Psycho-Oncology 4th ed.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this week's review addresses the psychological effects of cancer on patients and caregivers, examining risk, treatment, and survivorship.

Psycho-Oncology 4th ed.

ed. by William Breitbart et al Oxford, 2021
880p bibl index, 9780190097653 $235.00, 9780190097677

This is the fourth edition of this comprehensive work and the first that psycho-oncology founder Jimmie C. Holland MD (1928–2017) did not edit. It is the preeminent review of psycho-oncology literature worldwide. Psycho-oncology is a cancer specialty that addresses the psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social issues of cancer patients and survivors, their families, and caregivers. Psychological issues arise at diagnosis, during treatment, and in post-treatment periods. The research now embraces consideration of differences according to age as well as gender, racial, and ethnic orientation and type of cancer. Research into the effects of cancer on families and caregivers, including treatment providers, is included. Issues connected with national health policies are also covered. In addition to providing literature reviews, articles include samples of survivorship plans and detailed comparisons of antidepressants and other drugs used to treat side effects of cancer treatments, also referencing various measurement tools suitable for evaluating emotional and psychological problems common to cancer patients. This invaluable reference should be available to all who provide psychological and medical care to cancer patients and their caregivers, including clinicians who may have cancer patients in their practices but are not themselves cancer specialists.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates. Graduate students, faculty, and professionals.
Reviewer: D. L. Loers, Akoan Consulting
Subject: Science & Technology – Health Sciences
Choice Issue: Aug 2022

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