The Top 75 Community College Titles: March 2023 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the March issue of Choice.

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book cover

A Dictionary of law, ed. by Jonathan Law.  10th ed.  Oxford, 2022.  800p  ISBN 9780192897497 pbk, $18.95;  ISBN 9780192651808 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1889

The Oxford dictionary of the Christian Church, ed. by Andrew Louth.  Fourth edition.  Oxford, 2022.  1952p bibl index  ISBN 9780199642465 (set), 255.00;  ISBN 9780191744396 (set) ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1883

Phang, Sara Elise. Daily life of women in ancient Rome.  Greenwood, 2022.  297p bibl index  ISBN 9781440871689, $63.00;  ISBN 9781440871696 ebook, $63.00;  60-1891


​Adubato, Beth E. Crime in TV, the news, and film: misconceptions, mischaracterizations, and misinformation, by Beth E. Adubato et al.  Lexington Books, 2022.  232p bibl index  ISBN 9781793628688, $100.00;  ISBN 9781793628695 ebook, $45.00;  60-1912

Aikin, Scott F. Straw man arguments: a study in fallacy theory, by Scott Aikin and John Casey.  Bloomsbury, 2022.  240p bibl index  ISBN 9781350065000, $115.00;  ISBN 9781350065017 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1957

Allison, Dale C., Jr. Encountering mystery: religious experience in a secular age.  Eerdmans, 2022.  263p bibl index  ISBN 9780802881885 pbk, $21.99;  ISBN 9781467464345 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1967

Avermaete, Tom. Urban design in the 20th century: a history, by Tom Avermaete and Janina Gosseye.  GTA Verlag, 2022.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9783856764180 pbk, $81.50;  60-1905

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Barkan, Leonard. Reading shakespeare reading me.  Fordham, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780823299195, $29.95;  ISBN 9780823299201 ebook, $28.99;  60-1931

Castillo, David. What would Cervantes do?: navigating post-truth with Spanish Baroque literature, by David Castillo and William Egginton.  McGill-Queen’s, 2022.  259p bibl index (McGill-Queen’s Iberian and Latin American cultures series, 2)  ISBN 9780228008149, $130.00;  ISBN 9780228008156 pbk, $37.95;  ISBN 9780228009313 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1945

Cooper, Travis Warren. The digital Evangelicals: contesting authority and authenticity after the new media turn.  Indiana, 2022.  378p bibl index  ISBN 9780253062253, $85.00;  ISBN 9780253062260 pbk, $38.00;  ISBN 9780253062284 ebook, $37.99;  60-1914

Ekserdjian, David. Raphael, by David Ekserdjian and Tom Henry with Matthias Wivel et al.  National Gallery, London, 2022.  (Dist. by Yale) 328p bibl index  ISBN 9781857096583, $50.00;  60-1896

Flanagan, Owen. How to do things with emotions: the morality of anger and shame across cultures.  Princeton, 2022.  328p bibl index  ISBN 9780691220970, $27.95;  ISBN 9780691220987 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1960

Georgievska-Shine, Aneta. Vermeer and the art of love.  Lund Humphries, 2022.  160p bibl index  ISBN 9781848224896, $59.99;  60-1901

Grollemond, Larisa. The fantasy of the Middle Ages: an epic journey through imaginary medieval worlds, by Larisa Grollemond and Bryan C. Keene.  J. Paul Getty Museum, 2022.  144p bibl index  ISBN 9781606067581, $29.95;  ISBN 9781606067604 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1897

Hilling, John B. The wooden architecture of Northern Europe: from the Viking era to the 20th century.  Lund Humphries, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781848225800, $89.99;  60-1908

Johnson, Chris. Mid-rise urban living.  Lund Humphries, 2021.  128p bibl index  ISBN 9781848224643, $79.99;  60-1909

Kafka, Franz. Aphorisms of Franz Kafka, ed. and introd. by Reiner Stach; tr. by Shelley Frisch.  Princeton, 2022.  256p bibl  ISBN 9780691205922, $24.95;  ISBN 9780691236391 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1944

O’Neill, Kevin. The afterlife in popular culture: heaven, hell, and the underworld in the American imagination.  Greenwood, 2022.  360p bib index  ISBN 9781440868580, $97.00;  ISBN 9781440868597 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1973

Ochshorn, Jonathan. Building bad: how architectural utility is constrained by politics and damaged by expression.  Lund Humphries, 2021.  232p bibl index  ISBN 9781848224667, $89.99;  ISBN 9781848225077 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1910

