Using AI to Create Better AI Prompts

Better AI prompts mean better outputs

A librarian with chat bubbles to show using an AI to get better AI prompts

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a good generative AI output requires a good prompt. Prompt engineering—that is, crafting a specific command for a generative AI model to optimize its outputted results—is an in-demand skill, which Leo Lo covered in a free webinar last year. Lo guided viewers through the CLEAR framework for crafting a helpful and detailed prompt.

This installment of ✨LibTech Tools✨, hosted by Choice editor and publisher Rachel Hendrick and information services industry expert Gary Price, explores an alternative strategy. Our hosts ask Poe to help it craft a prompt, which they then feed back into Poe. They discuss how to use this tactic to learn more about writing better AI prompts and get better results.

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