The Top 75 Community College Titles: January 2021 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the January issue of Choice.

book covers


Booker, M. Keith. Historical dictionary of science fiction cinema. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020. 541p bibl index ISBN 9781538130094, $125.00; ISBN 9781538130100 ebook, $118.50; 58-1226

Liu, Charles. Handy physics answer book. Visible Ink, 2020. 416p bibl index ISBN 9781578596959 pbk, $21.95; ISBN 9781578597178 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1233

Meeks, Joshua. Napoléon Bonaparte: a reference guide to his life and works. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 289p bibl index ISBN 9781538113509, $50.00; ISBN 9781538113516 ebook, $47.50; 58-1237

Slavery, ed. by Michael Shally-Jensen. Salem Press, 2019. 2v (Defining documents in American history, 1) ISBN 9781642652819, $295.00; ISBN 9781642652826 ebook, $295.00; 58-1239

Weiss, Andrew. The dark side of our digital world: and what you can do about it. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020. 282p index ISBN 9781538119051, $34.00; ISBN 9781538119068 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1225


Augustyn, Heather. Women in Jamaican music. McFarland, 2020. 218p bibl index ISBN 9781476680958 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781476639598 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1294

Blake, William. William Blake: visionary, by Edina Adam with Julian Brooks and an essay by Matthew Hargraves. J. Paul Getty Museum, 2020. (Dist. by Chicago) 167p bibl index ISBN 9781606066423, $35.00; 58-1248

Elder, Robert K. Hemingway in comics, by Robert K. Elder with Sharon Hamilton, Jace Gatzemeyer, and Sean C. Hadley. Kent State, 2020. 288p bibl index ISBN 9781606354001, $29.95; ISBN 9781631014116 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1266

Hunter, Matthew C. Painting with fire: Sir Joshua Reynolds, photography, and the temporally evolving chemical object. Chicago, 2020. 304p bibl index ISBN 9780226390253, $50.00; ISBN 9780226390390 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1244

Lalaurie, Louise Rogers. Matisse: the books. Chicago, 2020. 320p bibl index ISBN 9780226750545, $75.00; 58-1245

Lloyd, Christopher. Guy de Maupassant. Reaktion Books, 2020. 216p ISBN 9781789141979 pbk, $19.00; ISBN 9781789142488 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1282

McAlpine, Erica. The poet’s mistake. Princeton, 2020. 298p bibl index ISBN 9780691203478, $99.95; ISBN 9780691203492 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9780691203768 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1261

McMahon-Coleman, Kimberley. Mental health disorders on television: representation versus reality, by Kimberley McMahon-Coleman and Roslyn Weaver. McFarland, 2020. 173p bibl index ISBN 9781476672151 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781476640204 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1256

O’Donnell, Angela Alaimo. Radical ambivalence: race in Flannery O’Connor. Fordham, 2020. 176p bibl index ISBN 9780823288243, $105.00; ISBN 9780823287659 pbk, $30.00; ISBN 9780823288250 ebook, $29.95; 58-1270

Pugh, Tison. Harry Potter and beyond: on J. K. Rowling’s fantasies and other fictions. South Carolina, 2020. 169p bibl index ISBN 9781643360874, $59.99; ISBN 9781643360874 pbk, $19.99; ISBN 9781643360881 ebook, $19.99; 58-1271

Ward, Ann. The Socratic individual: philosophy, faith, and freedom in a democratic age. Lexington Books, 2020. 152p bibl index ISBN 9781793603777, $90.00; ISBN 9781793603784 ebook, $85.50; 58-1310

Science & Technology

Al-Khalili, Jim. The world according to physics. Princeton, 2020. 313p bibl index ISBN 9780691182308, $16.95; ISBN 9780691201672 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1369

Barber, Enrique Maciá. The chemical evolution of phosphorus: an interdisciplinary approach to astrobiology. Apple Academic Press, 2020. 368p bibl index ISBN 9781771888042, $159.95; ISBN 9780429265136 ebook, $57.95; 58-1335

Blume, Arthur W. A new psychology based on community, equality, and care of the Earth: an indigenous American perspective. Praeger, 2020. 261p index ISBN 9781440869259, $63.00; ISBN 9781440869266 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1342

