Circling Back: How One Library Used UX to Innovate Patron Services

The University of Albany library needed a way to communicate with patrons about its digital services. UX provided the toolkit.

While the podcast for LibTech Insights is not yet ready to make its grand debut (stay tuned!), we wanted to revisit a conversation we had on Choice’s The Authority File podcast early last year. Host Bill Mickey spoke to user experience (UX) librarian Lauren Puzier about how she and her team at the University of Albany drew on UX methodologies to design a straightforward and cost-effective dashboard for its website that could alert patrons to the status of its digital services. Their innovative, yet simple, solution won them a SAGE Technology Award.

Listen in to learn more about the situation the library faced and the solution they found, but equally important, about how UX led the way.

About the guests:

Jamia Williams
Cohost and Co-creator

Lauren Puzier
User Experience Librarian
University at Albany

Darryl Stuhr
Director, Digitization and Digital Preservation Services
Baylor University

Martha Sedgwick
Vice President of Product Innovation
SAGE Publishing

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