The Top 75 Community College Titles: September 2019 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the September issue of Choice.

book covers


All things ancient Egypt: an encyclopedia of the ancient Egyptian world, ed. by Lisa K. Sabbahy. Greenwood, 2019. 2v bibl index ISBN 9781440855122, $198.00; ISBN 9781440855139 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0011

Careers in nursing. Salem Press/Grey House, 2019. 417p bibl index ISBN 9781642650501, $125.00; ISBN 9781642650518 ebook, user price $125.00; 57-0009

The Gun debate, ed. by Michael O’Neal. Salem Press, 2019. 2v bibl index ISBN 9781642650341, $295.00; ISBN 9781642650358 ebook, user $295.00; 57-0013

Latinos in the American political system: an encyclopedia of Latinos as voters, candidates, and office holders, ed. by Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti. ABC-CLIO, 2019. 2v bibl index ISBN 9781440853463, $198.00; ISBN 9781440853470 ebook, con-tact publisher for price; 57-0015

The Oxford handbook of migration crises, ed. by Cecilia Menjívar, Marie Ruiz, and Immanuel Ness. Oxford, 2019. 918p bibl in-dex ISBN 9780190856908, $175.00; ISBN 9780190856939 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0016

Perone, James E. Listen to the blues!: exploring a musical genre. Greenwood, 2019. 238p bibl index ISBN 9781440866142, $61.00; ISBN 9781440866159 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0005

Sinnreich, Aram. The essential guide to intellectual property. Yale, 2019. 283p bibl index ISBN 9780300214420 pbk, $25.00; ISBN 9780300245431 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0019

The Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of urban and regional studies, ed. by Anthony M. Orum et al. Wiley, 2019. 5v bibl index ISBN 9781118568453, $795.00; 57-0020


Baldwin, Tom. Ctrl Alt Del: how politics and the media crashed our democracy. Hurst & Company, 2019. 371p index ISBN 9781787380066, $29.95; ISBN 9781787381001 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0044

Bishop, Sarah C. Undocumented storytellers: narrating the immigrant rights movement. Oxford, 2019. 228p bibl index ISBN 9780190917159, $99.00; ISBN 9780190917166 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9780190917180 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0046

The Body, the dance and the text: essays on performance and the margins of history, ed. by Brian Wein Shiovitz. McFarland, 2019. 268p index ISBN 9781476671895 pbk, $45.00; ISBN 9781476634852 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0104

Buhler, James. Theories of the soundtrack. Oxford, 2019. 318p bibl index ISBN 9780199371075, $99.00; ISBN 9780199371082 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9780199371105 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0094

Calvi, Pablo. Latin American adventures in literary journalism. Pittsburgh, 2019. 276p bibl index ISBN 9780822945659, $45.00; 57-0048

The Edinburgh companion to the short story in English, ed. by Paul Delaney and Adrian Hunter. Edinburgh University Press, 2019. 388p bibl indexes ISBN 9781474400657, $230.00; ISBN 9781474400664 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0072

Eldridge, Richard Thomas. Werner Herzog: filmmaker and philosopher. Bloomsbury Academic, 2019. 221p bibl index ISBN 9781350091672, $88.00; ISBN 9781350100152 pbk, $26.95; ISBN 9781350091689 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0095

Galella, Donatella. America in the round: capital, race, and nation at Washington, DC’s Arena Stage. Iowa, 2019. 317p bibl index ISBN 9781609386252, $90.00; ISBN 9781609386269 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0105

History of illustration, ed. by Susan Doyle with associate editors Jaleen Grove and Whitney Sherman. Fairchild Books, 2019. 554p bibl index ISBN 9781501342110, $240.00; ISBN 9781501342103 pbk, $90.00; ISBN 9781628927559 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0029

Huntington, Eric. Creating the universe: depictions of the cosmos in Himalayan Buddhism. Washington, 2019. 283p bibl index ISBN 9780295744063, $65.00; ISBN 9780295744070 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0130

