The Top 75 Community College Titles: October 2022 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the October issue of Choice.

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Willis, Jim. The 1960s on film, by Jim Willis and Mark Miller.  ABC-CLIO, 2021.  191p bibl index  ISBN 9781440868771, $63.00;  ISBN 9781440868788 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0350


Buxton, Richard. The Greek myths that shape the way we think.  Thames & Hudson, 2022.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9780500518809, $34.95;  60-0406

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Gioia, Ted. The jazz standards: a guide to the repertoire.  Oxford, 2021.  580p bibl index  ISBN 9780190087173, $39.95;  ISBN 9780190087203 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0439

Jones, Richard H. An introduction to the study of mysticism.  SUNY Press, 2021.  308p bibl index  ISBN 9781438486338, $95.00;  ISBN 9781438486321 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9781438486345 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0456

Screen Studies.  Bloomsbury. Contact publisher for pricing.  URL:  60-0391

Steadman, Philip. Renaissance fun: the machines behind the scenes.  UCL Press, 2021.  409p bibl index  ISBN 9781787359178, $80.00;  ISBN 9781787359161 pbk, $50.00;  ISBN 9781787359185 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0398

Science & Technology

Arnold, David. Pull hard: finding grit and purpose on Cougar crew, 1970-2020.  Washington State, 2021.  326p bibl index  ISBN 9780874224085 pbk, $29.95;  60-0523

Bowman, Charles F. How things work: the computer science edition.  Chapman & Hall, Routledge, 2021.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9780367568375, $120.00;  ISBN 9780367567316 pbk, $59.95;  ISBN 9781003099567 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0513

Branson, Susan. Scientific Americans: invention, technology, and national identity.  Cornell, 2021.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9781501760914, $39.95;  ISBN 9781501760938 ebook, $25.99;  60-0464

Chambers, Naomi. Organising care around patients: stories from the frontline of the NHS, by Naomi Chambers and Jeremy Taylor.  Manchester University Press, 2021.  240p bibl index  ISBN 9781526147455, 120.00;  ISBN 9781526147462 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781526161383 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0497

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Chimpanzee memoirs: stories of studying and saving our closest living relatives, ed. by Stephen Ross and Lydia Hopper.  Columbia, 2022.  194p bibl  ISBN 9780231553032, $80.00;  ISBN 9780231199292 pbk, $19.95;  ISBN 9780231553032 ebook, $18.99;  60-0480

Critical care psychology and rehabilitation: principles and practice, ed. by Kirk J. Stucky and Jennifer E. Jutte.  Oxford, 2021.  480p bibl index  ISBN 9780190077013, $60.00;  ISBN 9780190077037 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0499

Furey, Heidi. Beyond the code: a philosophical guide to engineering ethics, by Heidi Furey, Scott Hill, and Sujata K. Bhatia.  Routledge, 2021.  274p  ISBN 9781138183858, $160.00;  ISBN 9781138183865 pbk, $59.95;  ISBN 9781315643816 ebook, $59.95;  60-0491

Goldenberg, Don L. COVID’s impact on health and healthcare workers.  Oxford, 2021.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9780197575390 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780197575420 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0501

Hamblin, Jacob Darwin. The wretched atom: America’s global gamble with peaceful nuclear technology.  Oxford, 2021.  328p bibl index  ISBN 9780197526903, $34.95;  ISBN 9780197526927 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0467

Hoff, Timothy. Searching for the family doctor: primary care on the brink.  Johns Hopkins, 2022.  268p bibl index  ISBN 9781421443003, $39.95;  ISBN 9781421443010 ebook, $39.50;  60-0502

Hudson, Paul F. Flooding and management of large fluvial lowlands: a global environmental perspective.  Cambridge, 2022.  348p bibl index  ISBN 9780521768603, $140.00;  ISBN 9781009040280 ebook, $112.00;  60-0493

Kloda, Samuel S. The atomic bomb in images and documents: the Manhattan Project and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  McFarland, 2022.  221p bibl index  ISBN 9781476684888 pbk, $49.99;  ISBN 9781476643311 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0522

Meshaka, Walter E., Jr. Exotic amphibians and reptiles of the United States, by Susan L. Collins et al.  University Press of Florida, 2022.  245p bibl index  ISBN 9780813066967, $55.00;  ISBN 9780813057859 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0482

Myers, Martin G. Immunization information: the benefits & the risks.  Houndstooth, 2021.  324p bibl  ISBN 9781544524115 pbk, $19.95;  60-0505

