Circling Back: Designing Meaningful User Experiences for Digital Natives

New generations use tech in new ways. Here's how to design for them.

For those of us who grew up alongside or before the rise of digital media, it can be intimidating to design materials for members of generations Z and alpha. They may interact with the internet in different ways from you, wield different proficiencies, and have different concerns. Anecdotally, a university writing instructor told me that she had multiple students write essays for her class on their phones(!), because they could type faster on their screens than on computer keyboards(!!). Technological differences between generations can prove to be a barrier to understanding, learning, and accessing resources.

In this Choice webinar, first aired in March 2023, two user experience (UX) specialists break down how younger students use the internet and digital resources and how librarians and educators can meet the task of designing meaningful experiences for them.


  • Image of Lane Bowman

    Lane Bowman

    Senior UX Designer Clarivate
  • Image of Christie Heitkamp

    Christie Heitkamp

    Senior UX Designer Clarivate

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