Jane Austen and comedy, ed. by Erin M. Goss. Bucknell, 2019. 206p bibl index ISBN 9781684480784, $99.95; ISBN 9781684480777 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781684480791 ebook, $34.95; 57-0076

John Donne in context, ed. by Michael Schoenfeldt. Cambridge, 2019. 360p bibl index ISBN 9781107043503, $99.99; 57-0077

Laurence, Sue. The hand that rocked the cradle: the art of birth and infancy. Unicorn Press, 2018. 170p bibl index ISBN 9781911604556, $30.00; 57-0036

Mozart in context, ed. by Simon P. Keefe. Cambridge, 2019. 333p bibl indexes ISBN 9781107181052, $99.99; ISBN 9781316853283 ebook, $80.00; 57-0101

Myrsiades, Kostas. Reading Homer’s Odyssey. Bucknell, 2019. 347p bibl index ISBN 9781684481316, $50.00; ISBN 9781684481361 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9781684481323 ebook, $24.95; 57-0064

The Oxford handbook of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. by J. Gerald Kennedy and Scott Peeples with Caleb Doan. Oxford, 2019. 860p bibl index ISBN 9780190641870, $175.00; ISBN 9780190641894 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0082

Rushe, Sinéad. Michael Chekhov’s acting technique: a practitioner’s guide. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2019. 337p bibl in-dex ISBN 9781350090033, $88.00; ISBN 9781408156889 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9781472503473 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0092

Schmidt, Thomas. Rewriting the newspaper: the storytelling movement in American print journalism. Missouri, 2019. 166p bibl index ISBN 9780826221889, $35.00; ISBN 9780826274311 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0049

Shackelford, George T. M. Monet: the late years, by George T. M. Shackelford with Claire M. Barry et al. Kimbell Art Muse-um/Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 2019. (Dist. by Yale) 214p bibl ISBN 9780300243253, $50.00; 57-0038

Turner, Marion. Chaucer: a European life. Princeton, 2019. 599p bibl index ISBN 9780691160092, $39.95; ISBN 9780691185682 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0086

Walsh, Stephen. Debussy: a painter in sound. Knopf, 2018. 323p bibl index ISBN 9781524731922, $28.95; ISBN 9781524731939 ebook, $14.99; 57-0102

Wilson, Alexandra. Opera in the jazz age: cultural politics in 1920s Britain. Oxford, 2019. 235p bibl index ISBN 9780190912666, $35.00; ISBN 9780190912680 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0103

Zorach, Rebecca. Art for people’s sake: artists and community in black Chicago, 1965–75. Duke, 2019. 395p bibl index ISBN 9781478001003, $104.95; ISBN 9781478001409 pbk, $28.95; ISBN 9781478002468 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0034

Science & Technology

Arangala, Crista. Exploring linear algebra: labs and projects with Matlab®. CRC Press, 2019. 145p bibl index ISBN 9781138063518, $149.95; ISBN 9781138063495 pbk, $49.95; ISBN 9781315160993 ebook, $49.95; 57-0193

Berners-Lee, Mike. There is no Planet B: a handbook for the make or break years. Cambridge, 2019. 288p index ISBN 9781108439589 pbk, $12.95; ISBN 9781108545969 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0139

Borden, Iain. Skateboarding and the city: a complete history. Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019. 369p bibl index ISBN 9781472583451, $40.00; ISBN 9781472583475 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0198

Cars—driven by design: sports cars from the 1950s to the 1970s, ed. by Barbara Til and Dieter Castenow. Hirmer, 2018. 180p ISBN 9783777431222, $49.95; 57-0147

Crist, Eileen. Abundant Earth: toward an ecological civilization. Chicago, 2019. 307p bibl index ISBN 9780226596778, $105.00; ISBN 9780226596808 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9780226596945 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0153

Donahue, Jesse. Snakes in American culture: a hisstory, by Jesse C. Donahue and Conor Shaw-Draves. McFarland, 2019. 220p bibl index ISBN 9781476662657 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781476634531 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0166

Dunkley, Jo. Our universe: an astronomer’s guide. Belknap, Harvard, 2019. 300p bibl index ISBN 9780674984288, $29.95; ISBN 9780674986053 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0150

