The Top 75 Community College Titles: March 2024

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the March issue of Choice.


Bierbrier, M. L. Historical dictionary of ancient Egypt.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  518p bibl  ISBN 9781538157497, $220.00;  ISBN 9781538157503 ebook, $209.00;  61-1813

Corruption and scandal in American sports: causes and consequences, ed. by Jimmy Sanderson.  Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.  440p bibl index  ISBN 9781440878374, $100.00;  ISBN 9798216171102 ebook, $90.00;  61-1810

Gale Digital Scholar Lab.  Gale, part of Cengage Learning. Contact publisher for pricing. URL:  61-1806

Handbook of business and climate change, ed. by Anant K. Sundaram and Robert G. Hansen.  E. Elgar, 2023.  562p bibl index  ISBN 9781839102998, $325.00;  ISBN 9781839103001 ebook, $65.00;  61-1814

Religion and world civilizations: how faith shaped societies from antiquity to the present, ed. by Andrew P. Holt.  3v.  ABC-CLIO, 2023.  1056p bibl index  ISBN 9781440874239, $352.00;  ISBN 97814408742469 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1807


American art: selections from the Yale University Art Gallery.  Yale University Art Gallery/Yale, 2023.  272p bibl  ISBN 9780300269710, $50.00;  61-1819

Banet-Weiser, Sarah. Believability: sexual violence, media, and the politics of doubt, by Sarah Banet-Weiser and Kathryn Claire Higgins.  Polity, 2023.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9781509553815, $64.95;  ISBN 9781509553822 pbk, $22.95;  ISBN 9781509553839 ebook, $18.00;  61-1843

The Cambridge companion to the American short story, ed. by Michael J. Collins and Gavin Jones.  Cambridge, 2023.  350p bibl index  ISBN 9781009292818, $90.00;  ISBN 9781009292849 pbk, $29.99;  ISBN 9781009292825 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1866

Chua, Emily H. C. The currency of truth: newsmaking and the late-­socialist imaginaries of China’s digital era.  Michigan, 2023.  186p bibl index  ISBN 9780472075959, $70.00;  ISBN 9780472055951 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9780472903276 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1844

Connoisseurship, ed. by Christina M. Anderson and Peter Stewart.  Oxford, 2023.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780190923587, $110.00;  ISBN 9780190923587 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1889

Dimaggio, Anthony R. Fake news in America: contested meanings in the post-truth era.  Cambridge, 2023.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9781316512456, $125.00;  ISBN 9781009079112 ebook, $125.00;  61-1846

Eriksson, Yvonne. Foundations of visual communication: how visuals appear in daily life, by Yvonne Eriksson and Anette Göthlund.  Routledge, 2023.  142p bibl index  ISBN 9780367771553, $170.00;  ISBN 9780367769635 pbk, $48.95;  ISBN 9781003170037 ebook, $48.95;  61-1849

Finaldi, Gabriele. Saint Francis of Assisi, by Gabriele Finaldi and Joost Joustra.  National Gallery, London, 2023.  182p bibl index  ISBN 9781857096934, $35.00;  61-1822

Hinson, David. Designed for Habitat: collaborations with Habitat for Humanity, by David Hinson and Justin Miller.  Routledge, 2023.  238p bibl index  ISBN 9781032182278, $170.00;  ISBN 9781032182285 pbk, $42.95;  ISBN 9781003253501 ebook, $42.95;  61-1835

Karim-Cooper, Farah. The great white bard: Shakespeare, race and the future.  Viking, 2023.  336p bibl index  ISBN 9780593489376, $32.00;  ISBN 9780593489383 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-1873

Keywords in design thinking: a lexical primer for technical communicators and designers, ed. by Jason C. K. Tham.  University Press of Colorado, 2023.  174p bibl  ISBN 9781646423941 pbk, $22.95;  ISBN 9781642151732 ebook, contact publishers for price;  61-1850

King, Claire Sisco. Mapping the stars: celebrity, metonymy, and the networked politics of identity.  Ohio State, 2023.  264p bibl index  ISBN 9780814215500, $99.95;  ISBN 9780814258804 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9780814282991 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1851

Okabe, Tsugumi. Manga, murder and mystery: the boy detectives of Japan’s lost generation.  Bloomsbury, 2023.  212p bibl index  ISBN 9781350325098, $115.00;  ISBN 9781350325111 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-1862