Brown, Lauren. Grasses, sedges, rushes: an identification guide, by Lauren Brown and Ted Elliman. Yale, 2020. 272p bibl ISBN 9780300236774 pbk, $22.00; 58-1331

Choucair, Bechara. Precision community health: four innovations for well-being. Island Press, 2020. 224p index ISBN 9781642830163, $30.00; ISBN 9781642830170 ebook, $29.99; 58-1343

Coverdale, Miles, Jr. The 1960s in sports: a decade of change. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020. 373p bibl indexes ISBN 9781538135648, $75.00; ISBN 9781538135655 ebook, $71.00; 58-1371

Delgado, Melvin. Community health workers in action: the efforts of “promotores de salud” in bringing health care to marginalized communities. Oxford, 2020. 272p bibl index ISBN 9780190691028 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9780190691042 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1344

Document processing using machine learning, ed. by Sk Md Obaidullah et al. CRC Press, 2019. 182p bibl index ISBN 9780367218478, $149.95; ISBN 9780429277573 ebook, $57.95; 58-1355

Franklin, Joel. Mathematical methods for oscillations and waves. Cambridge, 2020. 260p bibl index ISBN 9781108488228, $64.99; ISBN 9781108848480 ebook, $52.00; 58-1360

Jenkins, Jerry. Mosses of the northern forest: a photographic guide. Cornell, 2020. 176p index ISBN 9781501748615 pbk, $16.95; 58-1332

Kirk, David. Precarity, critical pedagogy and physical education. Routledge, 2020. 202p bibl index ISBN 9780367345129, $155.00; ISBN 9780429326301 ebook, $57.95; 58-1372

Krantz, Steven G. Differential equations: a modern approach with wavelets. CRC Press, 2020. 467p bibl index ISBN 9780367444099, $119.00; ISBN 9781003009504 ebook, $119.00; 58-1363

Lieff, Jonathan D. The secret language of cells: what biological conversations tell us about the brain-body connection, the future of medicine, and life itself. BenBella Books, 2020. 320p index ISBN 9781948836043, $26.95; ISBN 9781948836333 ebook, $12.99; 58-1326

Longoria, Mario. Latinos in American football: pathbreakers on the gridiron, 1927 to the present, by Mario Longoria and Jorge Iber. McFarland, 2020. 373p bibl index ISBN 9781476668864, $49.95; ISBN 9781476636689 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1373

Pence, Gregory E. Overcoming addiction: seven imperfect solutions and the end of America’s greatest epidemic. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020. 208p bibl index ISBN 9781538135037, $28.00; ISBN 9781538135044 ebook, $26.50; 58-1349

Population, agriculture, and biodiversity: problems and prospects, ed. by J. Perry Gustafson, Peter H. Raven, and Paul R. Ehrlich. Missouri, 2020. 398p bibl index ISBN 9780826222022, $45.00; ISBN 9780826274403 ebook, $45.00; 58-1328

Roulin, Alexandre. Barn owls: evolution and ecology. Cambridge, 2020. 297p index ISBN 9781107165755, $59.99; ISBN 9781316731000 ebook, $48.00; 58-1334

Rutherford, Adam. How to argue with a racist: what our genes do (and don’t) say about human difference. The Experiment, 2020. 224p bibl index ISBN 9781615196715, $21.95; ISBN 9781615196722 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1330

Sambaluk, Nicholas Michael. Myths and realities of cyber warfare: conflict in the digital realm. Praeger, 2020. 218p bibl index ISBN 9781440870804, $77.00; ISBN 9781440870811 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1357

Wanjek, Christopher. Spacefarers: how humans will settle the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Harvard, 2020. 389p bibl index ISBN 9780674984486, $29.95; ISBN 9780674983410 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1325

Weber, Nicholas Fox. iBauhaus: the iPhone as the embodiment of Bauhaus ideals and design. Knopf, 2020. 272p in-dex ISBN 9780525657286, $27.95; ISBN 9780525657293 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1321

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Abnet, Dustin A. The American robot: a cultural history. Chicago, 2020. 376p index ISBN 9780226692715, $35.00; ISBN 780226692852 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1454

Anderson, Paul Christopher. A short history of the American Civil War. Bloomsbury Academic, 2019. 304p bibl index ISBN 9781780765976, $61.00; ISBN 9781780765983 pbk, $19.95; ISBN 9781788319287 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1455

