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Stay current on library trends and discover more about where the field is headed. Industry experts lead these sponsored, 60-minutes interactive presentations, which cover topics like digital publishing, search trends, and open access. View our archive.

These webinars are paid sponsorship opportunities. The products, services, and opinions presented in them do not constitute a Choice, ACRL, or ALA endorsement of any kind.

Upcoming Webinars

  • Supporting Students in Sports Business with Data Analysis, Tools, and Online Resources
    Sponsored by SBRnet
  • What Subject Librarians Can Teach Us About Managing Collections: Perspectives and Best Practices
    Sponsored by Resources for College Libraries
  • Curating the Modern Curriculum: The Librarian’s Role in Our Transformation to Online Learning
    Sponsored by Springer Nature
  • Mission: JOY, A panel conversation on creating happiness in troubled times
    Sponsored by ProQuest, ro*co films, and FILM PLATFORM
  • How academic libraries are bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to their campuses
    Sponsored by OverDrive Professional
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Research Analytics
    Sponsored by Ex Libris
  • Cyber Security in Higher Education
    Sponsored by Scholarly Networks Security Initiative
  • Settlement, Slavery and Empire: British colonial rule in the Caribbean
    Sponsored by Adam Matthew Digital

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