The Top 75 Community College Titles: December 2016 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the December issue of Choice.


APA college dictionary of psychology, ed. by Gary R. VandenBos. 2nd ed. American Psychological Association, 2016. 518p ISBN 9781433821585 pbk, $19.95; ISBN 9781433821592 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1521

Desmond, Kevin. Innovators in battery technology: profiles of 93 influential electrochemists. McFarland, 2016. 271p bibl index afp ISBN 9780786499335 pbk, $45.00; ISBN 9781476622781 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1518

Encyclopaedia of Islam Three, ed. by Kate Fleet et al. Brill. Annual academic subscription is $3,800.00; outright purchase for bundled editions is $31,730.00, with annual fee of $1,170.00. URL:, 54-1505

Garner, Bryan A. The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation. Chicago, 2016. 583p bibl indexes afp ISBN 9780226188850, $45.00; ISBN 9780226191294 ebook, $45.00; 54-1506

Johnston, Coy H. Careers in law enforcement. SAGE Publishing, 2016. 254p index afp ISBN 9781483379067 pbk, $34.00; 54-1528

Kirschenbaum, Matthew G. Track changes: a literary history of word processing. Belknap, Harvard, 2016. 344p index afp ISBN 9780674417076, $29.95; ISBN 9780674969469 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1507

Lee, A. D. Pagans and Christians in late antiquity: a sourcebook. Routledge, 2016. 343p bibl indexes afp ISBN 9781138020313, $135.00; ISBN 9781138020320 pbk, $49.95; ISBN 9781315684253 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1515

Lively, Donald E. Contemporary Supreme Court cases: landmark decisions since Roe v. Wade, by Donald E. Lively and D. Scott Broyles. 2nd ed. ABC-CLIO, 2016. 2v bibl index afp ISBN 9781440837128, $189.00; ISBN 9781440837135 ebook, con-tact publisher for price; 54-1529

MLA handbook. Modern Language Association of America, 2016. 146p index afp ISBN 9781603292627 pbk, $12.00; ISBN 9781603292641 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1508


Brodie, Judith. Three centuries of American prints from the National Gallery of Art, [by] Judith Brodie, Amy Johnston, and Mi-chael J. Lewis; with contributions by John Fagg et al. Thames & Hudson, 2016. 347p bibl index afp ISBN 9780500239520, $60.00; 54-1539

Büttner, Nils. Hieronymus Bosch: visions and nightmares. Reaktion Books, 2016. 208p bibl index ISBN 9781780235790, $22.50; 54-1550

Caminero-Santangelo, Marta. Documenting the undocumented: Latino/a narratives and social justice in the era of Operation Gatekeeper. University Press of Florida, 2016. 296p bibl index afp ISBN 9780813062594, $79.95; ISBN 9780813055824 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1592

Cardinal-Pett, Clare. A history of architecture and urbanism in the Americas. Routledge, 2016. 526p bibl index ISBN 9780415534925, $180.00; ISBN 9780415534932 pbk, $95.00; ISBN 9781315691817 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1559

Collini, Stefan. Common writing: essays on literary culture and public debate. Oxford, 2016. 354p bibl index ISBN 9780198758969, $50.00; ISBN 9780191076763 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1593

Consalvo, Mia. Atari to Zelda: Japan’s videogames in global contexts. MIT, 2016. 259p index afp ISBN 9780262034395, $32.00; ISBN 9780262332187 ebook, $23.00; 54-1567

Dighe, Ranjit, S. The historian’s Huck Finn: reading Mark Twain’s masterpiece as social and economic history, annot. by Ranjit S. Dighe. Praeger, 2016. 352p bibl index afp ISBN 9781440833489, $58.00; ISBN 9781610699419 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9781440833496 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1595

Hicks, Heather J. The post-apocalyptic novel in the twenty-first century: modernity beyond salvage. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 208p bibl index ISBN 9781137553669, $95.00; ISBN 9781137545848 ebook, $95.00; 54-1597

Love, Nancy S. Trendy fascism: white power music and the future of democracy. SUNY Press, 2016. 255p bibl index afp ISBN 9781438462035, $85.00; ISBN 9781438462059 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1637

Making love in the twelfth century: letters of two lovers in context, a new translation with commentary by Barbara Newman. Pennsylvania, 2016. 365p bibl indexes afp ISBN 9780812248098, $59.95; ISBN 9780812292725 ebook, $59.95; 54-1581

