The Top 75 Community College Titles: October 2023 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the October issue of Choice.

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Borel, Brooke. The Chicago guide to fact-checking.  Chicago, 2023.  245p bibl index  ISBN 9780226817897 pbk, $18.00;  ISBN 9780226817903 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0302

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Collette, Vincent. A concise dictionary of Nakoda (Assiniboine), by Vincent Collette and Wilma Kennedy.  Nebraska, 2023.  378p bibl  ISBN 9781496229724, $85.00;  ISBN 9781496232724 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0303

Ermatinger, James William. All things ancient Greece: an encyclopedia of the Greek world.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  664p 2v bibl index  ISBN 9781440874536, $204.00;  ISBN 9781440874543 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0310

Leruth, Michael F. Modern France.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  515p bibl index  ISBN 9781440855481, $100.00;  ISBN 9781440855498 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0311


Benton, Janetta Rebold. History of Western art.  Thames & Hudson, 2023.  176p bibl index  ISBN 9780500296653 pbk, $16.95;  61-0313

Brown, Jeffrey A. Super bodies: comic book illustration, artistic styles, and narrative impact.  Texas, 2023.  256p bibl index (World comics and graphic nonfiction series)  ISBN 9781477327364, $55.00;  ISBN 9781477327371 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0326

Clark, John L., Jr. Blues on stage: the blues entertainment industry in the 1920s.  SUNY Press, 2023.  236p bibl index  ISBN 9781438491554, $95.00;  ISBN 9781438491547 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9781438491561 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0358

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Corcoran, Katherine. In the mouth of the wolf: a murder, a cover-up, and the true cost of silencing the press.  Bloomsbury, 2022.  336p bibl index  ISBN 9781635575033, $28.00;  ISBN 9781635575040 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0328

Machor, James L. The mercurial Mark Twain(s): reception history and iconic authorship.  Routledge, 2023.  337p index  ISBN 9781032188157, $180.00;  ISBN 9781032406572 pbk, contact publisher for price;  ISBN 9781003256373 ebook, $48.95;  61-0348

Mele, Alfred R. Free will: an opinionated guide.  Oxford, 2022.  160p bibl index  ISBN 9780197574232, $18.95;  ISBN 9780197574249 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0375

Molière in context, ed. by Jan Clarke.  Cambridge, 2022.  350p bibl index  ISBN 9781108493215, $110.00;  ISBN 9781108662529 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0354

The Oxford handbook of hip hop dance studies, ed. by Mary Fogarty and Imani Kai Johnson.  Oxford, 2022.  592p bibl index  ISBN 9780190247867, $150.00;  ISBN 9780190247898 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0364

Schwartz, Jeff. Free jazz.  SUNY Press, 2022.  166p bibl index  ISBN 9781438490311, $95.00;  ISBN 9781438490304 pbk, $31.95;  ISBN 9781438490328 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0361

Waksman, Steve. Live music in America: a history from Jenny Lind to Beyoncé.  Oxford, 2022.  677p index  ISBN 9780197570531, $175.00;  ISBN 9780197570548 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9780197570555 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0362

Science & Technology

Campanella, Richard. Draining New Orleans: the 300-year quest to dewater the Crescent City.  Louisiana State, 2023.  424p bibl index  ISBN 9780807178546, $39.95;  ISBN 9780807179413 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0391

Detraz, Nicole. Women and climate change: examining discourses from the global North.  MIT, 2023.  268p bibl index  ISBN 9780262542074 pbk, $40.00;  ISBN 9780262362115 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0410

Fixing American cybersecurity: creating a strategic public-private partnership, ed. by Larry Clinton.  Georgetown University, 2023.  296p bibl index  ISBN 9781647121495, $34.95;  ISBN 9781647121501 pbk, contact publisher for price;  ISBN 9781647121518 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0430

Fritzlan, Larry. Addiction therapy and treatment: a systems approach, by Larry Fritzlan with Avis Rumney.  McFarland, 2023.  329p bibl index  ISBN 9781476688145 pbk, $49.95;  ISBN 9781476647289 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0423

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Guo, Song. Machine learning on commodity tiny devices: theory and practice, by Song Guo and Qihua Zhou.  CRC Press, 2023.  268p bibl index  ISBN 9781032374239, $94.95;  ISBN 9781003340225 ebook, $94.95;  61-0431

