LTI Webinar Wrap-up: Generative AI Citations and Ethics

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A man holding a block in front of a computer window, as though he's considering where to put a citation for his use of ChatGPT or generative AI

Many librarians, academics, and educators have considered new and creative ways of integrating ChatGPT and generative AI into the research process. But how can they properly show the contributions of these tools? Last week, Kari Weaver and Antonio Muñoz Gómez, two librarians at the University of Waterloo, Canada, gave a webinar entitled “Ethical and Productive: Considering Generative Artificial Intelligence Citation Across Learning and Research.” They discussed their process for creating a LibGuide on how to cite ChatGPT and generative AI as well as the ethical use of AI in academic scholarship.

It was an amazing webinar and discussion, which you can view below. A big thank-you to both Antonio and Kari for sharing their time, work, and knowledge! Choice and LibTech Insights plan to host more webinars on this and related library tech topics in the coming year, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss them!

🎥 How can librarians support the citation and ethical use of generative AI in learning and research? 

Watch the full recording

🙋‍♀️ Q&A with Kari Weaver and Antonio Muñoz Gómez

  • What applications for generative AI have you found in your own work? [40:11]
  • Can ChatGPT access content behind a paywall? [46:12]
  • How do students cite generative AI for brainstorming, editing, translation, etc? [48:03]
  • Any suggested resources for how citation can be interpreted as a colonizing practice? [52:25]
  • Any guidance for students to preserve and be able to reproduce the prompt trails they used to create AI-generated content? [53:54]
  • Where do we draw the line between citing AI tools and other electronic tools (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google searches)? [54:57]
  • What is the AI policy at University of Waterloo? How is it applied? [57:45]

📚 Audience-submitted resources on ChatGPT and AI


Thank you again to Kari and Antonio and to all those who came and asked questions!

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