The Top 75 Community College Titles: June 2023 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the June issue of Choice.

Collage of book covers. From left to right: The Caregiving Ambition, Making Hollywood Happen, Birds and Us, The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants.


Bernthal, J. C. Agatha Christie: a companion to the mystery fiction.  McFarland, 2022.  456p bibl index (McFarland companions to mystery fiction, 12)  ISBN 9781476676203 pbk, $49.99;  ISBN 9781476647159 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2786

Book cover of Modern Germany.

Johnson, Wendell G. Modern Germany, by Wendell G. Johnson and Katharina Barbe.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  435p bibl index  ISBN 9781440864537, $100.00;  ISBN 9781440864544 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2787

Mueller-Vollmer, Tristan. Vikings: an encyclopedia of conflict, invasions, and raids, by Tristan Mueller-Vollmer and Kirsten Wolf.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  313p bibl index  ISBN 9781440877292, $97.00;  ISBN 9781440877308 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2789

Villegas, Christina G. Foster care in America: a reference handbook.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  292p bibl index  ISBN 9781440874291, $63.00;  ISBN 9781440874307 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2790


The Art of the illustrated book: history and design, ed. by Julius Bryant with Elizabeth James and Catherine Yvard.  Thames & Hudson, 2022.  288p bibl index  ISBN 9780500480694, $55.49;  60-2795

Birbragher-Rozencwaig, Francine. Essays on 20th century Latin American art.  Routledge, 2022.  210p bibl index  ISBN 9780367479886, $160.00;  ISBN 9780367479879 pbk, $42.95;  ISBN 9781003037507 ebook, $42.95;  60-2796

Blankholm, Joseph. The secular paradox: on the religiosity of the not religious.  New York University, 2022.  297p bibl index  ISBN 9781479809493, $89.00;  ISBN 9781479809509 pbk, $32.00;  ISBN 9781479809523 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2864

Book cover of Making Hollywood Happen.

​Drazin, Charles. Making Hollywood happen: seventy years of Film Finances.  Wisconsin, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780299337001, $34.95;  60-2835

Invested: how three centuries of stock market advice reshaped our money, markets, and minds, by Paul Crosthwaite et al.  Chicago, 2022.  368p bibl index  ISBN 9780226820989, $112.00;  ISBN 9780226821009 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9780226820996 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2824

Kumar, Victor. A better ape: the evolution of the moral mind and how it made us human, by Viktor Kumar and Richmond Campbell.  Oxford, 2022.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9780197600122, $29.95;  ISBN 9780197600146 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2861

Lahr, John. Arthur Miller: American witness.  Yale, 2022.  264p bibl index  ISBN 9780300234923, $26.00;  ISBN 9780300268768 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2825

Langman, Joshua. Standby: an approach to theatrical design.  Southern Illinois, 2022.  378p bibl index  ISBN 9780809338443 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9780809338450 ebook, $22.99;  60-2851

Lewis, Jon. Road trip to nowhere: Hollywood encounters the counterculture.  California, 2022.  332p bibl index  ISBN 9780520343733, $85.00;  ISBN 9780520343740 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9780520975132 ebook, $24.95;  60-2839

Lipschultz, Jeremy Harris. Social media and political communication.  Routledge, 2022.  210p bibl index  ISBN 9780367772536, $160.00;  ISBN 9780367772420 pbk, $42.95;  ISBN 9781003170471 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2813

Book cover of Beacon to the World.

Polisi, Joseph. Beacon to the world: a history of Lincoln Center.  Yale, 2022.  336p bibl index  ISBN 9780300249965, $40.00;  ISBN 9780300265583 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2832

Screening #MeToo: rape culture in Hollywood, ed. by Lisa Funnell and Ralph Beliveau.  SUNY Press, 2022.  273p bibl index  ISBN 9781438487595, $95.00;  ISBN 9781438487601 pbk, $32.95;  ISBN 9781438487618 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2843

Sperb, Jason. The hard sell of paradise: Hawai’i, Hollywood, tourism.  SUNY Press, 2022.  360p bibl index  ISBN 9781438487731, $95.00;  ISBN 9781438487748 pbk, $33.95;  ISBN 9781438487755 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2844

Waddell, Calum. Images of apartheid: filmmaking on the fringe in the old South Africa.  Edinburgh University Press, 2021.  280p bibl index  ISBN 9781474450027, $110.00;  ISBN 9781474450041 ebook, $110.00;  60-2845

White, Luke. Fighting without fighting: Kung Fu cinema’s journey to the West.  Reaktion Books, 2022.  294p bibl filmography index  ISBN 9781789145335, $22.00;  ISBN 9781789145342 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2846

Science & Technology

Al-Khalili, Jim. The joy of science.  Princeton, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780691211572, $16.99;  ISBN 9780691235660 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2874

Alley, William M. The water recycling revolution: tapping into the future, by William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  284p bibl index  ISBN 9781538160411, $33.00;  ISBN 9781538160428 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2901

Barnes, Jay. Fifteen hurricanes that changed the Carolinas: powerful storms, climate change, and what we do next.  North Carolina, 2022.  384p bibl index  ISBN 9781469666303 pbk, $27.00;  ISBN 9781469667461 ebook, $19.99;  60-2896

Book cover of Birds and Us.