Plotnick, Roy E. Explorers of deep time: paleontologists and the history of life.  Columbia, 2022.  344p bibl index  ISBN 9780231195348, $35.00;  ISBN 9780231551311 ebook, $34.99;  60-0487

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Redden, Shawna Malvini. 101 pat-downs: an undercover look at airport security and the TSA.  Nebraska, 2021.  296p bibl index  ISBN 9781640123625, $32.95;  ISBN 9781640124622 ebook, $32.95;  60-0473

Routledge international handbook of critical issues in health and illness, ed. by Kerry Chamberlain and Antonia Lyons.  Routledge, 2021.  384p bibl index  ISBN 9781032027951, $200.00;  ISBN 9781003185215 ebook, $42.36;  60-0509

Summerton, Nick. Greco-Roman medicine and what it can teach us today.  Pen & Sword, 2021.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9781526752871, $49.95;  ISBN 9781526752888 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0510

Zana, Aldo. Fast on the sand: the Daytona Beach land speed record runs of 1928.  McFarland, 2022.  204p bibl index  ISBN 9781476680873 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781476643595 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0524

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Abbott-Jones, Amanda T. Dyslexia in higher education: anxiety and coping skills.  Cambridge, 2022.  150p bibl index  ISBN 9781316517000, $110.00;  ISBN 9781009016889 pbk, $34.99;  ISBN 9781009037204 ebook, $28.00;  60-0556

Amar, Akhil Reed. The words that made us: America’s constitutional conversation, 1760–1840.  Basic Books, 2021.  832p index  ISBN 9780465096350, $40.00;  ISBN 9780465096367 ebook, $22.99;  60-0635

Aragon, Margarita. A savage song: racist violence and armed resistance in the early twentieth-century U.S.-Mexico borderlands.  Manchester University Press, 2021.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781526121677, $120.00;  ISBN 9781526121691 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0596

Baxter, Jim. Moral responsibility and the psychopath: the value of others.  Cambridge, 2021.  230p bibl index  ISBN 9781316516867, $99.00;  ISBN 9781009036023 ebook, $80.00;  60-0649

Berman, Elizabeth Popp. Thinking like an economist: how efficiency replaced equality in U.S. public policy.  Princeton, 2022.  344p bibl index  ISBN 9780691167381, $35.00;  ISBN 9780691226606 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0636

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Boozer, Anna Lucille. At home in Roman Egypt: a social archaeology.  Cambridge, 2021.  350p bibl index  ISBN 9781108830928, $99.99;  ISBN 9781108914543 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0577

The Cambridge handbook of lifespan development of creativity, ed. by Sandra W. Russ, Jessica D. Hoffmann, James C. Kaufman.  Cambridge, 2022.  575p bibl index  ISBN 9781108485098, $190.00;  ISBN 9781108719186 pbk, $64.99;  ISBN 9781108620444 ebook, $52.00;  60-0651

Catsam, Derek. Flashpoint: how a little-known sporting event fueled America’s anti-apartheid movement.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.  254p bibl index  ISBN 9781538144695, $34.00;  ISBN 9781538144701 ebook, $32.00;  60-0567

Chard, Daniel S. Nixon’s war at home: the FBI, leftist guerillas, and the origins of counterterrorism.  North Carolina, 2021.  374p bibl index  ISBN 9781469664507, $32.95;  ISBN 9781469664514 ebook, $27.99;  60-0597

Classens, Michael. From dismal swamp to smiling farms: food, agriculture, and change in the Holland Marsh.  UBC Press, 2021.  236p bibl index  ISBN 9780774865463 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780774865463 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0543

Dong, Tian-jia. Toward a good society: a relational lens, by Tian-jia Dong and Dongxiao Qin.  Lexington Books, 2021.  168p bibl index  ISBN 9781498593151, $95.00;  ISBN 9781498593168 ebook, $45.00;  60-0658

Dover, Paul M. The information revolution in early modern Europe.  Cambridge, 2021.  270p bibl index  ISBN 9781107147539, $84.99;  ISBN 9781316602034 pbk, $29.99;  ISBN 9781316556177 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0607

Du, Yue. State and family in China: filial piety and its modern reform.  Cambridge, 2022.  350p bibl index  ISBN 9781108838351, $99.00;  ISBN 9781108976084 ebook, $80.00;  60-0580

Elcott, David M. Faith, nationalism and the future of liberal democracy, by David M. Elcott with C. Colt Anderson, Tobias Cremer, and Volker Haarmann.  Notre Dame, 2021.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780268200602, $40.00;  ISBN 9780268200596 ebook, $31.99;  60-0615

