The Top 75 Community College Titles: August 2020 Edition

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in recent issues of Choice.

The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in recent issues of Choice.


The Atlas of Boston history, ed. by Nancy S. Seasholes. Chicago, 2019. 209p bibl index ISBN 9780226631158, $40.00; ISBN 9780226631295 ebook, $40.00; 57-3535

Bloomberg Professional. Bloomsbury. Contact publisher for pricing. Internet Resource.
URL:; 57-3529

Creative commons for educators and librarians. ALA Neal-Schuman, 2019 (c2020). 143p bibl index ISBN 9780838919460, $44.99; 57-3519

Dawson, Heather. A-Z common reference questions for academic librarians. 2nd ed. Facet Publishing, 2019 (c2020). 370p index ISBN 9781783304110 pbk, $79.99; ISBN 978178330413; 57-3520

Films on Demand: Master Academic Video Collection. Infobase. Contact publisher for pricing. Internet Resource. URL:; 57-3521

Green, Jonathan D. Choral-orchestral repertoire: a conductor’s guide, by Jonathan D. Green and David W. Oertel. Omnibus ed. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 718p bibl index ISBN 9781442244665, $130.00; ISBN 9781442244672 ebook, $123.50; 57-3522

Mason OER Metafinder. George Mason University Press. Contact publisher for pricing. Internet Resource. URL:; 57-3525

Steed, Brian L. ISIS: the essential reference guide. ABC-CLIO, 2019. 307p bibl index ISBN 9781440864612, $97.00; ISBN 9781440864629 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3534


Aarons, Victoria. Holocaust graphic narratives: generation, trauma, and memory. Rutgers, 2019 (c2020). 241p bibl index ISBN 9781978802568, $120.00; ISBN 9781978802551 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9781978802575 ebook, $24.95; 57-3567

Burnside, John. The music of time: poetry in the twentieth century. Princeton, 2020. 510p bibl index ISBN 9780691201559, $35.00; ISBN 9780691201566 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3568

Clarke, Michael. Achilles beside Gilgamesh: mortality and wisdom in early epic poetry. Cambridge, 2020 (c2019). 385p bibl indexes ISBN 9781108481786, $39.99; ISBN 9781108639354 ebook, $32.00; 57-3573

Freemasonry and the visual arts from the eighteenth century forward: historical and global perspectives, ed. by Reva Wolf and Alisa Luxenberg. Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019 (c2020). 286p bibl index ISBN 9781501337963, $120.00; ISBN 9781501337970 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3542

Heine, Ronald E. Origen: an introduction to his life and thought. Cascade Books, 2019. 170p bibl index ISBN 9781498288958 pbk, $23.00; 57-3609

Herbert, Christopher. Evangelical Gothic: the English novel and the religious war on virtue from Wesley to Dracula. Virginia, 2019. 278p bibl index ISBN 9780813943404, $45.00; ISBN 9780813943411 pbk, $45.00; ISBN 9780813943411 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3580

King, Grace Elizabeth. A New Orleans author in Mark Twain’s court: letters from Grace King’s New England sojourns, ed. by Miki Pfeffer. Louisiana State, 2019. 304p bibl index ISBN 9780807169735, $55.00; ISBN 9780807172810 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3581

Kornhaber, Donna. Nightmares in the dream sanctuary: war and the animated film. Chicago, 2020. 279p bibl index ISBN 9780226472683, $35.00; ISBN 9780226472713 ebook, $21.00; 57-3593

Mack, John. The artfulness of death in Africa. Reaktion Books, 2019. 283p bibl index ISBN 9781789141238, $55.00; 57-3547

Making marvels: science and splendor at the courts of Europe, ed. by Wolfram Koeppe. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2019. 307p bibl index ISBN 9781588396778, $65.00; 57-3548

Morris, Desmond. Postures: body language in art. Thames & Hudson, 2019. 319p index ISBN 9780500022610, $39.95; 57-3549

Mulvey, Laura. Afterimages: on cinema, women and changing times. Chicago, 2020 (c2019). 286p bibl index ISBN 9781789141221, $25.00; ISBN 9781789141634 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3595

Robinson, Suzanne. Peggy Glanville-Hicks: composer and critic. Illinois, 2019. 314p bibl indexes ISBN 9780252042560, $110.00; ISBN 9780252084393 pbk, $30.00; ISBN 9780252051401 ebook, $19.95; 57-3599