Birkhead, Tim. Birds and us: a 12,000-year history from cave art to conservation.  Princeton, 2022.  496p bibl index  ISBN 9780691239927, $35.00;  ISBN 9780691239941 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2893

Collins, Ross F. Chocolate: a cultural encyclopedia.  ABC-CLIO, 2022.  422p bibl index  ISBN 9781440876073, $97.00;  ISBN 9781440876080 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2877

Craddock, David L. Dungeon hacks: how NetHack, Angband, and other roguelikes changed the course of video games.  CRC Press, 2021.  172p bibl index  ISBN 9781032052403, $99.95;  ISBN 9781032051543 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781003196716 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2921

Kasap, Atilla. Autonomous vehicles: tracing the locus of regulation and liability.  E. Elgar, 2022.  214p bibl index  ISBN 9781803924427, $120.00;  ISBN 9781803924434 ebook, $40.00;  60-2911

Kennett, Carolyn. Uranus and Neptune.  Reaktion Books, 2023.  216p bibl index  ISBN 9781789146417, $40.00;  ISBN 9781789146424 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2885

Knapp, Sandra. In the name of plants: from Attenborough to Washington, the people behind plant names.  Chicago, 2022.  192p bibl index  ISBN 9780226824307, $25.00;  ISBN 9780226824314 ebook, $24.99;  60-2892

McCain, Kevin. Understanding how science explains the world.  Cambridge, 2022.  140p bibl index  ISBN 9781316518175, $49.99;  ISBN 9781108995504 pbk, $14.95;  ISBN 9781009002783 ebook, $14.95;  60-2878

​Nevala-Lee, Alex. Inventor of the future: the visionary life of Buckminster Fuller.  W. Morrow, 2022.  672p bibl index  ISBN 9780062947222, $35.00;  ISBN 9780062947239 pbk, $19.99;  ISBN 9780062947246 ebook, $17.99;  60-2879

Pindyck, Robert S. Climate future: averting and adapting to climate change.  Oxford, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9780197647349, $39.95;  ISBN 9780197647363 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2900

Rappuoli, Rino. Vaccines in the global era: how to deal safely and effectively with the pandemics of our time, by Rino Rappuoli and Lisa Vozza.  World Scientific, 2022.  266p bibl index  ISBN 9781800611931, $68.00;  ISBN 9781800612044 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9781800611955 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2907

Book cover of Knowing Manchuria.

Rogaski, Ruth. Knowing Manchuria: environments, the senses, and natural knowledge on an Asian borderland.  Chicago, 2022.  453p bibl index  ISBN 9780226809656, $45.00;  ISBN 9780226818801 ebook, $44.99;  60-2884

Smith, Wake. Pandora’s toolbox: the hopes and hazards of climate intervention.  Cambridge, 2022.  422p bibl index  ISBN 9781316518434, $24.95;  ISBN 9781009006521 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2903

Vukmirović, Nenad. Fascinating problems for young physicists: discovering everyday physics phenomena and solving them, by Nenad Vukmirović and Vladimir Veljić.  Cambridge, 2022.  242p bibl  ISBN 9781009160285, $84.99;  ISBN 9781009160278 pbk, $34.99;  ISBN 9781009184359 ebook, $34.99;  60-2920

Weitekamp, Margaret A. Space craze: America’s enduring fascination with real and imagined spaceflight.  Smithsonian Books, 2022.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9781588347251, $29.95;  ISBN 9781588347299 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2886

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Anderson, Michelle Wilde. The fight to save the town: reimagining discarded America.  Avid Reader Press, 2022.  368p bibl index  ISBN 9781501195983, $30.00;  ISBN 9781501196003 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3043

Baranski, Marci. The globalization of wheat: a critical history of the green revolution.  Pittsburgh, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780822947349, $55.00;  ISBN 9780822989066 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2936

Barnett, Jonathan. Managing the climate crisis: designing and building for floods, heat, drought, and wildfire, by Jonathan Barnett and Matthijs Bouw.  Island Press, 2022.  296p bibl index  ISBN 9781642832006 pbk, $35.00;  ISBN 9781642832013 ebook, $34.99;  60-3074

Book cover of The Caregiving Ambition.