Melehy, Hassan. Kerouac: language, poetics, and territory. Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. 255p bibl index ISBN 9781501314346, $120.00; ISBN 9781501314353 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1603

The Oxford handbook of historical phonology, ed. by Patrick Honeybone and Joseph Salmons. Oxford, 2015. 792p bibl index ISBN 9780199232819, $150.00; ISBN 9780191750243 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1583

Paul, William. When movies were theater: architecture, exhibition, and the evolution of American film. Columbia, 2016. 422p bibl index afp ISBN 9780231176569, $120.00; ISBN 9780231176576 pbk, $40.00; ISBN 9780231541374 ebook, $39.99; 54-1630

Seibert, Brian. What the eye hears: a history of tap dancing. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015. 612p index ISBN 9780865479531, $35.00; ISBN 9780374536510 pbk, $18.00; ISBN 9781429947619 ebook, $16.99; 54-1641

Speicher, Allison. Schooling readers: reading common schools in nineteenth-century American fiction. Alabama, 2016. 237p bibl index afp ISBN 9780817319168, $54.95; ISBN 9780817389918 ebook, $54.95; 54-1609

Whitfield, Peter. Mapping Shakespeare’s world. Bodleian Library, 2016. 198p bibl index ISBN 9781851242573 pbk, $45.00; 54-1613

Wilson, Catherine. Epicureanism: a very short introduction. Oxford, 2016. 136p bibl index (Very short introductions, 452) ISBN 9780199688326 pbk, $11.95; ISBN 9780191808951 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1657

Wordsworth and the green Romantics: affect and ecology in the nineteenth century, ed. by Lisa Ottum and Seth T. Reno. New Hampshire, 2016. 253p bibl index afp ISBN 9781611688948, $85.00; ISBN 9781611688955 pbk, $40.00; ISBN 9781611689549 ebook, $34.99; 54-1614

Woven threads: patterned textiles of the Aegean Bronze Age, ed. by Maria C. Shaw and Anne P. Chapin. Oxbow Books, 2016. 279p bibl (Ancient textile series, 22) ISBN 9781785700583, $27.50; ISBN 9781785700590 ebook, $27.50; 54-1548


Bolker, Ethan D. Common sense mathematics, by Ethan D. Bolker and Maura B. Mast. Mathematical Association of America, 2016. 308p bibl index ISBN 9781939512109, $60.00; ISBN 9781614446217 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1782

Chion, Michel. Sound: an acoulogical treatise, tr. and introd. by James A. Steintrager. Duke, 2016. 283p bibl index afp ISBN 9780822360223, $94.95; ISBN 9780822360391 pbk, $25.95; ISBN 9780822374824 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1794

Clinical exercise science, ed. by Andrew Scott and Christopher Gidlow. Routledge, 2016. 313p bibl index ISBN 9780415708401, $160.00; ISBN 9780415708418 pbk, $59.95; ISBN 9781134617845 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1757

Darkroom dynamics: a guide to creative darkroom techniques: 35th anniversary annotated reissue, ed. by Jim Stone. Focal Press, 2016. 199p index ISBN 9781138944640, $150.00; ISBN 9781138944633 pbk, $44.95; ISBN 9781315671789 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1687

Frisbee, Meg. Counterpunch: the cultural battles over heavyweight prizefighting in the American West. Washington, 2016. 245p bibl index afp ISBN 9780295995465, $40.00; ISBN 9780295806440 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1801

Gershwin, Lisa-Ann. Jellyfish: a natural history. Chicago, 2016. 224p bibl index afp ISBN 9780226287676, $40.00; ISBN 9780226287706 ebook, $24.00; 54-1721

Hastings, Kevin J. Introduction to financial mathematics. CRC Press, 2016. 407p index afp ISBN 9781498723909, $92.95; ISBN 9781498723954 ebook, $65.07; 54-1784

Kramer, Peter D. Ordinarily well: the case for antidepressants. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016. 310p index ISBN 9780374280673, $27.00; ISBN 9780374708962 ebook, $12.99; 54-1764

The Palgrave handbook of society, culture and outer space, ed. by Peter Dickens and James S. Ormrod. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 480p bibl index ISBN 9781137363510, $216.00; ISBN 9781137363527 ebook, $169.00; 54-1691

