The Rise of Yeast

Learn more about the precious ingredient that makes beer and bread possible

The rise of yeast : how the sugar fungus shaped civilization

Money, Nicholas P. Oxford, 2018
210p index, 9780190270711 $24.95, 9780190270728

The Rise of Yeast manages to effortlessly blend popular and technical science writing. Divided into seven concise, engaging chapters, the volume offers an homage to the single-celled fungus known as yeast. This text goes beyond exploring yeast’s role in bread and beer; Money (botany, Miami Univ.) weaves science together with philosophy, anecdotes, and dry wit, and his analysis connects mycology, chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, biotechnology, food science, nutrition, immunology, and evolution. Discussion ranges from yeast’s role in human history to its future potential, whether in the development of revolutionary new drugs or for novel sources of sustainable energy. A creative instructor could use this text to frame a general education course or focus on aspects for a majors or special-topics course. A curious food lover might enjoy this book just as much as a science student, gaining an appreciation of the tiny cell that offers many of the best things in life.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readers.
Reviewer: D. Schulman, Lake Erie College
Subject: Science & Technology – Biology – Botany
Choice Issue: Sep 2018