Bear, Julia B. The caregiving ambition: what it is and why it matters at home and work, by Julia B. Bear and Todd L. Pittinsky.  Oxford, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780197512418, $35.00;  ISBN 9780197512432 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3058

Bellin, Jeffrey. Mass incarceration nation: how the United States became addicted to prisons and jails and how it can recover.  Cambridge, 2022.  220p bibl index  ISBN 9781009267540, $89.99;  ISBN 9781009267557 pbk, $29.99;  ISBN 9781009267564 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3044

Bellwood, Peter S. The five-million-year odyssey: the human journey from ape to agriculture.  Princeton, 2022.  364p bibl index  ISBN 9780691197579, $29.95;  ISBN 9780691236339 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2930

Block, Courtney M. The encyclopedia of parapsychology.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  366p bibl index  ISBN 9781538155455, $149.00;  ISBN 9781538155462 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3059

Bon Tempo, Carl J. Immigration: an American history, by Carl J. Bon Tempo and Hasia R. Diner.  Yale, 2022.  404p bibl index  ISBN 9780300226867, $40.00;  ISBN 9780300265033 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2990

Boyce Davies, Carole. Black women’s rights: leadership and the circularities of power.  Lexington Books, 2022.  346p bibl index  ISBN 9781793612380, $120.00;  ISBN 9781793612397 ebook, $45.00;  60-2923

Camras, Linda A. Emotional development across the lifespan.  Guilford, 2022.  392p bibl index  ISBN 9781462549771, $95.00;  ISBN 9781462549764 pbk, $45.00;  ISBN 9781462550081 ebook, $45.00;  60-3062

The Chemistry of fires at the wildland-urban interface, by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine et al.  National Academies Press, 2023.  214p bibl  ISBN 9780309277051 pbk, $40.00;  ISBN 9780309277068 ebook, open access;  60-2937

Colucci, Lamont C. The United States Space Force: space, grand strategy, and U.S. national security.  Praeger, 2022.  151p bibl index  ISBN 9781440874833, $77.00;  ISBN 9781440874840 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3047

Cook, Karen S. Advanced introduction to social capital.  E. Elgar, 2022.  148p bibl index  ISBN 971789902679, $120.00;  ISBN 9781789902693 pbk, $24.95;  ISBN 9781789902686 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3076

DeJean, Joan E. Mutinous women: how French convicts became founding mothers of the Gulf Coast.  Basic Books, 2022.  448p bibl index  ISBN 9781541600584, $32.00;  ISBN 9781541600591 ebook, $18.99;  60-2968

Dinar, Ariel. Advanced introduction to water economics and policy.  E. Elgar, 2022.  124p bibl index  ISBN 9781839109584, $120.00;  ISBN 9781839109607 pbk, $24.95;  60-2949

Erikson, Kai. The continuing storm: learning from Katrina, by Kai Erikson and Lori Peek.  Texas, 2022.  160p bibl index  ISBN 9781477324332, $90.00;  ISBN 9781477324349 pbk, $27.95;  ISBN 9781477324356 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3077

Evans, Thomas R. The evidence behind HR: an open evaluation of contemporary HR practices.  Routledge, 2023.  182p bibl index  ISBN 9780367476717, $160.00;  ISBN 9780367476724 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9781003035794 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2938

Freedland, Jonathan. The escape artist: the man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world.  Harper, 2022.  400p bibl index  ISBN 9780063112339, $28.99;  60-2980

Garland, Ann F. Pursuing a career in mental health: a comprehensive guide for aspiring professionals.  Oxford, 2022.  256p bibl index  ISBN 9780197544716 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9780197544730 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3064

Book cover of The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants.

