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Computer programming with C++

Pimparkhede, Kunal. Cambridge, 2017
1,001p bibl, 9781316506806 $99.99, 9781316758793 $80.00

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This book is a very well presented, detailed tutorial for using the C and C++ programming languages. Diagrams and flowcharts are used throughout to illustrate important concepts that must be visualized to be understood. This allows readers to gain a firm grasp of language features that escape many students because of the abstract nature of the principles behind them. C++ is a “big” language; it has a daunting number of mechanisms that cover the full range of programming language capabilities. C++ is a workhorse for use in all sorts of applications—from those that need to do low-level bit twiddling in memory to those that use classes and objects to represent and process business data. This book is appropriately large because it covers the entire set of language features. Nevertheless, it is an easy read. The style of writing and the conceptual flow of the explanations is superb. This is a good resource for use at any level.

Summing Up: Essential. All readers.
Reviewer: F. H. Wild III, University of Rhode Island
Subject: Science & Technology – Information & Computer Science
Choice IssueJan 2018