Patterson, David. Judaism, antisemitism, and Holocaust: making the connections.  Cambridge, 2022.  312p bibl index  ISBN 9781009100038, $99.00;  ISBN 9781009117517 ebook, $80.00;  60-1974

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Roush, Chris. The future of business journalism: why it matters for Wall Street and Main Street.  Georgetown University, 2022.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9781647122560, $29.95;  ISBN 9781647122577 ebook, $29.95;  60-1920

Surveying the Anthropocene: environment and photography now, ed. by Patricia Macdonald.  Edinburgh University Press, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781838382230, $65.00;  ISBN 9781838382254 ebook, $65.00;  60-1911

Von Lintel, Amy. Three women artists: expanding abstract expressionism in the American West, by Amy Von Lintel and Bonnie Roos.  Texas A&M, 2022.  341p bibl index  ISBN 9781648430152, $50.00;  ISBN 9781648430169 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1903

Water, wind, breath: Southwest Native art in the Barnes Foundation, ed. by Lucy Fowler Williams.  Barnes Foundation, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780300264128, $50.00;  60-1904

Young, Kalima. Mediated misogynoir: erasing Black women’s and girls’ innocence in the public imagination.  Lexington Books, 2022.  158p bibl index  ISBN 9781793606631, $95.00;  ISBN 9781793606648 ebook, $45.00;  60-1921

Science & Technology

Ashby, Jack. Platypus matters: the extraordinary story of Australian mammals.  Chicago, 2022.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9780226789255, 29.00;  ISBN 9780226789392 ebook, $28.99;  60-1986

Blackman, Reid. Ethical machines: your concise guide to totally unbiased, transparent, and respectful AI.  Harvard Business Review Press, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781647822811, $30.00;  ISBN 9781647822828 ebook, $30.00;  60-1976

Bonato, Anthony. An invitation to pursuit-evasion games and graph theory.  American Mathematical Society, 2022.  254p bibl index (Student mathematical library, 97)  ISBN 9781470467630 pbk, $59.00;  ISBN 9781470471002 ebook, $59.00;  60-2004

Brannigan, Michael C. Caregiving, carebots, and contagion.  Lexington Books, 2022.  174p bibl index  ISBN 9781793649188, $95.00;  ISBN 9781793649195 ebook, $45.00;  60-1994

Cermak, Timmen L. Marijuana on my mind: the science and mystique of cannabis.  Cambridge, 2022.  340p bibl index  ISBN 9781009010894 pbk, $14.95;  ISBN 9781009021968 ebook, $12.00;  60-1995

book cover

Death, grief and loss in the context of COVID-19, ed. by Panagiotis Pentaris.  Routledge, 2021.  300p bibl index  ISBN 9780367647322, $160.00;  ISBN 9781003125990 ebook, $48.95;  60-1996

Dyer, Kathleen. Research foundations of human development and family science: science versus nonsense.  Routledge, 2022.  308p bibl index  ISBN 9781032015552, $160.00;  ISBN 9781032015576 pbk, $69.95;  ISBN 9781000528824 ebook, $69.95;  60-1977

Edmond, Jennifer. The trouble with big data: how datafication displaces cultural practices, by Jennifer Edmond et al.  Bloomsbury Academic, 2022.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9781350239623, $115.00;  ISBN 9781350239661 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781350239647 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2002

Fitzner, Zach. Tears for crocodilia: evolution, ecology, and the disappearance of one of the world’s most ancient animals.  Westholme, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781594163807, $30.00;  ISBN 9781594166884 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1987

Geels, Frank W. The great reconfiguration: a socio-technical analysis of low-carbon transitions in UK electricity, heat, and mobility systems, by Frank W. Geels and Bruno Turnheim.  Cambridge, 2022.  400p bibl  ISBN 9781009198240 pbk, $49.99;  ISBN 9781009198318 ebook, $40.00;  60-1978

Hesketh, Robin. Understanding cancer.  Cambridge, 2022.  258p bibl index  ISBN 9781316517178, $49.99;  ISBN 9781009005999 pbk, $14.95;  ISBN 9781009043243 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1981

Maor, Eli. Pentagons and pentagrams: an illustrated history, illustrations by Eugen Jost.  Princeton, 2022.  200p bibl index  ISBN 9780691201122, $24.95;  ISBN 9780691238555 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2005