Ghadar, Fariborz. The danger of devaluing immigrants: impacts on the U.S. economy and society.  Praeger, 2022.  368p bibl index  ISBN 9781440879333, $60.00;  ISBN 9781440879340 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2939

Hammes, Richard. The myth of education in America: students should be taught how to think, not what to think.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2022.  130p bibl index  ISBN 9781475867770, $70.00;  ISBN 9781475867787 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9781475867794 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2962

Kurlantzick, Joshua. Beijing’s global media offensive: China’s uneven campaign to influence Asia and the world.  Oxford, 2022.  560p bibl index  ISBN 9780197515761, $29.95;  ISBN 9780197515785 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3032

Lennard, Diane. Humanizing the remote experience through leadership and coaching: strategies for better virtual connections, by Diane Lennard and Amy Mednick.  Routledge, 2023.  206p bibl index  ISBN 9780367758721, $160.00;  ISBN 9780367772574 pbk, $36.95;  ISBN 9781003170488 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2940

​Mandelbaum, Michael. The four ages of American foreign policy: weak power, great power, superpower, hyperpower, 1765–2015.  Oxford, 2022.  624p bibl index  ISBN 9780197621790, $34.95;  ISBN 9780197621813 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2997

McArthur, Neil. The ethics of sex: an introduction.  Routledge, 2022.  322p bibl index  ISBN 9781138213203, $160.00;  ISBN 9781138213210 pbk, $42.95;  ISBN 9781315448848 ebook, $42.95;  60-3080

Newport, Melanie D. This is my jail: local politics and the rise of mass incarceration.  Pennsylvania, 2022.  272p bibl index  ISBN 9781512823493, $39.95;  ISBN 9781512823509 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3053

Pace, Julie. Jill: a biography of the First Lady, by Julie Pace and Darlene Supervill with Evelyn M. Duffy.  Little, Brown, 2022.  320p bibl index  ISBN 9780316377508, $29.00;  ISBN 9780316377607 ebook, $14.99;  60-3000

Payne, Brendan J. J. Gin, Jesus, and Jim Crow: Prohibition and the transformation of racial and religious politics in the South.  Louisiana State, 2022.  304p bibl index  ISBN 9780807171486, $45.00;  ISBN 9780807177693 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3001

Prough, Jennifer S. Kyoto revisited: heritage tourism in contemporary Japan.  Hawai’i, 2022.  240p bibl index  ISBN 9780824888534, $68.00;  ISBN 9780824891695 ebook, $28.00;  60-2978

​Saeidi, Shirin. Women and the Islamic republic: how gendered citizenship conditions the Iranian state.  Cambridge, 2022.  288p bibl index (Cambridge Middle East studies, 66)  ISBN 9781316515761, $99.00;  ISBN 9781009028134 ebook, $80.00;  60-2988

Schutz, Eric A. Inequality, class, and economics.  Monthly Review, 2022.  320p bib index  ISBN 9781583679425, $89.00;  ISBN 9781583679418 pbk, $27.00;  ISBN 9781583679432 ebook, $18.00;  60-2957

Sea and land: an environmental history of the Caribbean, by Philip D. Morgan et al.  Oxford, 2022.  464p bibl index  ISBN 9780197555446, $99.00;  ISBN 9780197555453 pbk, $30.00;  ISBN 9780197555460 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2983

Short, John Rennie. The rise and fall of the national atlas in the twentieth century: power, state and territory.  Anthem Press, 2022.  247p bibl index  ISBN 9781839983030, $125.00;  ISBN 9781839983047 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3024

Skinner, Ryan Thomas. Afro-Sweden: becoming Black in a color-blind country.  Minnesota, 2022.  308p bibl index  ISBN 9781517912307, $112.00;  ISBN 9781517912314 pbk, $28.00;  ISBN 9781452967684 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2928

Book cover of Joy and Pain.

Sojoyner, Damien M. Joy and pain: a story of Black life and liberation in five albums.  California, 2022.  248p bibl index  ISBN 9780520390416, $85.00;  ISBN 9780520390423 pbk, $26.95;  ISBN 9780520390430 ebook, $26.95;  60-2934

Tachine, Amanda. Native presence and sovereignty in college: sustaining Indigenous weapons to defeat systemic monsters.  Teachers College Press, 2022.  224p bibl index  ISBN 9780807766149, $120.00;  ISBN 9780807766132 pbk, $39.95;  ISBN 9780807779965 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2965

Tamadonfar, Mehran. Kurds and their struggle for autonomy: enduring identity and clientelism, by Mehran Tamadonfar and Roman Lewis.  Lexington Books, 2022.  462p bibl index  ISBN 9781498571180, $105.00;  ISBN 9781498571197 ebook, $50.00;  60-3026

Troeung, Y-Dang. Refugee lifeworlds: the afterlife of the Cold War in Cambodia.  Temple, 2022.  262p bibl index  ISBN 9781439921760, $99.00;  ISBN 9781439921777 pbk, $29.95;  ISBN 9781439921784 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-2979

Waldinger, Robert. The good life: lessons from the world’s longest scientific study of happiness, by Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz.  Simon & Schuster, 2022.  352p bibl index  ISBN 9781982166694, $28.99;  ISBN 9781982166717 ebook, contact publisher for price;  60-3072