How Semantic Scholar Uses AI to Optimize Scholarly Research

The research process just got a little easier

A researcher using Semantic Scholar to look at different documents quickly

The first phase of research—scouting out a wide array of articles and resources to review—can easily become overwhelming. Who hasn’t gotten to the end of a 30-page article only to conclude it was completely irrelevant to their project? Can AI help scholars make better “at a glance” assessments of their research materials?

This installment of ✨LibTech Tools✨, hosted by Choice editor and publisher Rachel Hendrick and information services industry expert Gary Price, shows how Semantic Scholar, a free research tool for scientific literature, uses AI to enhance the “skimmability” of a PDF. Of course, AI-enhanced skimming is no replacement for rigorous engagement with existing scholarship, but it can optimize the early stages of the research process and even serve as a good pedagogical tool for teaching students how to parse academic articles.

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