Mathematics in cyber research, ed. by Paul L. Goethals, Natalie M. Scala, and Daniel T. Bennett.  Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2022.  524p bibl index  ISBN 9780367374679, $190.00;  ISBN 9780429354649 ebook, $58.95;  60-2003

Mazur, Allan. Ice ages: their social and natural history.  Cambridge, 2022.  264p bibl index  ISBN 9781316519400, $24.99;  ISBN 9781009021265 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1989

Mental health awareness, ed. by Micah Issitt.  H. W. Wilson, 2022.  (Dist. by Grey House Publishing) 192p bibl index (The reference shelf, 4)  ISBN 9781637002926 pbk, $98.00;  60-1998

book cover

Riess, Steven A. Horse racing the Chicago way: gambling, politics, and organized crime, 1837–1911.  Syracuse, 2022.  448p bibl index  ISBN 9780815637417, $85.00;  ISBN 9780815637271 pbk, $45.00;  ISBN 9780815655282 ebook, $45.00;  60-2011

Shinozuka, Jeannie Natsuko. Biotic borders: transpacific plant and insect migration and the rise of anti-Asian racism in America, 1890–1950.  Chicago, 2022.  296p bibl index  ISBN 9780226817293, $95.00;  ISBN 9780226817330 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9780226817309 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1985

Treharne, Elaine. Perceptions of medieval manuscripts: the phenomenal book.  Oxford, 2022.  272p  ISBN 9780192843814, $40.00;  ISBN 9780191926471 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-1980

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Across species and cultures: whales, humans, and Pacific worlds, ed. by Ryan Tucker Jones and Angela Wanhalla.  Hawai’i, 2022.  327p bibl index  ISBN 9780824888985, $68.00;  ISBN 9780824892821 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9780824892135 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2059

Americans and the Holocaust: a reader, ed. by Daniel Greene and Edward Phillips.  Rutgers/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2022.  265p bibl index  ISBN 9781978821699, $59.95;  ISBN 9781978821682 pbk, $19.95;  ISBN 9781978821705 ebook, $19.95;  60-2060

Argys, Laura M. Women in the workforce: what everyone needs to know, by Laura M. Argys and Susan L. Averett.  Oxford, 2022.  252p bibl index  ISBN 9780190093396, $74.00;  ISBN 9780190093389 pbk, $18.95;  ISBN 9780190093419 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2029

Blinder, Alan S. A monetary and fiscal history of the United States, 1961–2021.  Princeton, 2022.  432p bibl index  ISBN 9780691238388, $39.95;  ISBN 9780691238395 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2040

book cover

Brunner, Bernd. Extreme North: a cultural history, tr. by Jefferson Chase.  W. W. Norton, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780393881004, $27.95;  ISBN 9780393881011 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2101

Cantrell, Phillip A. Revival and reconciliation: the Anglican church and the politics of Rwanda.  Wisconsin, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9780299335106, $79.95;  60-2065

Citizenship on the edge: sex/gender/race, ed. by Nancy J. Hirschmann and Deborah A. Thomas.  Pennsylvania, 2022.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9780812253672, $55.00;  ISBN 9780812298284 ebook, $55.00;  60-2017

Clark, E. Culpepper. The birth of a new South: Sherman, Grady, and the making of Atlanta.  Mercer University, 2021.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9780881467888, $35.00;  ISBN 9780881467888 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2084

Curtis, Edward E., IV. Muslims of the heartland: how Syrian immigrants made a home in the American Midwest.  New York University, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9781479812561, $30.00;  ISBN 9781479812608 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2085

Dalby, Simon. Rethinking environmental security.  E. Elgar, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781800375840, $120.00;  ISBN 9781800375857 ebook, $40.00;  60-2123

Depkat, Volker. American exceptionalism.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9781538101186, $46.00;  ISBN 9781538101193 ebook, $44.00;  60-2086

Ffytche, Matt. Sigmund Freud.  Reaktion Books, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781789145793, $19.00;  ISBN 9781789145809 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2163

Ford, Julian. Crises in the psychotherapy session: transforming critical moments into turning points.  American Psychological Association, 2021.  397p bibl index  ISBN 9781433832871 pbk, $49.99;  ISBN 9781433834141 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2164

Fullmer, Elliott. Everyone’s democracy: confronting political inequality in America.  McFarland, 2022.  257p bibl index  ISBN 9781476688572 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781476647043 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2147

