The Olympic Games

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Understanding the Olympics, 2nd ed.

Horne, John. by John Horne and Garry Whannel Routledge, 2016
325p bibl index, 9781138890244 $160.00, 9781138890251 $59.95, 9781315712529

Understanding the Olympics, 2nd ed. book cover

The Olympic Games are undeniably the world’s ultimate sporting mega-event. In this update to the first edition (CH, Mar’12, 49-3923), Horne (sport and sociology, Univ. of Central Lancashire, UK) and Whannel (media cultures, Univ. of Bedfordshire, UK) provide an extensive dialogue about the Olympic Games from social, cultural, political, historical, and economic viewpoints. The book is organized into three parts: accounts of contemporary Olympic Games, a historical examination of the ancient Games and the revival of the modern Games, and a look at the future of the Olympic Games. This book is truly an appealing and useful introduction to the Games. This edition contains updated facts, statistics, research, and anecdotal evidence from the authors, who are well versed in Olympic sport. These pieces support this book as a useful tool in comprehending the complexity of the Olympic Games. This work is recommended for any individual interested in or learning more about the Games.

Summing Up: Recommended. Faculty and general readers.
Reviewer: M. E. Beagle, Berea College
Subject: Science & Technology – Sports & Recreation
Choice Issue: Mar 2017