Seeking the Story: Stepping Outside for Field Research

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Recorded on 02/24/2020
Posted in The Authority File

Episode 113

The definition of field research is “to collect qualitative data.” Though a rather scientific description, David Danelo, Director of Field Research for the Foreign Policy Research Institute, argues that at the heart of all field research is a story. While writing his latest book, The Field Researcher’s Handbook: A Guide to the Art and Science of Professional Fieldwork, Danelo wanted to emphasize how storytelling is the ultimate goal of research. “Story is about relating change, and so when we’re talking about the experience of field research, we’re talking about the experience of change.” 

In the final episode of this four-part series, Danelo, a former US Marine Corps infantry officer, also talks the more personal side of field research. He explains how going from a life in the military, something “very focused on delivering solutions that were more martial and violent and definitive,” to a profession based in empathy, compassion, and most importantly, listening, has affected him as a person: “It’s really just a chance to listen to people talk about things that matter to them … a chance to connect in a new way with our common humanity.”