The Sorites paradox, ed. by Sergi Oms and Elia Zardini. Cambridge, 2020 (c2019). 334p bibl index ISBN 9781107163997, $84.99; ISBN 9781316615690 pbk, $29.99; ISBN 9781316730485 ebook, $24.00; 57-3607

Theology of the Hebrew Bible: v.1: Methodological studies, ed. by Marvin A. Sweeney. SBL Press, 2019. 259p bibl indexes (Resources for biblical study, 92) ISBN 9780884143017, $50.95; ISBN 9781628372144 pbk, $35.95; ISBN 9780884143024 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3613

Science & Technology

Ames, Morgan G. The charisma machine: the life, death, and legacy of one laptop per child. MIT, 2019. 309p bibl index ISBN 9780262537445 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9780262353892 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3661

Brant, Cory. Great Lakes sea lamprey: the 70 year war on a biological invader, foreword by Jerry Dennis. Michigan, 2019. 180p index ISBN 9780472131563, $24.95; ISBN 9780472126033 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3626

Brill’s companion to sieges in the ancient Mediterranean, ed. by Jeremy Armstrong and Matthew Trundle. Brill, 2019. 353p bibl indexes (Brill’s companions in classical studies: warfare in the ancient Mediterranean world, 3) ISBN 9789004373617, $155.00; ISBN 9789004413740 ebook, $155.00; 57-3619

Cleland, Carol. The quest for a universal theory of life: searching for life as we don’t know it. Cambridge, 2019. 245p bibl index (Cambridge astrobiology, 11) ISBN 9780521873246, $79.99; ISBN 9781108659949 ebook, $64.00; 57-3627

Downey, Lynn. Arequipa Sanatorium: life in California’s lung resort for women. Oklahoma, 2019. 286p bibl index ISBN 9780806163956 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9780806165097 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3653

Greene, Brian. Until the end of time: mind, matter, and our search for meaning in an evolving universe. Knopf, 2020. 428p bibl index ISBN 9781524731670, $30.00; ISBN 9781524731687 ebook, $15.99; 58-0143

Hooper, Dan. At the edge of time: exploring the universe’s first seconds. Yale, 2019. 233p index ISBN 9780691183565, $24.95; ISBN 9780691197005 ebook, contact publisher for price; 58-0145

Kesler, Stephen E. Great Lakes rocks: 4 billion years of geologic history in the Great Lakes region. Michigan, 2019. 336p bibl index ISBN 9780472073801, $80.00; ISBN 9780472053803 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9780472123742 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3640

Kirchhelle, Claas. Pyrrhic progress: the history of antibiotics in Anglo-American food production. Rutgers, 2020. 431p bibl index ISBN 9780813591483, $120.00; ISBN 9780813591476 pbk, $59.95; ISBN 9780813591490 ebook, $59.95; 58-0128

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne. Medieval meteorology: forecasting the weather from Aristotle to the almanac. Cambridge, 2020. 228p bibl index ISBN 9781108418393, $84.99; ISBN 9781108406000 pbk, $28.99; ISBN 9781108307505 ebook, $23.00; 58-0094

Nanohybrids in environmental & biomedical applications, ed. by Surender Kumar Sharma. CRC Press, 2019. 346p index ISBN 9780815367628, $174.95; ISBN 9781351256841 ebook, $57.95; 58-0120

The Natural history of the Bahamas: a field guide, by Dave Currie et al. Comstock Publishing Associates, 2019. 454p bibl index ISBN 9781501713675 pbk, $34.95; ISBN 9781501738036 ebook, $17.95; 57-3628

Ott, Jennifer. Olmsted in Seattle: creating a park system for a modern city. HistoryLink/Documentary Media, 2019. 175p bibl index ISBN 9781933245560 pbk, $29.95; 57-3621

Outka, Elizabeth. Viral modernism: the influenza pandemic and interwar literature. Columbia, 2019 (c2020). 326p bibl index ISBN 9780231185745, $105.00; ISBN 9780231185752 pbk, $35.00; ISBN 9780231546317 ebook, $34.99; 58-0132

Preston, Richard. Crisis in the red zone: the story of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, and of the outbreaks to come. Random House, 2019. 475p ISBN 9780812998832, $28.00; ISBN 9780812998849 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3659

