Adjusting to Modern Library Needs: Background and Books

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Recorded on 06/03/2020
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Episode 131

Librarianship can lead one to many places. Jill Grunenwald, Communications Specialist at OverDrive, has worked in collection development, at a career college, and as sole librarian at a prison in Cleveland, which inspired her memoir Reading Behind Bars.

“It was actually really challenging in a lot of good ways,” Grunenwald explains. “I was the only librarian, so I did all of the work. It was a good and very quick introduction into being a librarian after grad school.” After several library jobs, Grunenwald now works in marketing, managing OverDrive’s blog and co-hosting the podcast Professional Book Nerds.

In this first episode, Grunenwald discusses her duties at OverDrive, the ins and outs of being a podcast host, and some of her favorite comfort reads during the pandemic—historical fiction, anyone? Join the conversation to hear Grunenwald chat about her background and passion for books: “My poor TBR just keeps getting longer and longer!”

About the guest:

Jill Grunenwald
Communications Specialist

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