The Queer Evangelist: Relentless Activism for Dramatic Change

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Recorded on 04/28/2021
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 189

From her lifelong LGBTQ+ advocacy work to her time in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Cheri DiNovo understands the daily grind of activism from both sides. While inspiring, gratifying, and necessary, social movements require relentless persistence. “That’s the test for activism: you have to keep it going. You have to keep that momentum going.”

In this final episode, Cheri breaks down her tips for consistent and result-driven activism, and reflects on the sheer numbers and organization of today’s movements—MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street—compared to those of the 1960s and 70s. Cheri also discusses how to keep young people invested in politics without falling prey to apathy and cynicism. “I have to look at history and say, if you think dramatic change doesn’t happen, that’s unrealistic.”

About the guest:

Cheri DiNovo
Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith Justice and the Arts

Cheri DiNovo grew up in Toronto in a rooming house owned by her parents and spent time on the streets as a teenager, leading to her to social activism. Formerly a member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, she is host of The Radical Reverend Show, and Minister at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre for Faith Justice and the Arts. Her book Qu(e)erying Evangelism: Growing a Community from the Outside In won the Lambda award in 2005. She has won numerous awards for her activism and is a Member of the Order of Canada.

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