Park, Julie. My dark room: spaces of the inner self in eighteenth-century England.  Chicago, 2023.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9780226824758, $105.00;  ISBN 9780226824765 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9780226824772 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1876

Pearman, Hugh. About architecture: an essential guide in 55 buildings.  Yale, 2023.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780300263442, $40.00;  61-1836

Rose-Stockwell, Tobias. Outrage machine: how tech is amplifying discontent, disrupts democracy, and what we can do about it.  Hachette Books/Legacy Lit, 2023.  418p bibl  ISBN 9780306923326, $29.00;  ISBN 9780306923319 ebook, $15.99;  61-1855

Svenson, Sally E. Adirondack photographers, 1850–1950.  Syracuse, 2023.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9780815611530, $29.95;  ISBN 9780815655855 ebook, $29.95;  61-1842

Sykes, A. Krista. Vincent Scully: architecture, urbanism, and a life in search of community.  Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2023.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9781350298378, $115.00;  ISBN 9781350298385 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-1840

Women in German expressionism: gender, sexuality, activism, ed. by Anke Finger and Julie Shoults.  Michigan, 2023.  372p bibl index  ISBN 9780472133390, $85.00;  ISBN 9780472039388 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9780472903672 ebook, open access;  61-1881

Science & Technology

Adee, Sally. We are electric: inside the 200-year hunt for our body’s bioelectric code, and what the future holds.  Hachette Books, 2023.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9780306826627, $30.00;  ISBN 9780306826641 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-1915

Astros and asterisks: Houston’s sign-stealing scandal explained, ed. by Jonathan Silverman.  Texas, 2023.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9781477327425, $90.00;  ISBN 9781477327432 pbk, $26.95;  ISBN 9781477327456 ebook, $26.95;  61-1953

Bothwell, John H. Seaweeds of the world: a guide to every order.  Princeton, 2023.  240p bibl index (Guide to Every Family, 4)  ISBN 9780691228549, $29.95;  ISBN 9780691246215 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1921

Climate governance and federalism: a forum of federations comparative policy analysis, ed. by Alan Fenna, Sébastien Jodoin, and Joana Setzer.  Cambridge, 2023.  300p bibl index  ISBN 9781009249652, $155.00;  ISBN 9781009249645 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1933

Cottrell, Robert C. The year without a World Series: major league baseball and the road to the 1994 players’ strike.  McFarland, 2023.  265p bibl index  ISBN 9781476692470, $39.95;  ISBN 9781476650234 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1955

Davé, Romeel. Simulating the cosmos: why the universe looks the way it does.  Reaktion Books, 2023.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9781789147148, $22.50;  ISBN 9781789147445 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1914

Dietz, Thomas. Decisions for sustainability: facts and values.  Cambridge, 2023.  500p bibl index  ISBN 9781009169417, $90.00;  ISBN 9781009169424 pbk, $39.99;  ISBN 9781009204019 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1934

Ecology and management of black-tailed and mule deer of North America, ed. by James R. Heffelfinger and Paul R. Krausman; illustrated by Randall Babb.  CRC Press, 2023.  536p bibl index  ISBN 9781032407609, $140.00;  ISBN 9781000851595 ebook, $140.00;  61-1925

Environmental pollution impact on plants: survival strategies under challenging conditions, ed. Tariq Aftab and Khalid Rehman Hakeem.  Apple Academic Press, 2023.  294p bibl index  ISBN 9781774911242, $169.95;  ISBN 9781000612851 ebook, $135.96;  61-1922

LeBlanc, Gerald A. Everyday chemicals: understanding the risks.  Columbia, 2023.  320p bibl index  ISBN 9780231205962, $120.00;  ISBN 9780231205979 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9780231556255 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1931

Meiches, Benjamin. Nonhuman humanitarians: animal interventions in global politics.  Minnesota, 2023.  234p bibl index  ISBN 9781517913847, $100.00;  ISBN 9781517913854 pbk, $25.00;  ISBN 9781517913847 ebook, $25.00;  61-1926

Meiners, Scott J. Tree by tree: saving North America’s eastern forests.  Comstock, 2023.  246p bibl index  ISBN 9781501771262 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9781501771286 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1937

Mumford, Christopher. Sports entrepreneurship: beyond the big leagues.  Columbia Business School, 2023.  216p bibl index  ISBN 9780231196109, $24.95;  ISBN 9780231551649 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1956