The Freedom of scientific research: bridging the gap between science and society, ed. by Simona Giordano with John Harris and Lucio Piccirillo. Manchester University Press, 2019. 234p bibl index ISBN 9781526127679, $120.00; ISBN 9781526127686 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0140

Guignard, Lilace Mellin. When everything beyond the walls is wild: being a woman outdoors in America. Texas A&M, 2019. 286p bibl index ISBN 9781623497644, $30.00; ISBN 9781623497651 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0199

Hausman, Bernice L. Anti/vax: reframing the vaccine controversy. Cornell, 2019. 275p bibl index ISBN 9781501735622, $29.95; ISBN 9781501735639 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0184

Hernández, Lou. Bobby Maduro and the Cuban Sugar Kings. McFarland, 2019. 210p bibl index ISBN 9781476675268 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781476634821 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0200

Hershberger, Richard. Strike four: the evolution of baseball. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 297p bibl index ISBN 9781538121146, $38.00; ISBN 9781538121153 ebook, $36.00; 57-0201

Higginbotham, Adam. Midnight in Chernobyl: the untold story of the world’s greatest nuclear disaster. Simon & Schuster, 2019. 538p bibl index ISBN 9781501134616, $29.95; ISBN 9781501134647 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0148

Huegel, Craig N. The nature of plants: an introduction to how plants work. University Press of Florida, 2019. 270p index ISBN 9780813064086 pbk, $24.95; 57-0164

Instant notes in sport and exercise biomechanics, by Paul Grimshaw et al. 2nd ed. Routledge, 2019. 427p index ISBN 9781138640238, $150.00; ISBN 9781138640245 pbk, $44.95; ISBN 9781315636764 ebook, $44.95; 57-0185

Johnson, M. Houston. Taking flight: the foundations of American commercial aviation, 1918–1938. Texas A&M, 2019. 287p bibl index (Centennial of flight, 21) ISBN 9781623497217, $45.00; ISBN 9781623497224 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0177

Kauffman, Stuart A. A world beyond physics: the emergence and evolution of life. Oxford, 2019. 151p bibl index ISBN 9780190871338, $29.95; ISBN 9780190871345 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0156

Koch, Shelley L. Gender and food: a critical look at the food system. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 128p bibl index ISBN 9781442257757, $80.00; ISBN 9781442257733 pbk, $29.00; ISBN 9781442257740 ebook, $27.50; 57-0142

Lemons, Don S. Thermodynamic weirdness: from Fahrenheit to Clausius. MIT, 2019. 176p bibl index ISBN 9780262039390, $24.95; ISBN 9780262351324 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0196

Prince, Cathryn J. Queen of the mountaineers: the trailblazing life of Fanny Bullock Workman. Chicago Review, 2019. 304p bibl index ISBN 9781613739556, $28.99; ISBN 9781613739587 ebook, $18.99; 57-0202

Rich, Nathaniel. Losing Earth: a recent history. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019. 206p bibl ISBN 9780374191337, $25.00; ISBN 9780374721138 ebook, $11.99; 57-0173

Sack, Warren. The software arts. MIT, 2019. 375p bibl index ISBN 9780262039703, $40.00; ISBN 9780262352369 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0192

Sykes, L. R. Plate tectonics and great earthquakes: 50 years of earth-shaking events. Columbia, 2019. 256p bibl index ISBN 9780231186889, $35.00; ISBN 9780231546874 ebook, $34.99; 57-0174

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Alexander, Robert M. Representation and the Electoral College. Oxford, 2019. 216p bibl index ISBN 9780190939427, $99.00; ISBN 9780190939434 pbk, $24,95; ISBN 9780190939458 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0353

Applebaum, Rachel. Empire of friends: Soviet power and socialist internationalism in Cold War Czechoslovakia. Cornell, 2019. 275p bibl index ISBN 9781501735578, $49.95; ISBN 9781501735592 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0247

The Cambridge companion to the literature of the Crusades, ed. by Anthony Bale. Cambridge, 2019. 281p bib index ISBN 9781108474511, $79.99; ISBN 9781108464864 pbk, $24.99; ISBN 9781108672832 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0255