Fasting, Mathilde C. The Norwegian exception?: Norway’s liberal democracy since 1814, by Mathilde Fasting and Øystein Sørensen.  Hurst & Company, 2021.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9781787385603, $29.95;  ISBN 9781787387454 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0608

Fry, Helen. Spymaster: the man who saved MI6.  Yale, 2021.  337p bibl index  ISBN 9780300255959, $28.00;  ISBN 9780300262971 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0604

Hargreaves, Andy. Well-being in schools: three forces that will uplift your students in a volatile world, by Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley.  Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2022.  188p bibl index  ISBN 9781416630722 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9781416630739 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0560

A History of African American autobiography, ed. by Joycelyn K. Moody.  Cambridge, 2021.  432p bibl index  ISBN 9781108835541, $110.00;  ISBN 9781108880725 ebook, $88.00;  60-0598

Hlavka, Heather R. Bodies in evidence: race, gender, and science in sexual assault adjudication, by Heather R. Hlavka and Sameena Mulla.  New York University, 2021.  312p bibl index  ISBN 9781479809639, $89.00;  ISBN 9781479809660 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9781479809653 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0537

Hoffmann, Elizabeth A. Lactation at work: expressed milk, expressing beliefs, and the expressive value of law.  Cambridge, 2021.  250p bibl index  ISBN 9781108488549, $110.00;  ISBN 9781108802727 ebook, $88.00;  60-0545

Kalleberg, Arne L. Precarious Asia: global capitalism and work in Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia, by Arne L. Kalleberg, Kevin Hewison, and Kwang-Yeong Shin.  Stanford, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781503610255, $65.00;  ISBN 9781503629837 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0659

Kanaaneh, Abed T. Understanding Hezbollah: the hegemony of resistance.  Syracuse, 2021.  249p bibl index  ISBN 9780815637073, $75.00;  ISBN 9780815637165 pbk, $29.00;  ISBN 9780815655213 ebook, $29.00;  60-0622

Kaufman, Joyce P. Introduction to international relations: theory and practice.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9781538158920, $164.00;  ISBN 9781538158937 pbk, $41.00;  ISBN 9781538158944 ebook, $39.00;  60-0623

Kelly, Amy L. A guide to high-stakes standardized testing in the United States: a historical overview.  Brill, 2022.  102p bibl index (Brill guides to scholarship in education, 9)  ISBN 9789004511729, $95.00;  ISBN 9789004511712 pbk, $45.00;  ISBN 9789004511736 ebook, $95.00;  60-0562

Keywords for gender and sexuality studies, ed. by Kyla Wazana Tompkins et al.  New York University, 2021.  312p bibl index  ISBN 9781479808137, $89.00;  ISBN 9781479808151 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9781479808120 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0530

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Kuhlberg, Mark. Killing bugs for business and beauty: Canada’s aerial war against forest pests, 1913–1930.  Toronto, 2022.  282p bibl index  ISBN 9781487508975, $95.00;  ISBN 9781487526474 pbk, $42.95;  ISBN 9781487539436 ebook, $42.95;  60-0547

Lai, James S. Asian American connective action in the age of social media: civic engagement, contested issues, and emerging identities.  Temple, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781439919088, $104.50;  ISBN 9781439919095 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781439919101 ebook, $29.95;  60-0640

Lewis, Joanna. Women of the Somali diaspora: refugees, resilience and rebuilding after conflict.  Oxford, 2021.  376p bibl index  ISBN 9780197619421 pbk, $39.95;  60-0661

Martin, Stephanie A. Decoding the digital church: evangelical storytelling and the election of Donald J. Trump.  Alabama, 2021.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9780817320843, $49.95;  ISBN 9780817393410 ebook, $49.95;  60-0641

McCoy, Alfred W. To govern the globe: world orders and catastrophic change.  Haymarket Books, 2021.  429p bibl index  ISBN 9781642595789, $28.95;  ISBN 9781642596755 ebook, $28.95;  60-0568

Morsink, Johannes. Article by article: the universal declaration of human rights for a new generation.  Pennsylvania, 2021.  208p index  ISBN 9780812253504, $99.95;  ISBN 9780812225037 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780812298130 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0624

Norton, George W. Economics of agricultural development: world food systems and resource use, by George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, and William A. Masters.  4th ed.  Routledge, 2022.  474p bibl index  ISBN 9780367321475, $200.00;  ISBN 9780367321482 pbk, $79,95;  ISBN 9780429316999 ebook, $79.95;  60-0554