Ginsberg, Benjamin. The imperial presidency and American politics: governance by edicts and coups.  Routledge, 2021.  156p bibl index  ISBN 9780367625283, $155.00;  ISBN 9780367619961 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781003109556 ebook, $26.95;  60-2149

Greene, John Robert. The Presidency of George W. Bush.  University Press of Kansas, 2021.  440p bibl index  ISBN 9780700632688, $45.00;  ISBN 9780700632695 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2090

Hawes, Colin S. C. The Chinese corporate ecosystem.  Cambridge, 2022.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9781108838139, $125.00;  ISBN 9781108952293 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2042

book cover

Hayashi, Brian Masaru. Asian American spies: how Asian Americans helped win the Allied victory.  Oxford, 2021.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9780195338850, $34.95;  ISBN 9780190092863 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2063

Koch, Jeroen. The House of Orange in revolution and war: a European history, 1772–1890, by Jeroen Koch, Dik van Der Meulen and Jeroen van Zanten, tr. by Andy Brown.  Reaktion Books, 2022.  (Dist. by Chicago) 440p bibl indexes  ISBN 9781789145427, $45.00;  ISBN 9781789145410 ebook, $45.00;  60-2103

McManus, Ian P. The repoliticization of the welfare state.  Michigan, 2022.  226p bibl index  ISBN 9780472075324, $80.00;  ISBN 9780472055326 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9780472902866 ebook, open access;  60-2117

McShane Wulfhart, Nell. The great stewardess rebellion: how women launched a workplace rebellion at 30,000 feet.  Doubleday, 2022.  309p bibl index  ISBN 9780385546454, $30.00;  ISBN 9780593082294 pbk, $17.00;  ISBN 9780385546461 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2034

Medicine, education, and the arts in contemporary Native America: strong women, resilient nations, ed. by Clifford E. Trafzer, Donna L. Akers, and Amanda K. Wixon.  Lexington Books, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9781666907025, $90.00;  ISBN 9781666907032 ebook, $45.00;  60-2094

The presidency of Donald J. Trump: a first historical assessment, ed. by Julian Zelizer.  Princeton, 2022.  488p bibl index  ISBN 9780691228938, $99.95;  ISBN 9780691228945 pbk, $27.95;  ISBN 9780691228952 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2096

Rewriting the Chicano movement: new histories of Mexican American activism in the civil rights era, ed. by Mario T. García and Ellen McCracken.  Arizona, 2021.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780816541454 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9780816542970 ebook, $35.00;  60-2097

Roniger, Luis. Transnational perspectives on Latin America: the entwined histories of a multi-state region.  Oxford, 2022.  336p index  ISBN 9780197605318, $74.00;  ISBN 9780197605332 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2079

Rudes, Danielle S. Surviving solitary: living and working in restricted housing units, by Danielle S. Rudes with Shannon Magnuson and Angela Hattery.  Stanford, 2022.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9781503614673, $85.00;  ISBN 9781503631236 pbk, $26.00;  ISBN 9781503631243 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2178

Singer, Elyse Ona. Lawful sins: abortion rights and reproductive governance in Mexico.  Stanford, 2022.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9781503615137, $90.00;  ISBN 9781503631472 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9781503631489 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2026

book cover

Stewart, Susan D. On the rocks: straight talk about women and drinking.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  174p bibl index  ISBN 9781538127254, $36.00;  ISBN 9781538127261 ebook, $34.00;  60-2179

Thomas, Christopher David. Reclaiming democratic education: student and teacher activism and the future of education policy.  Teachers College Press, 2022.  160p bibl index  ISBN 9780807766910, $120.00;  ISBN 9780807766903 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9780807781005 ebook, $39.95;  60-2056

Wang, Ban. China in the world: culture, politics, and world vision.  Duke, 2022.  232p bibl index  ISBN 9781478009801, $99.95;  ISBN 9781478010845 pbk, $25.95;  ISBN 9781478012368 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2073

White, Ahmed. Under the iron heel: the Wobblies and the capitalist war on radical workers.  California, 2022.  360p bibl index  ISBN 9780520382404, $34.95;  ISBN 9780520382411 ebook, $34.95;  60-2156

Zamora, Sylvia. Racial baggage: Mexican immigrants and race across the border.  Stanford, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9781503628526, $85.00;  ISBN 9781503632240 pbk, $26.00;  ISBN 9781503632257 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2180