Head of the Washington Office of the OECD headshot

Will Davis
Head of the Washington Office
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Will Davis is Head of the OECD’s Washington Center where he serves as the organization’s senior representative to the United States and Canada. In this role he leads the OECD’s efforts to deepen understanding of, and appreciation for the work of the organization, serves as a liaison with executive branch departments, and acts as a resource to Congressional members and staff, ensuring access to OECD analyses and data.

Mr. Davis previously consulted for a number of organizations dealing with international development and economic issues, and served in leadership positions with the U.S. government and the United Nations. During his tenure with the UN, Mr. Davis served as the Director of the UNDP’s Washington Office, and prior to that, Director of the UN Secretariat’s Office in Washington. Mr. Davis also served in the State Department, and on the White House’s National Security Council staff. He was on the faculty at George Washington University as a Lecturer in the Elliott School of International Affairs.  He is a graduate of Duke University and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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