Teach for Climate Justice

Happy Earth Day! This week's review provides an intersectional, community-driven roadmap for students and educators to engage in climate justice.

Teach for Climate Justice: A Vision for Transforming Education

Roderick, Tom. Harvard Education Press, 2023
296p bibl index, 9781682538074 $37.00, 9781682538081

Teach for Climate Justice: A Vision for Transforming Education book cover.

Beyond books merely addressing the issues underpinning environmental education, this interdisciplinary guide to promoting climate justice is perhaps the best education book this reviewer has read in a year. Roderick (independent scholar) places students and the community at the forefront of learning and teaching. The importance of cultivating a deep love of nature is the foundation of this book. The comprehensive strategy of fostering climate and social justice it presents is developmentally on target—and that is no small accomplishment. Topics like climate change, air pollution, land conservation, and biodiversity loss are inherently stressful issues to address in classrooms—even frightening for many students—and although this approach advocates deep understandings of these and other urgent issues, they are dealt with in a way that enhances community and promotes agency. The chapters are well sequenced, and notions of “active hope” and transformative grassroots approaches come on the heels of addressing these timely global challenges. Crossing the boundaries of policy, curriculum, and practice, this easily accessible book will be well received across a variety of contexts in K–16 education. The resources presented in the appendix will be most welcome for educators looking to engage in this work in an immediate and impactful way.

Summing Up: Essential. Advanced undergraduates through faculty; professionals.
: D. M. Moss, University of Connecticut
Interdisciplinary Subject: Environmental Studies
Subject: Social & Behavioral Sciences – Education
Choice Issue: Jan 2024

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