Our Team


Editor and Publisher RACHEL HENDRICK
Editorial Director BILL MICKEY
Director of Information and Production Services LISA M. GROSS

Ad Sales Manager PAMELA MARINO

Marketing and Publicity Manager DEB VILLAVICENCIO-ESCHINGER

Customer Service
Customer Service Coordinator RITA B. BALASCO

Digital Media Producer SABRINA COFER
Digital Media Assistant ASHLEY ROY

Editor: Social & Behavioral Sciences, Humanities FATIMA MOHIE-ELDIN
Editor: Social & Behavioral Sciences, Humanities DANIEL PFEIFFER
Science & Technology: BILL MICKEY
Reference: Titles are assigned for review by all subject editors according to the theme of the resource.

Information Technology
Manager of Computer Services ROBERT MACAIONE

Editorial Coordinator REBECCA RADL
Review Coordinator SHARON COLEMAN
Library Technical Assistant WHITNEY ROBERTS

Project Managers
Resources for College Libraries ANNE DOHERTY

Business Coordinator JOAN DUQUETTE

Editorial Board
Betsy Fronk, Chattanooga State Community College, Chair
Abigail Mann, Illinois Wesleyan University
Ann Agee, San Jose State
Heather Bush, Eckerd College
Kathleen Flynn, SUNY Albany
Matthew Johnson, University of South Florida
Sara Marks, UMASS Lowell

Board Liaison:  Erin L. Ellis, Indiana University

Staff Liaison: Rachel Hendrick, Editor & Publisher, Choice

Ex Officio: Allison Payne, Interim Executive Director, ACRL