Munoz, Lisa M. P. Women in science now: stories and strategies for achieving equity.  Columbia, 2023.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9780231206143, $24.95;  ISBN 9780231556347 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1909

Shin, Don Donghee. Algorithms, humans, and interactions: how do algorithms interact with people? designing meaningful AI experiences.  Routledge, 2023.  ISBN 9781032333588, $140.00;  ISBN 9781032332970 pbk, $54.95;  ISBN 9781003319313 ebook, $54.95;  61-1950

Staaf, Danna. Lives of octopuses and their relatives: a natural history of cephalopods.  Princeton, 2023.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780691244303, $35.00;  ISBN 9780691252339 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1928

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Aldrich, Richard J. Crown, cloak, and dagger: the British monarchy and secret intelligence from Victoria to Elizabeth II, by Richard J. Aldrich and Rory Cormac.  Georgetown University, 2023.  472p bibl index  ISBN 9781647123710, $32.95;  ISBN 9781647123727 ebook, $32.95;  61-2051

The Anthem companion to Immanuel Wallerstein, ed. by Patrick Hayden and Chamsy el-Ojeili.  Anthem Press, 2023.  222p index  ISBN 9781839984723, $165.00;  ISBN 9781839984747 ebook, $64.95;  61-2098

Brier, Bob. Tutankhamun and the tomb that changed the world.  Oxford, 2023.  336p bibl index  ISBN 9780197635056, $27.95;  ISBN 9780197635087 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2020

Cooke, Steve. What are animal rights for?.  Bristol University Press, 2023.  160p bibl index  ISBN 9781529228410 pbk, $14.99;  ISBN 9781529228427 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2079

Davenport, John J. The democracy amendments: constitutional reforms to save the United States.  Anthem Press, 2023.  292p bibl index  ISBN 9781839986611, $110.00;  ISBN 9781839986628 pbk, $19.99;  ISBN 9781839986635 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2086

Despommier, Dickson D. The new city: how to build our sustainable urban future.  Columbia, 2023.  216p index  ISBN 9780231205504, $39.95;  ISBN 9780231556033 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-2061

Donoghue, Norman E., ​II. Prisoners of Congress: Philadelphia’s Quakers in exile, 1777–1778.  Pennsylvania State, 2023.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780271095073, $44.95;  61-2039

Dupuy, Jean-Pierre. The war that must not occur, tr. by Malcolm DeBevoise.  Stanford, 2023.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9781503635159, $25.00;  ISBN 9781503636651 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-2080

Forging freedom in W. E. B. Du Bois’s twilight years: no deed but memory, ed. by Phillip Luke Sinitiere.  University Press of Mississippi, 2023.  274p bibl index  ISBN 9781496846167, $99.00;  ISBN 9781496846174 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9781496846181 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2042

Goldberg, Rob. Radical play: revolutionizing children’s toys in 1960s and 1970s America.  Duke, 2023.  312p bibl index  ISBN 9781478020134 pbk, $107.95;  ISBN 9781478020134 pbk, $28.95;  ISBN 9781478027102 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2043

Goodyear, C. W. President Garfield: from radical to unifier.  Simon & Schuster, 2023.  624p bibl index  ISBN 9781982146917, $35.00;  ISBN 9781982146931 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2044

Gray, Charlotte. Passionate mothers, powerful sons: the lives of Jennie Jerome Churchill and Sara Delano Roosevelt.  Simon & Schuster, 2023.  432p bibl index  ISBN 9781668031971, $29.99;  ISBN 9781668031995 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2009

Joseph, Peniel E. The third reconstruction: America’s struggle for racial justice in the twenty-first century.  Basic Books, 2022.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9781541600744, $27.00;  ISBN 9781541600768 ebook, $17.99;  61-2087

King, Dean. Guardians of the valley: John Muir and the friendship that saved Yosemite.  Scribner, 2023.  480p bibl index  ISBN 9781982144463, $30.00;  ISBN 9781982144487 ebook, $14.99;  61-2046

McGlynn, Jade. Memory makers: the politics of the past in Putin’s Russia.  Bloomsbury, 2023.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781350280762, $27.00;  ISBN 9781350280779 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2027

Mearsheimer, John J. How states think: the rationality of foreign policy, by John J. Mearsheimer and Sebastian Rosato.  Yale, 2023.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9780300269307, $30.00;  ISBN 9780300274967 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2073

