Circling Back: Which Digital Content Types Should Be on Your Library’s Radar?

Taking a look at trends in digital content and access

From comic books to NFTs, new digital content types proliferate quickly in and beyond the library space. Academic libraries need to stay abreast of these developments, but doing so requires know-how, effort, and resources. Additionally, libraries must consider how concerns about DEI accessibility manifest in new digital content types.

To that end, we want to revisit a webinar Choice held last month, reviewing its 2022 survey on the state of ebooks and examining trends in new content types. If you’re interested in digital collections and accessibility, this talk is well worth the listen.


  • Kenny Cruse

    Digital Content Librarian OverDrive Academic

    As a Digital Content Librarian for OverDrive Academic, Kenny helps partners selecting content, curating collections, and helps facilitate partner communications to his team. Outside of his time at OverDrive, Kenny loves reading books and comics, watching movies and playing video and games, including Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

  • Suzanne Hall

    Global Vendor Relations Manager – Reference SolutionsElsevier

    Suzanne Hall works with third-party providers to drive eBook solutions as a compliment to Elsevier’s direct sales operations. Suzanne has worked in publishing and sales roles in education and research reference markets for almost 21 years; and for the past three years to drive research reference solutions growth via vendor-neutral strategy, reporting and planning, and target setting.

  • Wendy Chamberlain

    Senior Manager of Content ProgrammingKanopy

    Wendy Chamberlain is the Senior Manager of Content Programming at Kanopy, a streaming video service that partners with public libraries and universities to provide ad-free movies, documentaries, foreign films, and classic cinema to patrons and students. Prior to Kanopy, she co-founded and managed Videology, once the largest video rental store in Brooklyn, NY.

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