Berg, Gary A. The rise of women in higher education: how, why, and what’s next. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 131p bibl index ISBN 9781475853612, $60.00; ISBN 9781475853629 pbk, $28.00; ISBN 9781475853636 ebook, $26.50; 58-1402

Beyond populism: angry politics and the twilight of neoliberalism, ed. by Jeff Maskovsky and Sophie Bjork-James. West Virginia, 2020. 240p index ISBN 978194919945, $99.99; ISBN 9781949199468 pbk, $26.99; 58-1377

Block, Joshua. Teaching for a living democracy: project-based learning in the English and history classroom. Teachers College Press, 2020. 144p bibl index ISBN 9780807764176, $105.00; ISBN 9780807764169 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9780807778708 ebook, $34.95; 58-1403

Bontty, Monica M. Ancient Rome: facts and fictions. ABC-CLIO, 2020. 239p bibl index ISBN 9781440855627, $63.00; ISBN 9781440855634 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1431

Brown, Thomas J. Civil War monuments and the militarization of America. North Carolina, 2019. 384p bibl index ISBN 9781469653730, $90.00; ISBN 9781469653747 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9781469653754 ebook, $22.99; 58-1456

Burnard, Trevor. The Atlantic in world history, 1490–1830. Bloomsbury Academic, 2020. 344p bibl index ISBN 9781350073531, $100.00; ISBN 9781350073524 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781350073548 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1415

Cohen, David S. Obstacle course: the everyday struggle to get an abortion in America, by David S. Cohen and Carole Joffe. California, 2020. 296p bibl index ISBN 9780520306646, $24.95; ISBN 9780520973725 ebook, $24,95; 58-1519

DeSante, Christopher D. Racial stasis: the millennial generation and the stagnation of racial attitudes in American politics, by Christopher D. DeSante and Candis Watts Smith. Chicago, 2020. 304p ISBN 9780226643595, $97.50; ISBN 9780226643625 pbk, $32.50; ISBN 9780226643762 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1378

Dunphy, Richard. The European Left party, by Richard Dunphy and Luke March. Manchester University Press, 2020. 285p bibl index ISBN 9780719081071, $120.00; 58-1490

EspÍn, Oliva M. Women, sainthood, and power: a feminist psychology of cultural constructions. Lexington Books, 2020. 211p bibl index ISBN 9781498581530, $95.00; ISBN 9781498581547 ebook, $90.00; 58-1419

Fake news in an era of social media: tracking viral contagion, ed. by Fadi Safieddine and Yasmin Ibrahim. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020. 196p bibl index ISBN 9781786614216, $135.00; ISBN 9781786614223 ebook, $43.99; 58-1380

Friedman, Jason. Jimmy Carter and the restoration of presidential dignity. McFarland, 2020. 223p bibl index ISBN 9781476674384 pbk, $38.95; ISBN 9781476638447 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1458

Gellman, Erik S. Troublemakers: Chicago freedom struggles through the lens of Art Shay, photographs by Art Shay. Chicago, 2020. 258p index ISBN 9780226603926, $35.00; ISBN 9780226604084 ebook, $21.00; 58-1459

Geopolitics, culture, and the scientific imaginary in Latin America, ed. by María del Pilar Blanco and Joanna Page. Uni-versity Press of Florida, 2020. 339p bibl index ISBN 9781683401483, $95.00; ISBN 9781683401766 ebook, not available for sale; 58-1446

George, Roger Z. Intelligence in the national security enterprise: an introduction. Georgetown University, 2020. 344p bibl index ISBN 9781626167421, $149.95; ISBN 9781626167438 pbk, $49.95; ISBN 9781626167445 ebook, $49.95; 58-1509

Gillion, Daniel Q. The loud minority: why protests matter in American democracy. Princeton, 2020. 224p bibl index ISBN 9780691181776, $29.95; ISBN 9780691201726 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1510

Harison, Casey. Paris in modern times: from the old regime to the present day. Bloomsbury Academic, 2019. 360p bibl index ISBN 9781350005532, $90.00; ISBN 9781350005525 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781350005549 ebook, $31.45; 58-1482

