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The Authority File podcast

This podcast provides insight on the academic library market through conversations with representatives of some of the biggest and most innovative companies influencing it, as well as with authors of insightful books, librarians who are transforming their field, and academics whose research is laying the groundwork for the future.

Patron Driven

Patron Driven features a multi-episode narrative format. Each podcast series will showcase, through interviews and story-telling, the breakthrough programs, hard-won advocacy, community connections–and the personalities behind them–that librarians are achieving all across academe.

TIE Podcast

The TIE Podcast explores equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education. TIE editor in chief Alexia Hudson-Ward interviews thought leaders from across the profession, including academic librarians, administrators, faculty, and authors to explore a range of topics to address DEIA through a pedagogical, scholarly, curatorial, and workplace/professional lens. The TIE Podcast is part of the Toward Inclusive Excellence content vertical, which includes weekly blog posts and periodic webinars.

Libtech Insights Podcast

Brought to you by Choice, the producer of The Authority File and TIE podcasts, the LTI Podcast is an ongoing series about the changes in library and education technology—big and small—that affect the day-to-day lives of academic librarians and their communities. LTI Podcast episodes feature interviews with academic librarians, administrators, technologists, and thought leaders that explore a variety of topics centered in a scholarly and workplace context. The LTI podcast is part of the LibTech Insights content vertical, which features a variety of other content formats.