Savanna woody plants and large herbivores, ed. by Peter Frank Scogings and Mahesh Sankaran. Wiley, 2019 (c2020). 756p bibl index ISBN 9781119081104, $195.00; ISBN 9781119081128 ebook, $156.99; 58-0109

Scientific instruments between East and West, ed. by Neil Brown, Silke Ackermann, and Feza Günergun. Brill, 2019. 283p index (Scientific instruments and collections; 7) ISBN 9789004412835, $168.00; ISBN 9789004412842 ebook, $168.00; 57-3622

Sheehan, Kevin. Winning the game of belief: cultivating the cultural grit that defines America’s greatest coaches. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 125p bibl ISBN 9781475848991, $60.00; ISBN 9781475849011 pbk, $30.00; ISBN 9781475849004 ebook, $28.50; 57-3676

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Artifacts from American fashion, ed. by Heather Vaughan Lee. Greenwood, 2019 (c2020). 378p bibl index ISBN 9781440864575, $103.00; ISBN 9781440864582 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3759

Babb, Sarah. Regulating human research: IRBs from peer review to compliance bureaucracy. Stanford, 2020. 171p bibl index ISBN 9781503610149, $70.00; ISBN 9781503611221 pbk, $22.00; ISBN 9781503611238 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3715

Barton, Benjamin H. Fixing law schools: from collapse to the Trump bump and beyond. New York University, 2019. 287p index ISBN 9781479866557, $30.00; 57-3801

Boone, Mary Elizabeth. “The Spanish element in our nationality”: Spain and America at the world’s fairs and centennial celebrations, 1876–1915. Pennsylvania State, 2019. 239p bibl index ISBN 9780271083315, $99.95; 57-3729

Brown, Bryan Anthony. Science in the city: culturally relevant STEM education. Harvard Education Press, 2019. 168p index ISBN 9781682533758, $60.00; ISBN 9781682533741 pbk, $31.00; 57-3716

Chun, Edna B. Rethinking diversity frameworks in higher education, by Edna B. Chun and Joe R. Feagin. Routledge, 2019. 233p index ISBN 9780367279523, $160.00; ISBN 9780367279530 pbk, $42.95; ISBN 9780429298929 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3718

Doğangün, Gökten Huriye. Gender politics in Turkey and Russia: from state feminism to authoritarian rule. I. B. Tauris, 2019 (c2020). 179p bibl index ISBN 9781838604356, $115.00; ISBN 9781838604370 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3748

Donnelly, Catherine W. Ending the war on artisan cheese: the inside story of government overreach and the struggle to save traditional raw milk cheesemakers. Chelsea Green, 2019. 209p index ISBN 9781603587853 pbk, $24.95; ISBN 9781603587860 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3705

Drouillard, Staci Lola. Walking the old road: a people’s history of Chippewa City and the Grand Marais Anishinaabe. Minnesota, 2019. 302p index ISBN 9781517903404 pbk, $21.95; ISBN 9781452960241 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3763

Egerton, Douglas R. Heirs of an honored name: the decline of the Adams family and the rise of modern America. Basic Books, 2019. 460p index ISBN 9780465093885, $35.00; ISBN 9781541699700 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3764

Eyal, Nir. Indistractable: how to control your attention and choose your life, by Nir Eyal with Julie Li. BenBella Books, 2019. 273p index ISBN 9781948836531, $26.95; ISBN 9781948836531 ebook, $12.99; 57-3810

Fear itself: the causes and consequences of fear in America, by Christopher D. Bader et al. New York University, 2020. 185p bibl index ISBN 9781479864362, $89.00; ISBN 9781479869817 pbk, $26.00; 57-3823

Fifty years of peasant wars in Latin America, ed. by Leigh Binford, Lesley Gill, and Steve Striffler. Berghahn Books, 2020. 220p bibl index (Dislocations, 28) ISBN 9781789205619, $120.00; ISBN 9781789205626 ebook, $29.95; 57-3693

Fitzpatrick, Brian T. The conservative case for class actions. Chicago, 2019. 271p bibl index ISBN 9780226659336, $32.50; ISBN 9780226659473 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3804

Fullam, Brandon. Manteo and the Algonquians of the Roanoke Voyages. McFarland, 2019 (c2020). 220p bibl index ISBN 9781476678016 pbk, $29.95; ISBN 9781476638249 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3766

Harris, Ron. Going the distance: Eurasian trade and the rise of the business corporation, 1400–1700. Princeton, 2020. 465p bibl index ISBN 9780691150772, $39.95; ISBN 9780691185804 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3680

