Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries

Looking at the firsthand experiences of trans and gender-diverse library professionals, this week’s review highlights the importance of gender-inclusive libraries and LIS programs.

Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries

ed. by Kalani Keahi Adolpho, Stephen G. Krueger, and Krista McCracken Library Juice Press, 2023
560p bibl index, 9781634001205 $45.00

Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries book cover.

For many LGBTQIA+ youth, libraries—and the resources they offer—serve as sites of self-discovery and sanctuary. But the reality for many trans and gender-diverse librarians and information science professionals is quite different. Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries highlights how libraries and LIS programs repeatedly fail trans and gender-diverse members. LGBTQIA+ library students and professionals often find not sanctuary but oppression, bigotry, and ignorance. By sharing their struggles, anger, fear, and triumphs, the contributors to this volume give voice to those often not counted. This volume comprises 53 narratives, anecdotes, and poems by 57 authors. The editors give each contributor space to share their lived experiences without policing or judgment. Each contribution provides keywords to allow readers to quickly scan and select relevant chapters. That said, this is a book that deserves to be read in its entirety. Trans and gender-diverse library professionals and students will find that it can help provide a sense community. For allies and others, the book will be eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking. Readers are encouraged to reflect on these writings—looking at who is included and who is not—and use what they learn to incorporate and/or further gender-inclusion practices into their libraries and LIS programs. This is a necessary read.

Summing Up: Essential. Graduate students, researchers, faculty, and professionals.
: A. Sheppard, Arkansas State University
Interdisciplinary Subject: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Studies
Subject: Reference – Library & Information Sciences
Choice Issue: Feb 2024

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