Hillis, David M. Armadillos to Ziziphus: a naturalist in the Texas Hill Country.  Texas, 2023.  280p index  ISBN 9781477326732, $29.95;  ISBN 9781477326756 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0401

Indigenous health and well-being in the COVID-19 pandemic, ed. by Nicholas D. Spence and Faith Sekercioglu.  Routledge, 2023.  268p bibl index  ISBN 9781032115436, $170.00;  ISBN 9781003220381 ebook, $52.95;  61-0426

Lincoln, Don. Einstein’s unfinished dream.  Oxford, 2023.  328p bibl index  ISBN 9780197638033, $39.95;  ISBN 9780197638057 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0437

New energies: a history of energy transitions in Europe and North America, ed. by Stephen G. Gross and Andrew Needham.  Pittsburgh, 2023.  348p bibl index  ISBN 9780822947769, $60.00;  ISBN 9780822989882 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0394

Nuila, Ricardo. The people’s hospital: hope and peril in American medicine.  Scribner, 2023.  384p bibl index  ISBN 9781501198045, $28.00;  ISBN 9781501198069 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0427

O’Brien, Daniel T. Urban informatics: using big data to understand and serve communities.  Chapman & Hall, 2023.  340p bibl index  ISBN 9781032274683, $162.95;  ISBN 9781032264592 pbk, $64.95;  ISBN 9781003292951 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0432

Oatsvall, Neil S. Atomic environments: nuclear technologies, the natural world, and policymaking, 1945–1960.  Alabama, 2023.  264p bibl index  ISBN 9780817321468, $49.95;  ISBN 9780817394349 ebook, $49.95;  61-0439

Pechenik, Jan A. The readable Darwin: the origin of species edited for modern readers.  Oxford, 2023.  512p bibl index  ISBN 9780197575260, $49.99;  ISBN 9780197575291 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0403

Price, Trevor. Ecology of a changed world, by Trevor Price; illustrated by Ava Rain.  Oxford, 2022.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9780197564172, $79.95;  ISBN 9780197564196 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0405

Rogers, Daniel T. Fundamentals of environmental law and compliance.  CRC Press, 2023.  460p bibl index  ISBN 9781032006789, $130.00;  ISBN 9781003175810 ebook, $130.00;  61-0417

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Sheehan, William. Venus, by William Sheehan and Sanjay Shridhar Limaye.  Reaktion Books, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781789145854, $32.80;  ISBN 9781789145861 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0397

Sports and the American presidency: from Theodore Roosevelt to Donald Trump, ed. by Adam Burns and Rivers Gambrell.  Edinburgh University Press, 2022.  336p bibl index  ISBN 9781399507943, $120.00;  ISBN 9781399507974 ebook, $120.00;  61-0442

Summerhayes, Colin. Icy planet: saving Earth’s refrigerator.  Oxford, 2023.  472p bibl index  ISBN 9780197627983, $44.95;  ISBN 9780197627990 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0413

Verchick, Robert R. M. The octopus in the parking garage: a call for climate resilience.  Columbia, 2023.  284p bibl index  ISBN 9780231203548, $32.00;  ISBN 9780231555104 ebook, $31.99;  61-0414

Viatori, Maximilian. The unequal ocean: living with environmental change along the Peruvian coast.  Arizona, 2023.  232p bibl index  ISBN 9780816549658, $60.00;  ISBN 9780816549665 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0415

Watson, Robert P. America’s first plague: the deadly 1793 epidemic that crippled a young nation.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2023.  318p bibl index  ISBN 9781538164884, $28.00;  ISBN 9781538164891 ebook, $26.00;  61-0429

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Ajunwa, Ifeoma. The quantified worker: law and technology in the modern workplace.  Cambridge, 2023.  476p bibl index  ISBN 9781107186033, $105.00;  ISBN 9781316636954 pbk, $34.99;  ISBN 9781316952948 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0462

Allen, Danielle. Justice by means of democracy.  Chicago, 2023.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780226777092, $27.50;  ISBN 9780226777122 ebook, $26.99;  61-0551