Courtwright, David T. The age of addiction: how bad habits became big business. Belknap, Harvard, 2019. 325p index ISBN 9780674737372, $27.95; ISBN 9780674239241 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0376

Daniel, Larry J. Conquered: why the Army of Tennessee failed. North Carolina, 2019. 440p bibl index ISBN 9781469649504, $35.00; ISBN 9781469649511 ebook, $26.99; 57-0266

Dyer, Jeffrey H. Innovation capital: how to compete—and win—like the world’s most innovative leaders, by Jeffrey Dyer, Nathan Furr, and Curtis Lefrandt. Harvard Business Review Press, 2019. 264p index ISBN 9781633696525, $32.00; ISBN 9781633696532 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0220

Fry, Joseph A. Lincoln, Seward, and US foreign relations in the Civil War era. University Press of Kentucky, 2019. 241p bibl index ISBN 9780813177120, $60.00; ISBN 9780813177144 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0269

Getrich, Christina M. Border brokers: children of Mexican immigrants navigating U.S. society, laws, and politics. Arizona, 2019. 253p bibl index ISBN 9780816538997, $50.00; ISBN 9780816539864 ebook, $50.00; 57-0213

The great American sports page: a century of classic columns from Ring Lardner to Sally Jenkins, ed. by John Schulian. Li-brary of America, 2019. 396p bibl index ISBN 9781598536126, $29.95; 57-0275

Greeven, Mark J. Pioneers, hidden champions, change makers, and underdogs: lessons from China’s innovators, by Mark Greeven, George S. Yip, and Wei Wei. MIT, 2019. 205p bibl index ISBN 9780262039697, $29.95; ISBN 9780262352338 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0221

Grisel, Judith. Never enough: the neuroscience and experience of addiction. Doubleday, 2019. 241p index ISBN 9780385542845, $26.95; ISBN 9780385542852 ebook, $13.99; 57-0382

Martin, Christopher R. No longer newsworthy: how the mainstream media abandoned the working class. Cornell, 2019. 260p index ISBN 9781501735257, $27.95; ISBN 9781501735271 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0222

Mind, brain and technology: learning in the age of emerging technologies, ed. by Thomas D. Parsons, Lin Lin, and Deborah Cockerham. Springer, 2019. 228p bibl indexes ISBN 9783030026301, $139.99; ISBN 9783030026318 ebook, $109.00; 57-0385

Reinhardt, Uwe. Priced out: the economic and ethical costs of American health care. Princeton, 2019. 201p index ISBN 9780691192178, $27.95; ISBN 9780691192611 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0228

Shea, Daniel M. Why vote?: essential questions about the future of elections in America. Routledge, 2019. 258p index ISBN 9781138617896, $150.00; ISBN 9781138617926 pbk, $44.95; ISBN 9780429461446 ebook, $44.95; 57-0370

Tangires, Helen. Movable markets: food wholesaling in the twentieth-century city. Johns Hopkins, 2019. 292p bibl index ISBN 9781421427478, $59.95; ISBN 9781421427485 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0223

Tell, Dave. Remembering Emmett Till. Chicago, 2019. 308p bibl index ISBN 9780226559537, $25.00; ISBN 9780226559704 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0296

Thylstrup, Nanna Bonde. The politics of mass digitization. MIT, 2018. 200p bibl index ISBN 9780262039017, $35.00; ISBN 9780262350051 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0206

Wallace-Wells, David. The uninhabitable earth: life after warming. Tim Duggan, 2019. 310p index ISBN 9780525576709, $27.00; ISBN 9780525576723 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0207

Weber, Max. Economy and society: a new translation, ed. and tr. by Keith Tribe. Harvard, 2019. 504p index ISBN 9780674916548 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9780674240827 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0401

Willard-Foster, Melissa. Toppling foreign governments: the logic of regime change. Pennsylvania, 2019. 332p index ISBN 9780812251043, $79.95; ISBN 9780812296785 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-0339