River algae, ed. by Orlando Necchi Jr. Springer, 2016. 279p bibl index afp ISBN 9783319319834, $129.00; ISBN 9783319319841 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1711

Ruparelia, Nayan B. Cloud computing. MIT, 2016. 260p bibl index afp ISBN 9780262529099 pbk, $15.95; ISBN 9780262334112 ebook, $11.95; 54-1780

Schecter, Stephen. Game theory in action: an introduction to classical and evolutionary models, by Stephen Schecter and Herbert Gintis. Princeton, 2016. 274p index afp ISBN 9780691167640, $80.00; ISBN 9780691167657 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781400880881 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1791

Science and the internet: communicating knowledge in a digital age, ed. by Alan G. Gross and Jonathan Buehl. Baywood Pub-lishing, 2016. 323p bibl index afp ISBN 9780895038975, $78.95; ISBN 9780895038982 pbk, $63.95; ISBN 9780895038999 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1685

Stellabotte, Fred. Weight training without injury: over 350 step-by-step pictures including what not to do!, by Fred Stellabotte and Rachel Straub. Regalis, 2016. 280p index ISBN 9780996263849, $99.99; ISBN 9780996263818 pbk, $59.99; 54-1802

Taylor, Nicole. Schooled on fat: what teens tell us about gender, body image, and obesity. Routledge, 2016. 185p bibl index afp ISBN 9781138924208, $130.00; ISBN 9781138924215 pbk, $35.95; ISBN 9781317409366 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1773

Wilkinson, John. The solar system in close-up. Springer, 2016. 291p index afp ISBN 9783319276274 pbk, $34.99; ISBN 9783319276298 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1695


Anderson, Betty S. A history of the modern Middle East: rulers, rebels, and rogues. Stanford, 2016. 520p bibl index afp ISBN 9780804783248 pbk, $44.95; ISBN 9780804798754 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1887

Barnard, Alex V. Freegans: diving into the wealth of food waste in America. Minnesota, 2016. 294p index afp ISBN 9780816698110, $87.50; ISBN 9780816698134 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9781452945408 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1803

Budiansky, Stephen. Code warriors: NSA’s codebreakers and the secret intelligence war against the Soviet Union. Knopf, 2016. 389p bibl index ISBN 9780385352666, $30.00; ISBN 9780385352673 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1893

Civil rights and beyond: African American and Latino/a activism in the twentieth-century United States, ed. by Brian D. Behnken. Georgia, 2016. 270p index afp ISBN 9780820349169, $79.95; ISBN 9780820349176 pbk, $27.95; ISBN 9780820349152 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1895

Derber, Charles. Bully nation: how the American establishment creates a bullying society, by Charles Derber and Yale R. Magrass. University Press of Kansas, 2016. 272p index afp ISBN 9780700622603, $24.95; ISBN 9780700622641 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-2016

Goff, Lisa. Shantytown, USA: forgotten landscapes of the working poor. Harvard, 2016. 305p index ISBN 9780674660458, $35.00; ISBN 9780674968967 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1836

Gray, Drew D. Crime, policing and punishment in England, 1660–1914. Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. 393p bibl index ISBN 9781441135636, $120.00; ISBN 9781441117656 pbk, $39.95; ISBN 9781472579287 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1928

Hardman, John. The life of Louis XVI. Yale, 2016. 499p bibl index afp ISBN 9780300220421, $40.00; ISBN 9780300221657 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1933

Hayes, Danny. Women on the run: gender, media, and political campaigns in a polarized era, by Danny Hayes and Jennifer L. Lawless. Cambridge, 2016. 185p bibl index ISBN 9781107115583, $99.99; ISBN 9781107535862 pbk, $24.99; 54-1999

Henry, Lyell D. The Jefferson Highway: blazing the way from Winnipeg to New Orleans. Iowa, 2016. 214p bibl index afp ISBN 9781609384210 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9781609384227 ebook, $29.95; 54-1901

A History of the global economy: from 1500 to the present, ed. by Joerg Baten. Cambridge/International Economic History Asso-ciation, 2016. 369p bibl index ISBN 9781107104709, $119.99; ISBN 9781107507180 pbk, $39.99; 54-1838

Hulme, David. Should rich nations help the poor? Polity, 2016. 139p bibl ISBN 9780745686059, $45.00; ISBN 9780745686066 pbk, $12.95; ISBN 9780745686097 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1965