Armiero, Marco. Mussolini’s nature: an environmental history of Italian Fascism, by Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg; tr. by  James Sievert.  MIT, 2022.  262p bibl index  ISBN 9780262544719 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9780262372398 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0522

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Baker, Peter. The divider: Trump in the White House, 2017–2021, by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.  Doubleday, 2022.  752p bibl index  ISBN 9780385546539, $32.00;  ISBN 9780385546546 ebook, $32.00;  61-0562

Batteau, Allen. Technology and the common good: the unity and division of a democratic society.  Berghahn Books, 2022.  234p bibl  index  ISBN 9781800735262, $135.00;  ISBN 9781800735279 ebook, $29.95;  61-0453

Budson, Andrew E. Why we forget and how to remember better: the science behind memory, by Andrew E. Budson and Elizabeth A. Kensinger.  Oxford, 2023.  448p bibl index  ISBN 9780197607732, $31.95;  ISBN 9780197607763 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0573

Connolly, Sean. On every tide: the making and remaking of the Irish world.  Basic Books, 2022.  544p bibl index  ISBN 9780465093953, $35.00;  ISBN 9780465093960 ebook, $19.99;  61-0519

Darke, Diana. The Ottomans: a cultural legacy.  Thames & Hudson, 2022.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780500252666, $39.95;  ISBN 9780500777534 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0509

Davy, Richard. Defrosting the Cold War and beyond: an introduction to the Helsinki Process, 1954–2022.  Routledge, 2023.  306p bibl index  ISBN 9780367704032, $160.00;  ISBN 9781003146124 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0539

De Bellaigue, Christopher. The lion house: the coming of a king.  Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2022.  282p bibl  index  ISBN 9780374279189, $28.00;  ISBN 9780374720452 ebook, $14.99;  61-0510

De La Torre, Miguel A. Resisting apartheid America: living the badass gospel.  Eerdmans, 2023.  278p  ISBN 9780802882165, $24.99;  61-0445

Dimitrov, Martin K. Dictatorship and information: authoritarian regime resilience in communist Europe and China.  Oxford, 2023.  490p index  ISBN 9780197672921, $99.00;  ISBN 9780197672938 pbk, $34.95;  ISBN 9780197672952 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0531

Ehret, Christopher. Ancient Africa: a global history, to 300 CE.  Princeton, 2023.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780691244099, $27.95;  ISBN 9780691244105 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0496

Fregoso, Rosa Linda. The force of witness: contra feminicide.  Duke, 2023.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781478017103, $99.95;  ISBN 9781478019817 pbk, $25.95;  ISBN 9781478024385 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0505

Fulford, Scott. Pandemic paradox: how the COVID crisis made Americans more financially secure.  Princeton, 2023.  392p bibl index  ISBN 9780691245324, $35.00;  ISBN 9780691245348 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0469

Gandhi’s global legacy: moral methods and modern challenges, ed. by Veena R. Howard.  Lexington Books, 2022.  372p bibl index  ISBN 9781793640369, $120.00;  ISBN 9781793640376 ebook, $45.00;  61-0498

book cover

Goldstone, Lawrence. Not white enough: the long, shameful road to Japanese American internment.  University Press of Kansas, 2023.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9780700634255, $39.95;  ISBN 9780700634262 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0564

Goodman, Carly. Dreamland: America’s immigration lottery in an age of restriction.  North Carolina, 2023.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9781469673042, $30.00;  ISBN 9781469673059 ebook, $23.99;  61-0565

Greenberg, Andy. Tracers in the dark: the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency.  Doubleday, 2022.  367p index  ISBN 9780385548090, $32.50;  ISBN 9780385548106 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0447

Greene, Rebecca Schwartz. Breaking point: the ironic evolution of psychiatry in World War II.  Fordham, 2023.  459p bibl index  ISBN 9781531500122, $105.00;  ISBN 9781531500139 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0575

Hale, Jon N. A new kind of youth: historically Black high schools and southern student activism, 1920–1975.  North Carolina, 2022.  348p bibl index  ISBN 9781469671383, $99.00;  ISBN 9781469671390 pbk, $27.99;  ISBN 9781469671406 ebook, $22.95;  61-0479

König, Jason. The folds of Olympus: mountains in ancient Greek and Roman culture.  Princeton, 2022.  480p bibl index  ISBN 9780691201290, $45.00;  ISBN 9780691238494 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0497

