What is a scholarly podcast? Open scholarship and Web 2.0

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Recorded on 09/01/2020
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 151

How can academic podcasters earn credit for their work within the academy? What would it take to build a distribution or discovery service for academic podcasts? How would that fit into, compete with or live alongside the existing podcast discovery services? Siobhan McMenemy and Hannah McGregor talk about what’s next for Secret Feminist Agenda now that the peer review process has wrapped up and the final season is coming to a close. They talk about their ongoing project, the Amplify Podcast Network, and how they hope it will give libraries, scholars—and everyone else—easier access to a range of scholarly podcasts.

About the guests:

Hannah McGregor
Assistant professor of publishing
Simon Fraser University
Creator and host of Secret Feminist Agenda

Siobhan McMenemy
Senior Editor
Wilfrid Laurier University Press

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