Nutta, Joyce W. English learners at home and at school: stories and strategies.  Harvard Education Press, 2021.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9781682536902 pbk, $33.00;  60-0565

Olsen, Gregg M. Poverty and austerity amid prosperity: a comparative introduction.  Toronto, 2021.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9781487509842, $75.00;  ISBN 9781487509859 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9781487509873 ebook, $26.95;  60-0663

Overtourism: lessons for a better future, ed. by Martha Honey and Kelsey Frenkiel.  Island Press, 2021.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9781642830767, 37.00;  ISBN 9781642830774 ebook, $36.99;  60-0548

Pargoo, Mahmoud. Presidential elections in Iran: Islamic idealism since the revolution, by Mahmoud Pargoo and Shahram Akbarzadeh.  Cambridge, 2021.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781108834506, $84.99;  ISBN 9781108995139 pbk, $29.99;  ISBN 9781108993432 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0610

Pasquerella, Lynn. What we value: public health, social justice, and educating for democracy.  Virginia, 2022.  176p bibl  ISBN 9780813948478, $25.00;  ISBN 9780813948485 ebook, $20.00;  60-0566

Penha-Lopes, Vânia. The presidential elections of Trump and Bolsonaro, whiteness, and the nation.  Lexington Books, 2022.  252p bibl index  ISBN 9781793611307, $105.00;  ISBN 9781793611314 ebook, $45.00;  60-0664

A People and a nation: new directions in contemporary Métis studies, ed. by Jennifer Adese and Chris Andersen.  UBC Press, 2021.  252p bibl index  ISBN 9780774865067, $75.00;  ISBN 9780774865074 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780774865098 ebook, $29.95;  60-0665

Prados-Torreira, Teresa. The power of their will: slaveholding women in nineteenth-century Cuba.  Alabama, 2021.  144p bibl index  ISBN 9780817320799, $49.95;  ISBN 9780817393359 ebook, $49.95;  60-0591

The Psychology of political polarization, ed. by Jan-Willem van Prooijen.  Routledge, 2021.  180p bibl index  ISBN 9780367487171, $160.00;  ISBN 9780367487164 pbk, $46.95;  ISBN 9781003042433 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0654

Reed, William G. Lessons from a disabled caregiver: thriving together and maintaining independence with physical disability and dementia.  McFarland, 2021.  261p bibl index  ISBN 9781476687391 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781476645216 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0667

Richardson, James B., III. Discovering a lost Vineyard house: archaeology and history of the John and Experience Mayhew house site on Martha’s Vineyard, by James B. Richardson III and Richard L. Burt.  Martha’s Vineyard Museum, 2021.  263p bibl index  ISBN 9798521227105 pbk, $44.00;  60-0539

Rochat, Philippe. Moral acrobatics: how we avoid ethical ambiguity by thinking in black and white.  Oxford, 2021.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9780190057657, $35.00;  ISBN 9780190057671 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0655

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Shambaugh, David L. China’s leaders: from Mao to now.  Polity, 2021.  416p index  ISBN 9781509546510, $29.95;  ISBN 9781509546527 ebook, $24.00;  60-0611

Srinivasan, Jayakanth. Helping soldiers heal: how the US Army created a learning mental health care system, by Jayakanth Srinivasan and Christopher Ivany.  Cornell, 2021.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9781501760501, $37.95;  ISBN 9781501760518 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0657

Transforming the war on drugs: warriors, victims, and vulnerable regions, ed. by Annette Idler and Juan Carlos Garzón Vergara.  Oxford, 2021.  320p bibl index  ISBN 9780197604359 pbk, $34.99;  ISBN 9780197633021 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0533

The Trump effect: disruption and its consequences in US politics and government, ed. by Steven E. Schier and Todd E. Eberly.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9781538149300, $85.00;  ISBN 9781538149324 pbk, $32.00;  ISBN 9781538149317 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-0647

Warren, Aiden. Understanding presidential doctrines: U.S. national security from George Washington to Joe Biden, by Aiden Warren and Joseph M. Siracusa.  New and expanded ed.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  303p bibl  index  ISBN 9781538155264, $115.00;  ISBN 9781538155257 pbk, $45.00;  ISBN 9781538155271 ebook, $42.50;  60-0627

Weiler, Björn K. U. Paths to kingship in medieval Latin Europe, c. 950–1200.  Cambridge, 2021.  300p bibl index  ISBN 9781316518427, $39.99;  ISBN 9781009006422 ebook, $32.00;  60-0571