Keenan, Marie. Sexual violence and restorative justice, by Marie Keenan and Estelle Zinsstag.  Oxford, 2022.  416p bibl index  ISBN 9780198858638, $105.00;  ISBN 9780198858638 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0529

Korsgaard, Ove. Peoplehood in the Nordic world.  Aarhus University/Wisconsin, 2022.  115p bibl  ISBN 9780299339043 pbk, $16.95;  61-0525

LeMesurier, Jennifer Lin. Inscrutable eating: Asian appetites and the rhetorics of racial consumption.  Ohio State, 2023.  152p bibl index  ISBN 9780814215371, $99.95;  ISBN 9780814258675 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780814282816 ebook, $29.95;  61-0449

Leslie, Jonathan G. Fear and insecurity: Israel and the Iran threat narrative.  Oxford, 2023.  312p bibl  ISBN 9780197685556, $55.00;  ISBN 9780197695487 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0546

Macrakis, Kristie. Nothing is beyond our reach: America’s techno-spy empire.  Georgetown University, 2023.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9781647123239, $29.95;  ISBN 9781647123246 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0568

Mertens, Donna M. Mixed methods research: research methods.  Bloomsbury, 2023.  144p bibl index  ISBN 9781350270992, $75.00;  ISBN 9781350270985 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9781350273184 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0450

Miller, Bruce Granville. Witness to the human rights tribunals: how the system fails Indigenous peoples.  UBC Press, 2023.  226p bibl  index  ISBN 9780774867757, $99.00;  ISBN 9780774867771 ebook, $34.95;  61-0456

Mims, La Shonda. Drastic dykes and accidental activists: queer women in the urban south.  North Carolina, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9781469670546, $99.00;  ISBN 9781469670553 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9781469670560 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0515

Najmabadi, Afsaneh. Familial undercurrents: untold stories of love and marriage in modern Iran.  Duke, 2022.  184p bibl index  ISBN 9781478015154, $99.95;  ISBN 9781478017776 pbk, $25.95;  ISBN 9781478022398 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0511

Overworked and undervalued: Black women and success in America, ed. by Rosalyn D. Davis and Sharon L. Bowman.  Lexington Books, 2022.  164p bibl index  ISBN 9781666907742, $95.00;  ISBN 9781666907759 ebook, $45.00;  61-0580

Penfield, Amy. Predatory economies: the Sanema and the socialist state in contemporary Amazonia.  Texas, 2023.  248p bibl  index  ISBN 9781477327074, $90.00;  ISBN 9781477327081 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781477327098 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0458

Peters, John. Jobs with inequality: financialization, post-democracy, and labour market deregulation in Canada.  Toronto, 2022.  472p bibl index  ISBN 9781442646193, $80.00;  ISBN 9781442665125 ebook, $80.00;  61-0474

book cover

Power, Margaret. Solidarity across the Americas: the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and anti-imperialism.  North Carolina, 2023.  298p bibl index  ISBN 9781469674049, $99.00;  ISBN 9781469674056 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9781469674063 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0547

Rogers, Brishen. Data and democracy at work: advanced information technologies, labor law, and the new working class.  MIT, 2023.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780262545136 pbk, $50.00;  ISBN 9780262373357 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0476

Villmoare, Brian. The evolution of everything: the patterns and causes of big history.  Cambridge, 2023.  432p bibl index  ISBN 9781108495653, $79.95;  ISBN 9781108797320 pbk, $34.99;  ISBN 9781108852142 ebook, $34.99;  61-0492

Wright, Chris. Popular radicalism and the unemployed in Chicago during the Great Depression.  Anthem Press, 2022.  274p bibl index  ISBN 9781839983252, $125.00;  ISBN 9781839983276 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-0517

Wright, Travis. Emotionally responsive teaching: expanding trauma-informed practice with young children.  Teachers College Press, 2023.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780807768358, $105.00;  ISBN 9780807768341 pbk, $34.95;  ISBN 9780807781722 ebook, $34.95;  61-0487

Younis, Musab. On the scale of the world: the formation of Black anticolonial thought.  California, 2022.  286p bibl index  ISBN 9780520389168, $29.95;  ISBN 9780520389175 pbk, $29.95;  61-0560