FREE WEBINAR: AI Prompt Engineering for Librarians

Learn more about this must-have skill for librarians!

LibTech Insights is excited to announce its first webinar, “CLEARer Dialogues with AI: Unpacking Prompt Engineering for Librarians.” Our blog writers have explored and grappled with the changes that generative AI has brought to libraries and higher ed. This webinar will continue this mission while turning to a less-discussed topic: prompt engineering.

What is prompt engineering? In short, prompt engineering entails tips and techniques for creating and honing the requests you make of generative AI. It results in more precise outcomes that are better tailored to your needs. Given the occasional unreliability of generative AI, prompt engineering is a must-have skill for researchers and those assisting them.

To that end, Dr. Leo Lo—a librarian at the University of New Mexico who has been pioneering the AI turn in librarianship—is presenting on the “CLEAR” framework for interacting with generative AI. This webinar will provide essential information on:

  • The significance of AI literacy among academic library employees and the prevalent challenges in the current landscape
  • The fundamental role of prompt engineering in maximizing the value derived from AI applications
  • An understanding of the CLEAR framework, a tool designed for effective communication with AI systems
  • Real-world examples of how the CLEAR framework can enhance interactions with AI models like GPT-4

The webinar will also delve into the broader implications of AI and prompt engineering on future library practices, including potential changes in information literacy instruction, research assistance, and content curation. This talk will also include an interactive Q&A period for you to ask Dr. Lo questions about generative AI and prompt engineering.

For more information about this session and Dr. Lo and to register, visit our webinar page.

The webinar will be held on September 19, 2023, at 2 PM (EST) on Zoom. (If you can’t make the live event, you can also register to receive the recording.) We can’t wait to see you there!

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