Technology Segregation

Let's take a look at inequity in technology across American schools.

Technology segregation : disrupting racist frameworks in early childhood education

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Tager, Miriam. Lexington Books, 2020
137p bibl index, 9781498584432 $85.00, 9781498584449 $80.50

The author’s experience working in early childhood education is evident from the numerous vignettes and sample conversations she recounts—elements that give face to students of color affected by the segregative practices she details. Tager (Westfield State Univ.) presents numerous citations and statistics illustrating the level of inequity and the inaccurate assumptions regarding many young students’ access to technology. Beyond the discussion of technology segregation, the book explores deeper issues of racism in schools and the historical development of the modern segregated school and segregated neighborhood as they grew out of economic and political events. The economic aspect of technology segregation, and of racism on the whole, is a central topic and the subject of much reflection throughout the book. The work culminates in suggestions for disrupting systemic racism as it currently manifests in school systems using a multifaceted approach. Technology Segregation does a wonderful job of drawing attention to issues of racism in early childhood education, and is certainly a worthwhile read even for those without a strong technology focus in their classrooms.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty; professionals.
Reviewer: M. Mohkamkar, Florida State University
Subject: Social & Behavioral Sciences – Education
Choice Issue: Jun 2020