Henke, Marina E. Constructing allied cooperation: diplomacy, payments, and power in multilateral military coalitions. Cornell, 2019. 242p bibl index ISBN 9781501739699, $47.95; ISBN 9781501739712 ebook, $23.99; 57-3791

Hopkins, Rob. From what is to what if: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want. Chelsea Green, 2019. 228p index ISBN 9781603589055, $24.95; ISBN 9781603589062 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3811

Keels, Micere. Campus counterspaces: black and Latinx students’ search for community at historically white universities. Cornell, 2020 (c2019). 224p bibl index ISBN 9781501746888, $115.00; ISBN 9781501747908 pbk, $19.95; ISBN 9781501746895 ebook, $9.99; 57-3720

Khosla, Madhav. India’s founding moment: the constitution of a most surprising democracy. Harvard, 2020. 219p index ISBN 9780674980877, $45.00; ISBN 9780674245709 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3787

Making the revolution: histories of the Latin American Left, ed. by Kevin A. Young. Cambridge, 2019. 302p bibl index ISBN 9781108423991, $99.99; ISBN 9781108439251 pbk, $29.99; ISBN 9781108335300 ebook, $24.00; 57-3754

Margaret of Anjou. The letters of Margaret of Anjou, ed. by Helen Maurer and B. M. Cron. Boydell Press, 2019. 303p bibl index ISBN 9781783274246, $120.00; ISBN 9781787445666 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3775

McDonnell, Duncan. International populism: the radical Right in the European parliament, by Duncan McDonnell and Annika Werner. Oxford, 2020 (c2019). 282p index ISBN 9780197500859 pbk, $39.95; 57-3792

McKay, Sinclair. The fire and the darkness: the bombing of Dresden, 1945. St. Martin’s, 2020. 369p index ISBN 9781250258014, $32.50; ISBN 9781250258007 ebook, $16.99; 57-3782

Medieval historical writing: Britain and Ireland, 500–1500, ed. by Jennifer Jahner, Emily Steiner, and Elizabeth M. Tyler. Cambridge, 2020 (c2019). 581p bibl index ISBN 9781107163362, $150.00; 57-3776

Peakman, Julie. Licentious worlds: sex and exploitation in global empires. Chicago, 2019. 357p bibl index ISBN 9781789141405, $35.00; ISBN 9781789141733 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3684

Penslar, Derek Jonathan. Theodor Herzl: the charismatic leader. Yale, 2020. 239p index ISBN 9780300180404, $26.00; ISBN 9780300182507 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3734

Stehlin, John G. Cyclescapes of the unequal city: bicycle infrastructure and uneven development. Minnesota, 2019. 288p index ISBN 9781517903800, $108.00; ISBN 9781517903817 pbk, $27.00; ISBN 9781452960425 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3785

Thomas, Lynn M. Beneath the surface: a transnational history of skin lighteners. Duke, 2020. 352p bibl index ISBN 9781478005384, $104.95; ISBN 9781478006428 pbk, $28.95; ISBN 9781478007050 ebook, $28.95; 57-3699

Thompson, Gardner. Legacy of empire: Britain, Zionism and the creation of Israel. Saqi Books, 2020 (c2019). 350p index ISBN 9780863563614, $26.95; ISBN 978086356386 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3757

Urban, Elizabeth. Conquered populations in early Islam: non-Arabs, slaves and the sons of slave mothers. Edinburgh University Press, 2020. (Dist. by Oxford.) 217p bibl index ISBN 9781474423212, $110.00; ISBN 9781474423236 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3758

Urbansky, Sören. Beyond the steppe frontier: a history of the Sino-Russian border. Princeton, 2020. 367p bibl index ISBN 9780691181684, $39.95; ISBN 9780691195445 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3746

Williamson, Adrian. Europe and the decline of social democracy in Britain: from Attlee to Brexit. Boydell Press, 2019. 368p bibl index ISBN 9781783274437, $34.95; ISBN 9781787446489 ebook, contact publisher for price; 57-3777

Wisdom engaged: traditional knowledge for northern community well-being, ed. by Leslie Main Johnson. Polynya Press, 2020. 402p bibl index (Patterns of northern traditional healing, 3 ) ISBN 9781772124101 pbk, $39.99; ISBN 9781772124729 ebook, $39.99; 57-3702