Immigrant and refugee children and families: culturally responsive practice, ed. by Alan J. Dettlaff and Rowena Fong. Colum-bia, 2016. 524p bibl index afp ISBN 9780231172844, $120.00; ISBN 9780231172851 pbk, $40.00; ISBN 9780231541794 ebook, $39.99; 54-1806

Inazu, John D. Confident pluralism: surviving and thriving through deep difference. Chicago, 2016. 168p index afp ISBN 9780226365459, $29.00; ISBN 9780226365596 ebook, $29.00; 54-1979

Jenkins, Earnestine Lovelle. Race, representation & photography in 19th-century Memphis: from slavery to Jim Crow. Ashgate, 2016. 303p bibl index afp ISBN 9781409468196, $149.95; 54-1903

Kim, Hyun Jin. The Huns. Routledge, 2015 (c2016). 193p bibl index afp ISBN 9781138841710, $140.00; ISBN 97811
38841758 pbk, $44.95; ISBN 9781315661704 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1854

Krasovic, Mark. The Newark frontier: community action in the Great Society. Chicago, 2016. 366p index afp ISBN 9780226352794, $45.00; ISBN 9780226352824 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1905

Madley, Benjamin. An American genocide: the United States and the California Indian catastrophe, 1846-1873. Yale, 2016. 692p bibl index afp ISBN 9780300181364, $38.00; ISBN 9780300182170 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1908

McPhee, Peter. Liberty or death: the French Revolution. Yale, 2016. 468p bibl index afp ISBN 9780300189933, $35.00; ISBN 9780300219500 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1935

McWilliams, Carey. North from Mexico: the Spanish-speaking people of the United States. Praeger, 2016. 448p index afp ISBN 9781440836824, $75.00; ISBN 9781440849855 pbk, $37.00; ISBN 9781440836831 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1910

Means, Howard. 67 shots: Kent State and the end of American innocence. Da Capo Press, 2016. 261p bibl index ISBN 9780306823794, $25.99; ISBN 9780306823800 ebook, $17.99; 54-1911

Milroy, Elizabeth. The grid and the river: Philadelphia’s green places, 1682–1876. Pennsylvania State, 2016. 418p bibl index afp ISBN 9780271066769, $64.95; 54-1912

The Oxford handbook of Asian American history, ed. by David K. Yoo and Eiichiro Azuma. Oxford, 2016. 524p bibl index afp ISBN 9780199860463, $150.00; ISBN 9780199983216 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1914

The Psychic hold of slavery: legacies in American expressive culture, ed. by Soyica Diggs Colbert, Robert J. Patterson, and Aida Levy-Hussen. Rutgers, 2016. 246p bibl index ISBN 9780813583969, $90.00; ISBN 9780813583952 pbk, $28.95; ISBN 9780813583976 ebook, $28.95; 54-1916

Reséndez, Andrés. The other slavery: the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016. 431p index ISBN 9780547640983, $30.00; ISBN 9780544602670 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1918

Scher, Richard K. Political campaigns in the United States. Routledge, 2016. 208p index ISBN 9781138181830, $140.00; ISBN 9781138181861 pbk, $49.95; 54-2004

Sovacool, Benjamin K. Fact and fiction in global energy policy: fifteen contentious questions, by Benjamin K. Sovacool, Marilyn A. Brown, and Scott V. Valentine. Johns Hopkins, 2016. 370p index afp ISBN 9781421418971 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781421418988 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1943

Sulosky Weaver, Carrie L. The bioarchaeology of classical Kamarina: life and death in Greek Sicily. University Press of Florida, 2015. 336p bibl index afp ISBN 9780813061122, $84.95; ISBN 9780813055541 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1821

Tulloch, Carol. The birth of cool: style narratives of the African diaspora. Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. 254p bibl index ISBN 9781859734650, $94.00; ISBN 9781859734704 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781474262873 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-2023

Virelli, Louis J, III. Disqualifying the high court: Supreme Court recusal and the constitution. University Press of Kansas, 2016. 275p index afp ISBN 9780700622719, $39.95; ISBN 9780700622726 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1945

Zug, Marcia A. Buying a bride: an engaging history of mail-order matches. New York University, 2016. 305p index afp ISBN 9780814771815, $30.00; ISBN 9781479882830 ebook, contact publisher for price; 54-1925