Gary Price Discusses GPT Tools with Citations

ChatGPT doesn't provide its sources. These other LLMs do.

A laptop with lines on the screen, maybe citations for ChatGPT-like LLMs

ChatGPT and many other LLMs suffer from a big limitation: though they spool out endless streams of information, they don’t give their citations. Given the possibility of hallucinations, i.e., information that LLMs “make up,” being able to check a LLM’s sources is not only useful—it’s vital. Doing so is also a good exercise for students (and yourself!) to learn more about how LLMs operate and generate their responses.

In his talk at CNI: Coalition for Networked Information, information services industry expert Gary Price overviews some GPT programs that include citations. He walks through these applications and highlights the importance of these citations for librarians and other information professionals.

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