AI Performance Testing: Comparing AI Chatbots with Chatbot Arena

Compare LLMs side-by-side with this free tool

A man looking at two different windows, like he's comparing AI chatbots like ChatGPT in Chatbot Arena

✨LibTech Tools✨, hosted by Choice editor and publisher Rachel Hendrick and information services industry expert Gary Price, examines an easy tool for comparing the outputs and performance of different AI large language models (LLMs). Thanks to its powerful debut, ChatGPT has turned into a generic trademark for all types of LLMs, but different LLMs exist and have wildly different abilities. How’s a librarian to begin evaluating these different tools?

Enter: Chatbot Arena. This free tool offers a side-by-side interface that allows users to easily compare how different LLMs respond to the same prompt. Not only is this a good tool for self-education but it’s also a must-have for any workshop or class on AI literacy.

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