Hegghammer, Thomas. The caravan: Abdallah Azzam and the rise of global jihad. Cambridge, 2020. 695p bibl index ISBN 9780521765954, $34.99; ISBN 9781139049375 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1451

Ingram, Haroro J. The ISIS reader: milestone texts of the Islamic State movement, by Haroro J. Ingram, Craig Whiteside, and Charlie Winter. Oxford, 2020. 288p bibl index ISBN 9780197501436, $44.95; ISBN 9780197536087 ebook, contact pub-lisher for price; 58-1495

Johnston, Alexander. In the shadow of Mandela: political leadership in South Africa. I. B. Tauris, 2019. 369p bibl index ISBN 9781784539535, $180.00; ISBN 978178831769 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1426

LGBTQ mental health: international perspectives and experiences, ed. by Nadine Nakamura and Carmen H. Logie. American Psychological Association, 2020. 182p bibl index ISBN 9781433830914, $79.99; ISBN 9781433831638 ebook, con-tact publisher for price; 58-1516

Magnarella, Paul J. Black Panther in exile: the Pete O’Neal story. University Press of Florida, 2020. 282p bibl index ISBN 9780813066394, $35.00; ISBN 9780813057491 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1463

Matsusaka, John G. Let the people rule: how direct democracy can meet the populist challenge. Princeton, 2020. 398p bibl index ISBN 9780691199726, $29.95; ISBN 9780691199757 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1513

Mears, Ashley. Very important people: status and beauty in the global party circuit. Princeton, 2020. 300p bibl index ISBN 9780691168654, $29.95; ISBN 9780691189895 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1524

Milov, Sarah. The cigarette: a political history. Harvard, 2019. 394p index ISBN 9780674241213, $35.00; ISBN 9780674242883 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1467

The New handbook of political sociology, ed. by Thomas Janoski et al. Cambridge, 2020. 1116p bibl index ISBN 9781107193499, $225.00; ISBN 9781108149006 ebook, $180.00; 58-1525

Nomadic food: anthropological and historical studies around the world, ed. by Isabelle Bianquis and Jean-Pierre Williot. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 212p index ISBN 9781538115985, $85.00; ISBN 9781538115992 ebook, $80.50; 58-1390

The Papers of James Monroe: v.7: Selected correspondence and papers, April 1814–February 1817, ed. by Daniel Preston with Cassandra Good. Greenwood, 2020. 694p index ISBN 9780313319846, $195.00; ISBN 9781440857850 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1468

Peiss, Kathy Lee. Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe. Oxford, 2020. 296p index ISBN 9780190944612, $34.95; ISBN 9780190944636 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1423

The Psychology of women under patriarchy, ed. by Holly F. Mathews and Adriana M. Manago. School for Advanced Re-search (SAR), 2019. 281p bibl index ISBN 9780826360830 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9780826360847 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1391

Raza, Muhammad Ali. Revolutionary pasts: communist internationalism in colonial India. Cambridge, 2020. 294p bibl index ISBN 9781108481847, $99.00; ISBN 9781108657112 ebook, $80.00; 58-1438

Roberts, Randy. War fever: Boston, baseball, and America in the shadow of the Great War, by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith. Basic Books, 2020. 344p index ISBN 9781541672666, $30.00; ISBN 9781541672673 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1469

Stuenkel, Oliver. The BRICS and the future of global order. Lexington Books, 2020. 272p bibl index ISBN 9781498567275, $95.00; ISBN 9781498567282 ebook, $90.00; 58-1500

Watson, Robert P. George Washington’s final battle: the epic struggle to build a capital city and a nation. Georgetown University, 2020. 400p bibl ISBN 9781626167841, $32.95; ISBN 9781626167858 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1474

The Wiley handbook of what works in violence risk management: theory, research and practice, ed. by J. Stephen Wormith, Leam A. Craig, and Todd E. Hogue. Wiley, 2019. 608p bibl index ISBN 9781119315711, $199.95; ISBN 9781119315759 pbk, $59.99; ISBN 9781119315933 ebook, $47.99; 58-1531

Women’s journey to empowerment in the 21st century: a transnational feminist analysis of women’s lives in modern times, ed. by Kristen Zaleski et al. Oxford, 2020. 444p bibl index ISBN 9780190927097, $55.00; ISBN 9780190927103 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-1532