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Academic Publishing Weekly

From mergers and acquisitions to research reports, major product launches and significant “people on the move” items, APW aggregates the latest updates from around the industry in a convenient, single-source format, curated by the editors of Choice.

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Choice Podcast Updates

Sign up for periodic updates about Choice’s weekly podcast The Authority File, featuring in-depth conversations about contemporary trends important to the academic library community. You’ll also learn the latest news about Patron Driven, our new podcast series featuring a multi-episode narrative format.

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Choice – ACRL Webinars

Receive information and invitations to upcoming free webinars produced by Choice / ACRL.

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Community College Resources

Each month this newsletter presents the top 75 titles and resources for community college libraries as chosen by the editors of Choice.

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Editors’ Picks

Selected by Choice editors from among the hundreds of reviews published monthly, these titles stand out for their excellence.

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Forthcoming Titles

This is a list of selected titles in chosen topics that support library collections, particularly at the undergraduate level. Monthly topics include:

  • Associations/Organizations
  • African American Studies
  • Library Science
  • Political Science & Economics
  • Women’s Studies
  • Internet
  • Reference
  • Psychology
  • Art & Architecture
  • Science & Technology
  • Performing Arts & Mass Media

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Hot Topics

Timely content for academic librarians selected by Choice editors with supporting titles, delivered monthly to your inbox.

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LibTech Insights

Kicking off January 2023 – A content vertical to examine big and small changes in library technology that affect the day-to-day lives of librarians and their communities.

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Outstanding Academic Titles

Highlights curated snippets of the renowned Choice Outstanding Academic Titles of 2020 each week, December through June.

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Resource Round Up eNewsletter

Our monthly newsletter provides helpful information and complimentary resources for library workers at academic and public institutions.

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Toward Inclusive Excellence (TIE) Blog Updates

Sign up to receive a weekly TIE blog posting notification, with related DEIA content in your inbox. 

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