Morgana, Valentina. Task-based English language learning in the digital age: perspectives from secondary education.  Bloomsbury, 2023.  206p bibl index  ISBN 9781350288010, $130.00;  ISBN 9781350288027 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2001

Orser, Charles E., Jr. Archaeological thinking: how to make sense of the past.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2023.  196p bibl index  ISBN 9781538177228, $90.00;  ISBN 9781538177235 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9781538177242 ebook, $30.00;  61-1968

Parker Pearson, Mike. Stonehenge: A brief history.  Bloomsbury, 2024.  208p bibl index  ISBN 9781350192232, $90.00;  ISBN 9781350192225 pbk, $26.95;  ISBN 9781350192249 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1969

Parton, Chea. Country teachers in city schools: the challenge of negotiating identity and place.  Lexington Books, 2023.  218p bibl index  ISBN 9781666909012, $100.00;  ISBN 9781666909029 ebook, $45.00;  61-2002

Reinventing the family in uncertain times: education, policy and social justice, ed. by Marie-Pierre Moreau.  Bloomsbury, 2023.  236p bibl index  ISBN 9781350287105, $120.00;  ISBN 9781350287112 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2105

Scholten, Bruce A. Dairy farming in the 21st century: global ethics, environment and politics.  Bloomsbury Academic, 2022.  264p bibl index  ISBN 9781838604523, 103.50;  ISBN 9781838604547 ebook, $45.00;  61-1982

Schuetze, Christy. Spirit wives and church mothers: marriage, survival, and healing in central Mozambique.  Wisconsin, 2023.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9780299343804, $79.95;  ISBN 9780299343835 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2016

Shaughnessy, Edward L. A brief history of ancient China.  Bloomsbury Academic, 2023.  416p bibl  ISBN 9781350170414, $120.00;  ISBN 9781350170377 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781350170391 ebook, $39.95;  61-2021

Simpson, Andrew. The museums and collections of higher education.  Routledge, 2022.  180p bibl index  ISBN 9781032030333, $160.00;  ISBN 9781032030074 pbk, $44.95;  ISBN 9781003186533 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2004

Smith, Leonard V. French colonialism: from the ancien régime to the present.  Cambridge, 2023.  250p bibl index  ISBN 9781108836685, $90.00;  ISBN 9781108799157 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781108858045 ebook, $29.95;  61-2058

Social aspects of aging in Indigenous communities, ed. by Jordan P. Lewis and Tuula Heinonen.  Oxford, 2023.  488p bibl index  ISBN 9780197677216, $83.00;  ISBN 9780197677230 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1963

Solís, Mireya. Japan’s quiet leadership: reshaping the Indo-Pacific.  Rowman & Littlefield/Brookings Institution, 2023.  360p bibl index  ISBN 9780815740261, $85.00;  ISBN 9780815739975 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780815739982 ebook, $28.00;  61-2075

The Global Japanese restaurant: mobilities, imaginaries, and politics, edited by James Farrer and David L. Wank.  Hawai’i, 2023.  390p bibl index  ISBN 9780824894269, $80.00;  ISBN 9780824895143 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9780824895266 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2025

Transforming food systems under climate change through innovation, ed. by Bruce M. Campbell et al.  Cambridge, 2023.  254p bibl index  ISBN 9781009227209 pbk, $64.99;  ISBN 9781009227216 ebook, open access;  61-1983

Trefon, Theodore. Bushmeat: culture, economy and conservation in Central Africa.  Oxford, 2023.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780197746370 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780197754689 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2017

Vague, Richard. The paradox of debt: a new path to prosperity without crisis.  Wiley, 2023.  240p bibl index  ISBN 9781512825329, $29.95;  ISBN 9781119984795 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-1991

Warner, Joel. Curse of the Marquis de Sade: a notorious scoundrel, a mythical manuscript, and the biggest scandal in literary history.  Crown, 2023.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9780593135686, $28.99;  ISBN 9780593135693 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2059

Windschitl, Mark. Teaching climate change: fostering understanding, resilience, and a commitment to justice.  Harvard Business Review Press, 2023.  296p bibl index  ISBN 9781682538340 pbk, $38.00;  ISBN 9781682538357 ebook, contact publisher for pricing;  61-2006

Wozniak, Kevin H. The politics of crime prevention: race, public opinion, and the meaning of community safety.  New York University, 2023.  328p bibl index  ISBN 9781479815722, $89.00;  ISBN 9781479815753 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9781479815777 ebook, contact publisher for price;  61-2107